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Kidnapped To Love

Chapter 10 - The discovery

Lisa woke up the next day feeling a little bit stronger as she sat up on her own noticing her leg was bandaged. Just then Taylor came out with a tray smiling his perfect smile, although the smile was only fake.
Lisa smiled as she said, "Good morning Taylor. How are you today?"
Taylor replied, "I guess I'm good and you?"
Lisa said, "Good…except I have to go." Lisa then blushed red.
Taylor smiled and replied setting down the tray, "I can help you." With that he helped Lisa off the bed and let her lean on him as she limped on one foot to the bathroom.
Taylor stopped outside the bathroom and said, "I'll wait out here. Just hold on to the posts…ok?"
Lisa nodded and replied, "Thank you."
Taylor replied, "It's no problem."

10 minutes later:

Lisa limped out as she held onto the frame. Taylor took her hand as she balanced back to the bed.
Sitting down she said, "I hate not being able to walk normal. I want to ask you something Taylor and please answer."
Taylor's throat tightened as he asked, "What do you want to ask?"
Lisa asked, "Why do you live in a warehouse?"
Taylor replied, "Our parents left us about two years ago. We didn't have anywhere else to go…so we came here. We fixed it up so it's livable."
Lisa nodded and said, "Taylor that's so sad. You know if I didn't know any better I would say you were Hanson. HAHAHA."
Taylor's eyes went up in surprise and he started to laugh and asked, "What gave you that idea?"
Lisa replied, "Because you have two brothers named Zac and Isaac…and your name's Taylor and you live in Tulsa."
Taylor said, "Yeah…well that's a lie…we aren't."
Lisa looked at him steadily and replied, "I guess you're right. Their gone from the music business and are never coming back all because of my dad. I hate him for what he did to them. Lord knows where the family is now or if they are even a family because of my dad."
Taylor smiled again and asked, "You hungry?"
Lisa looked up at him and replied, "Yeah… I haven't eaten yesterday, except a piece of bread."
Taylor nodded handing her the tray and walking away to see how Lady was. When he rounded the corner of the warehouse he smiled seeing Lady asleep. He approached her and lifted a sock from out of her mouth, which was used to shut her up.
Just then Lady woke up and looked up discovering Taylor looking at her with a smile.
"What do you want Taylor?" Lady asked.
Taylor without saying anything put a glass of juice to her lips as she drank slowly.
Lady demanded, "Taylor? I want out of this lounge chair now!"
Taylor gave a snort as he put the sock back in her mouth and walked out not saying a word.
Lady thought, "Ok that went well. Damn idiots!"
Taylor walked back to check on Lisa and discovered Isaac and Zac already over there talking to her.
Zac asked, "So who's your favorite group in music?"
Lisa smiled and replied, "I have no favorite music anymore but I used to like Hanson. I mean when they were around they were amazing. Even Lady liked them but like I said she hates everything and everyone now."
Isaac said, "I sorta figured that when you said 'MMMBOP' in your sleep last night."
Lisa smiled and replied, "Yeah that was my favorite song…um, so was 'With You In Your Dreams'.
Zac smiled and replied, "Yeah Mmmbop was cool. I'm gonna go check on the certain something we have around the corner."
Taylor said, "I already checked on IT. Relax it's not going anywhere." Zac nodded and walked over sitting on the couch getting lost in thought and TV.
Lisa laid down and closed her eyes feeling tiredness over take her body.
Isaac sighed and replied, "It's a she Taylor not an it."
Taylor said, "Yeah…but Lisa was awake and if she discovered we have her sister and that WE'RE Hanson things wouldn't go over to well."
Lisa hearing everything sat straight up and yelled, "YOU HAVE MY… YOUR HANSON!? I KNEW IT!"
Isaac, Taylor, and Zac jumped and looked at her.
Taylor stuttered, "I-I thought y-you were asleep."
Isaac glared at him and snapped, "Guess again Taylor…SHE WASN'T!"
Taylor backed away from Isaac and said, "I'm sorry. I thought she was. I'll watch my words next time around here."
Zac mumbled, "Now what?"
Taylor sighed and said, "I guess we'll have to do the same thing to her as we did to Lady."
Isaac interjected, "Taylor, she has a bad leg. We're not gonna do that."
Lisa asked with a harsh tone, "What did you guys do to my sister?"
The three brothers looked at her but only Taylor dared to speak, "We have her tied up in a recliner around the corner."
Lisa said, "I want to see her. I won't escape. I have nowhere to escape too. Please don't tie me up."
Isaac replied, "We're not Lisa, don't worry. Taylor? Bring Lady out here please."
Taylor retorted, "But…she'll escape."
Isaac snapped, "Now Taylor."
Taylor sighed and replied, "All right…but what if she struggles?" Isaac turned and shrugged saying in his own silent way 'figure it out yourself'.
Taylor snapped, "Fine. I'll hit her if she dares to escape." With that Taylor walked with defiance around the corner. He saw Lady laying back in the recliner and walked toward her with eyes as cold as stone.
Lady looked at him with a scowl but it soon disappeared when she saw the scowl in his eyes making chills go up her spine as she shuttered.
Taylor pulled the sock out of her mouth and threw it on the table saying, "Come on Lady. We're going to go see your sister. If and I use the word IF as a promise, you try to escape…then I will just plane kill you! Understand?"
Lady nodded with fear in her eyes as well as wonderment. She never seen Taylor like this and was afraid to know what he would to.
Lady then thought, "Sister?"
Taylor untied her as she looked up to ask silently, "What should I do now?"
Taylor snapped, "Stand up!"
Lady nodded as she stood up but ended up falling back as Taylor helped her stand. Lady whispered a faint thank you. She didn't feel like arguing with him or fighting. She knew she couldn't win.
Taylor nodded and let her go since she was now able to stand. Lady followed Taylor out to the main room as she saw her sister on a bed looking at her.
Lady stood tall as she approached the bed, tears filled her eyes as she knelt down to her sister's face and whispered, "What did he do to you? What did he do to mom?"
Lisa replied, "I-I don't know. Mom and dad had an argument. She ran down the stairs and I was in the living room looking at homes to live when I turn 19 and move out. But I saw mom crying and I saw her pick the knife up and before she cut her wrist she picked a picture up and looked at it. It was a picture of us in the park…playing and having fun. You looked so happy. Why can't you be the same… why? Why must you always hate? You hated our mom. You hated me. Remember the day in the park we promised each other?" Lady nodded as tears rolled down both of their cheeks.
Lisa replied, "I do. We had a secret saying … like this." She grabbed Lady's hand and folded both of hers over Lady's and replied, "We promise our life to protect to death in which we lay in our grave…for eternity sisters…stay together no matter what."
Lady cried and asked, "What did mom say?"
Lisa replied, "She said before she died, "Lady you were my favorite…and so were you Lisa. I love you both so much but like all good things they must come to an end. Then she cut her wrists…and died."
Lisa cried even harder as she rasped, "You Lady…were more of a favorite then I was. You were her angel. You were her soul practically."
Lady dropped her head and sucked in a sharp breath and then said, "Lisa…remember how you told Taylor…that I was raped by my father?"
Lisa nodded and replied, "I remember…why did he do it?"
Lady said, "He was drunk…and he-he got me pregnant."
Taylor, Isaac, and Zac's eyes became wide as they said in union, "WHAT?!!"
Lisa closed her eyes and whispered, "Lady…how far along are you?"
Lady cried and rasped, "A...about eight months. It doesn't show, but I went to the doctor and she told me I was carrying a child. Oh god I don't know what to do."
Lady buried her head into her sister's shoulder and cried. Lisa petted her head gently as tears of sorrow and pain slid down her cheeks.
Taylor, Isaac, and Zac looked at each other in shock. Finally turning to Lady and Lisa still in their current position.
Taylor asked softly, "Lady? Why didn't you tell us you were pregnant?"
Lady turned with tears still cascading down her face as she rasped, "I was afraid you would kill me if you guys found out I was carrying a child."
Zac shook his head and replied, "We wouldn't have killed you."
Taylor said, "Lady what are you going to do?"
Lady shrugged and replied, "I was gonna have it adopted…to a nice home with loving people."
Lisa broke out into tears and asked, "Lady why would you keep this from me? I would have helped you!"
Lady looked at her and said, "Because I was afraid my father would find out! He would have killed me…and worse he would have killed the baby. Dad wants me to run his business! My world is in banking."
Lisa interjected, "No Lady! You don't have to be in banking! Your real talent Lady Love Seed is writing! You loved to write about Hanson and magical stories! What happened to the real you huh?"
Lady whispered, "She died a long time ago…and she's not coming back." With that she stood up and looked at Taylor asking him silently to get her out of there.
Taylor walked over to her and replied, "Lady…please try to care. Try to think about this as if it were the other way around. Like if Lisa was carrying the child and you were on the bed and got dished. How would you feel Lady?"
Lady shrugged and said, "I guess I wouldn't feel anything because it would be Lisa carrying a child…not me. It would be her who got raped, it would be her getting kidnapped! GOD IT WOULD BE ALL HER! I wouldn't feel anything! I don't want sorrow or remorse from any of you! Just leave me alone!"
Lady suddenly felt dizzy as she fainted into Taylor's quick acting arms, and sank into the darkness of her mind.
Lisa cried as she whispered, "I thought she would understand. I was wrong."
Taylor looked over at Lisa and whispered, "Lisa lay down. Just try to rest now. You still are weak from what happened."
Taylor picked Lady up and carried her to another bed near her sister as she slept soundly.
Isaac only sighed and replied, "Tay…we probably killed her child by dropping her and the stress. W-what are we gonna do now?"
Zac interjected, "Just pray that she makes it through this. The last thing we need is for her to die…then Hollow will charge us with murder."
Taylor only nodded as he turned to Lisa again and said, "Lisa is the sweetest person. How did she get to become like that? I mean she's a Hollow."
Lisa replied, "Because I was raised by my mom. Dad would have nothing to do with me but when Lady came along he decided that he would work with her on banking and business. By the time she was ten she could do multiplication, dividing, adding, subtracting, and r2 x a23h. She understood…as I was only in the back ground wishing to be like my sister. But now my dream is to help. Not like Lady or dad's goals are. My birthday came around and Lady wrote me a special story. A wonderful story entitled…SOMEDAY WILL MEET. It was a story about you guys and me meeting you. It was my dream back in 1997 to meet you. I still have it. I think it's still in the garbage. I always have it with me and am always reading it."
Taylor without saying anything exited the building and went around the building where the dumpster was and peered in, finding a golden notebook and writing that said 'Some Day Will Meet'. He picked it up and found it to be quite heavy. He smiled as he read it and rushed back inside. When he got in he found Lisa looking at him.
Taylor handed her the book and said, "I do believe this is yours."
She grabbed it up and smiled at him replying, "Yep…thanks Tay."
She opened it up to the first page and laid back on her pillow to begin reading.
Taylor smiled and asked, "After you get done reading it again…can I read it?"
Lisa nodded as the book over took her. Zac, Taylor, and Isaac looked at each other and shrugged. They then turned to Lady who was tossing and turning in the bed. Taylor walked over to her and shook her gently.
Lady woke with a start and looked up at Taylor saying, "Oh god I'm in pain. I wanna die."
Taylor sat at the edge of her bed and asked, "Lady…what were you dreaming?"
Lady looked up at him and replied, "Dad…Mom…different stuff…like I do all the time."
Taylor nodded and said softly, "Just relax…everything will be fine." Lady nodded and closed her eyes again.
Lisa looked up from her book and replied, "Lady…can I read some parts of this to you?" Lady only nodded as she opened her eyes once again to listen.
Taylor looked Lisa's way to listen also, as well as Isaac and Zac.
Lisa began, "My sister seems to dream all the time. She'll think of those three boys who sang MMMbop. I must do something for her. There must be some way to meet them, some truth to the matter." Lady then started to read with her.
"I care about her and her thoughts. My goal is to be kinder to her. Can I get them to meet her? Or will this continue?"
Lisa smiled as she stopped and said, "You do remember after four years huh?"
Lady only smiled and closed her eyes.
Lisa began again, "The girl in the mirror is who I am. Forgive me for not introducing myself. My name is Lady Love Seed. Daughter of Hollow Love Seed the man I'll always hate. This story is dedicated to my sister Lisa. Happy birthday Lisa. It read for a epilogue."
Taylor stopped her and said, "I think she's asleep Lisa."
Lisa smiled and replied, "I know but the real story hasn't even begun." Isaac looked at his clock. It read 4:57 PM.
He smiled and said, "Lisa…it's 4:57 PM. Could you please read it to us some other time?"
Lisa smiled and began to read silently to herself again. She then mumbled, "Sure…as long as I have something to read I won't go crazy."
Taylor laughed and asked, "You love to read more then watch TV…huh?" Lisa nodded as she once again got in grossed into the book and smiled.
Taylor laughed and said, "Come on guys let's go practice."
Isaac, and Zac nodded as they exited with their brother to a small room they had set up to practice music."
Taylor shut the door and said, "Ok guys what song?"
Zac replied, "Smile…is a good song."
Taylor nodded as he nodded with approval. They started to play as the sweet melodies floated out of the door and into Lisa's ears as she put the book down and listened with interest. The sweet sound of their voices almost put her to sleep as she closed her eyes until Lady moaned in pain.
Lisa opened her eyes and looked at her sister and smiled. Lady was actually smiling in her sleep. Lisa turned back and said, "What ever you're dreaming sis…keep dreaming and may it come true."
Lady was having a dream alright. A dream of happiness for the first time in years her dream was happy and relaxing.

Dream sequence:

"Lady sweet heart come here for a minute." Her mother demanded with a smile on her face.
Lady walked over to her and asked, "Yes mama what do you want?"
Her mom smiled and said, "I have something for you…but don't tell your dad. Ok?"
Lady nodded and replied, "I promise I won't tell."
Her mom handed her a locket and put it around her neck. She opened it and said, "Lady this is a picture of you and your sister. Don't fall apart, like I did."
Lady nodded and closed the locket putting it in her shirt. She then went up to her sister where they began to play on the swing set again.
Lady awoke to find Lisa looking at her. Lady weakly smiled back and said, "I still have it."
"Have what?" Lisa asked her in wonder.
Lady took the locket out and replied, "This."
Lisa looked shocked as she asked in almost a whisper, "Y-You've kept it…all these years."
Lady smiled and said, "Yes…and I will always keep it."
Lisa smiled and closed her eyes falling into a relaxful sleep. Lady only smiled and listened to the sweet melody that was being sung, as she to fell into a sleep.

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