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Kidnapped To Love

Chapter 11 - What to do now

Taylor gently shook Lisa awake for dinner, then he went to Lady and gently shook her.
Lady opened her eyes and asked, "What do you want?"
Taylor laughed and replied, "Come on… time to get up. It's time to eat."
Lady opened her eyes fully and asked, "Can I eat with my hands now?"
Taylor laughed and replied, "Yeah…believe me it was no picnic for Zac or I to feed you. But seeing as though you love so much to escape we felt it necessary but since that's done with, yes you can."
Lady smiled and began to get up but Taylor gently put his hand on her shoulder saying, "Lady you and your sister need to stay here. You're weak with a child and Lisa's weak with her leg."
Lady kindly pushed his hand off her and said, "The baby's probably dead anyhow so there's no point in me staying in bed if the baby died."
Taylor shook his head and replied, "Like I said before Lady Love Seed, stay here."
Lady sighed and sat up looking at her sister who was yet again engrossed in her book. Taylor came back with trays and gave them to Lady and Lisa. The girls replied thank you and began to eat. Taylor sat at the table with his brothers as they began to eat.
Soon after everyone was done Taylor collected the trays from the two girls and put them in the sink. Zac washed and Isaac dried. By then everyone was exhausted and had turned in for the night.
Lady smiled at Lisa and thought, "Why did I hate her? Why did I hate mom? Is there something I missed? I wish there was something we could do for Hanson but what can I do? If I go back to dad he'll train me and I'll own his bank, but what about my sister? Oh god what do I do now?"
Suddenly Lady felt a sharp kick inside her stomach. "Ohhh." Lady moaned. Lisa looked at her with concern.
Lady smiled and said, "It's nothing Lisa…I'll be ok."
Lisa nodded and then asked, "Did the baby kick?"
Lady frowned and whispered, "Yeah. With the abuse I suffered I'm surprised it didn't die. It shouldn't be born with the life I'm living. Oh god Lisa what do I do now? If dad knows about it, he'll kill me."
Lisa gently climbed off her bed and limped toward Lady's bed. Lady extended her hand to help Lisa up. Lisa took her hand and soon they were both together, lying in Lady's bed. Lisa hugged her sister tightly as Lady cried into her shoulder. Lisa looked down at her sister with love as she to broke into an emotional sob. She was sad for Lady, who was by now in hysterics.
"It's okay Lady. Don't cry. Everything will be okay." Lisa whispered into her ear. Lisa started to hum a soft melody into Lady's ear.
Lady's sob decreased as she closed her eyes and fell asleep on their pillow.
Lisa sighed and thought, "I agree Lady…what are we gonna do?" Lisa laid down and closed her eyes falling asleep with that question still hanging high in her mind.

Two hours later:

Taylor stumbled in the darkness to check on Lady and Lisa. He found them both on Lady's bed asleep. He walked over to them and peered down.
Lady's eyes were closed as tears slipped from them. Taylor could tell she was dreaming of something, but couldn't tell what. Taylor softly sighed and covered them up with a blanket that was at the foot of her bed. He then walked back to his bed and sat down thinking about what could be the matter with Lady.
Zac slowly awoke and opened his eyes peering over at Taylor who sat on his bed looking straight like he was in a trance.
Zac whispered, "Hey Tay? What are ya thinking about?"
Taylor looked quickly over at Zac and replied, "Oh…just Lady, that's all."
Zac nodded and said, "I think she's really changed since her sister got here. I mean she's more cooperative and she's more friendly."
Taylor shook his head and replied, "Yes Zac she's changed, but…she's changed in a very different way. Like for one she's pregnant, two, is her sister. But Zac, she's got problems. She lost her mother and she's lost her feelings. Sure she can express love for her sister because she's family, but what about love for a guy? That's something she's never been taught."
Zac interjected, "Whoa Tay. Where did this come up? I was just stating she's changed, not the whole situation she has. But it is true, she's never been taught to love."
Taylor just looked at Zac and said, "I'm going to go watch some TV and get something to drink…want anything?"
Zac shook his head no and laid back down. Taylor sighed and got back up and went into "their kitchen" to get something to drink.
Taylor thought out loud, "Oh Lady…why so many problems?" Sighing once more he poured a glass of water from the container and set it back in the refrigerator, closing the door.
Lady awoke with a start with sweat dripping from her face onto the pillow. She dried her eyes as a sob passed through her throat. Her dream brought back painful memories as tears dripped down her face as she thought about her dream.

Dream sequence:

Lady sat at her bed checking over the bills she was given to do by her father. Suddenly her father walked in and smiled his drunken smile. Lady looked up and saw his wild eyes with his breath smelling like alcohol. Lady dropped the bills she was doing and backed toward the wall with her eyes wide.
Her father approached her and said, "Come here Lady or do I have to whip you?" Lady had no choice and she slowly approached her father and when she did, he grabbed her and threw her down onto her bed and pulled at her clothes. Lady let out a short scream, before her dad covered her mouth.
He said in his drunken state, "You are my daughter. I am the one who will do what I want to do and if your mom or sister ever finds out I will beat you till you can't move! Get me girl? You ain't nothing but a fucking bitch…and bitches need to be punished, right?" Lady only looked at him with wide eyes as she stood stalk still.
When Lady didn't answer Hollow slapped her across the face and yelled, "RIGHT?!" Lady nodded with tears in her eyes.
Hollow kept her mouth covered as he with the other hand ripped off her skirt and shirt leaving only her bra to cover the top. Her eyes spilled tears, as she could do nothing of what the man she called a father was about to do to her.
Hollow proceeded to get undressed and finally was ready. After that Lady could no longer stand to love her dad and months of abuse followed soon after making Lady wish she would die. And the abuse soon turned into more hate as she would follow Hollow's rules and hopefully she would not be beaten. But she also grew up to obey her father, so she was use to the beatings and the abuse.

End of dream:

Lady began to sob again as she covered her mouth not wanting anyone to hear her. Taylor heard quiet sobbing as he looked to see Lady crying on her bed while trying not to make a sound.
Taylor approached her as she looked up into his concerned eyes with tears sliding down her face.
"What's wrong?" Taylor whispered gently not wanting to wake up Lisa. Lady looked at him and put her arms around his neck and sobbed into his shoulder. Taylor walked her to the couch and they both sat down with her still sobbing into his shoulder.
Taylor saw a loose piece of hair and tucked it behind her ear as he lifted her face from his shoulder and looked her straight in the eyes. Lady wiped her tears away as more cascaded down.
Finally she whispered, "Tay…I…I had a dream about my father…and how he raped me. Oh God I remember every detail. It was horrible. He was drunk and he covered my mouth…so I couldn't scream. He told me if anybody ever found out about this he…he would beat me till I couldn't move. He then ripped my clothes off…and…and…"
Before Lady could finish she broke into another sob and buried her head into Taylor's shoulder again. Taylor gave her a sympathetic look as he gently petted her hair. Lady mumbled something unintelligible.
Taylor softly sighed as he closed his eyes and leaned against the soft seat and fell asleep. When he had fallen asleep Lady had retreated back to her bed with her sister. Still crying she fell back asleep waiting till morning to where she could tell her sister what happened.

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