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Kidnapped To Love

Chapter 4 - Life’s hell and this is heaven

Lady sighed loudly and started to struggle against the ropes and prayed that they would give, but knowing rope and how tightly it was tied, Lady guessed she’d have to put a lot of pressure to make it snap.
"This Sucks!" Lady said loudly. She felt anger rise up in her as she started to struggle more against the ropes. Suddenly she heard a door creak open as she stopped and relaxed her hands to the armrest and looked up even though she couldn’t see anything.
Lady said with annoyance in her voice, ”What do you want T? Why don’t you just leave me alone and Fuck off somewhere else!"
Isaac replied, ”I’m not T. I’m his older brother…and I don’t want to hear any nonsense from you Miss Love Seed."
Isaac said, ”Well then call me I H."
Lady snapped, ”Whatever... just leave me alone."
Isaac replied, ”I will but you need to eat."
Lady shook her head and said, ”Like I told that brother of yours I’m not hungry. I don’t know why you want me to eat all of a sudden."
Isaac approached her recliner and sat down on the chair next to her and replied, ”Because not eating will make you sick… and right now you need to or you will possibly get sick… because of my other younger brother hitting you with his gun and that."
Lady said, ”Will you just back off and leave me alone? I don’t want to be bothered with you or whoever else is out there."
Isaac sighed and replied, ”Quit making this hard on us. We had to take you…you saw the whole scene and my brother was aiming his gun at your father…not your boyfriend. Tell me did you even love him?"
Lady turned away and said, ”I don’t even know what the word means. I was never taught to have that emotion. My father wants me to be the owner of Hollow bank when he passes. He told me to go out with Blake…but I never loved him. I’ve never loved anybody and truthfully I never will. My business is in banking…not in love."
Isaac replied, ”That means you don’t even love your family?"
Lady said, ”No I don’t. I hate my sister Lisa, my mom, and my dad. For goodness sakes I hate everybody…yet I’m more popular in school then anybody. I hate being popular."
Isaac shook his head and replied, ”You have to eat…what do you want?"
Lady said, ”I don’t want anything! What I WANT is to be left alone. Now I know I’m in hell."
Isaac replied. ”No Lady you're wrong. Life’s hell this is heaven. It’s true when guys say some females are bitches."
Lady yelled, ”WHAT did YOU say!?"
Isaac said, ”Listen I’m gonna leave now until you calm down. T will be back later…but calm down."
Lady replied, ”Fuck Off I H! Tell the other moron not to bother coming back, because I don’t want to hear from you or him!"
Isaac said, ”Lady quit being such a bitch and act like a lady if that is your real name! God how can a girl have such an attitude? You’re attitude is worse then a serial killer!"
Lady replied, ”I H…leave me alone. I don’t want to talk to you or anybody else."
Isaac snapped, ”FINE LADY... BE A BITCH! But remember this… you’re staying here weather you like it or not." With that he got up and walked out the door leaving Lady alone to calm down.

When Isaac closed the door he found Taylor and Zac looking at him smiling.
Isaac smiled back and said, ”That girl is high strung. She told me to fuck off."
Taylor replied, ”Told ya Ike…she’s a little devil. She has an attitude and I doubt she’ll change."
Zac asked, ”Why is she so hateful? I mean do you know the reason?"
Isaac replied, ”I guess it’s her family that’s hateful. I mean the kid's intend to follow their parents footsteps… and no doubt about it, Hollow is in fact a cold blooded beast. Speaking of him… Zac did you happen to look and check for a pulse to make sure to see if he was alive or dead?"
Zac sat down and said, ”I… um… didn’t check. I just shot him that’s all. I was in a hurry to get out of there so we wouldn’t be caught… plus I shot him right in front of you guys."
Taylor replied, ”True... but he needed to be dead for our goal to be accomplished…am I right?"
Zac said, ”Yes Tay you're right, but there wasn’t anytime we…"
"NO! There was time. You just thought it necessary to just shoot then he’s dead…no! We failed at our goal and now we're stuck with his daughter." Taylor interjected with anger in his voice.
Isaac said, ”Tay calm down. The girl we have will get Hollow’s attention if he’s still alive. I mean that’s his daughter we have and I’m sure he’ll do anything for her."
Taylor sighed and sat down putting his head in his hands.


Hollow gave a nervous glance towards his wife and said, ”Our daughter's gone. Lord only knows what those brats are doing to her now."
Mrs Love Seed replied, ”I don’t know honey…but we'll find her."
Hollow said, ”Our daughter is the key that keeps my business alive. I don’t care about her literally but I want her to take over my business when I pass on. I mean Lisa is too caring and Lady is just right. She’d be a good business woman. Lisa…well she’d be a good nurse for sick animals. Just thinking about it makes me sick."
Ms. Love Seed replied, ”True you’ve raised our daughter to become interested in banking and I think that’s good but your pushing it hun. You’ve pushed her so far she hates us…and hates everybody she meets."
Hollow said, ”You're either with me on this decision or you're against me…which is it dear?" Ms. Love Seed just shook her head and gave her husband a cruel look.
Hollow replied, ”Get out of here before I get the nurse. I should have known you had a soft spot for our kids."
Ms. Love Seed said, ”Unlike you dear I love my kids. The shame of it is Lady has the same disposition as you…only worse."
Hollow replied. ”Yep and I for one am proud of her. She won’t allow anybody to care or love her…which will make our business stronger."
Ms Love Seed asked, ”Did you ever love me dear?"
Hollow replied, ”When I married you… I was marrying you for children who would take my place in the bank business. Unfortunately only one child is interested in that."
Ms Love Seed said with anger in her voice, ”SHE DIDN’T WANT TO! YOU FORCED HER INTO IT!"
Hollow sat up and replied, ”We'll discuss this later dear. Now go home and watch TV so I can arrange for the police to gather up those three…no good talented boys."
Mrs Love Seed left without a word.

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