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Kidnapped To Love

Chapter 6 - Let Me Out!

Taylor went inside the warehouse and sat down heavily on a couch with a TV in front of it. Just then Isaac and Zac walked into the room.
Taylor smiled and said, "Yep she defiantly tried to escape."
Zac replied, "We figured that when we didn't hear the water running…so what is she doing now?"
Taylor shrugged and said, "I guess she would be banging on the lid and screaming. I told her I'd come back tomorrow when she cooled off…perhaps her attitude will change by then…hopefully."
Isaac replied, "Yeah I guess she would be doing that…but I've been meaning to ask what were going to do with her later on after we don't need her."
Taylor laughed and said, "We don't need her…but I think we made a mistake, because she'll tell where we live and then will be arrested for kidnapping which won't be cool."
Zac replied, "No it wouldn't be cool…but there is a solution to this problem.
Isaac asked, "Oh and what would be the solution to this problem Zac?"
Zac replied, "Keep her…or kill her."
Taylor said, "Zac…we cannot keep her and we cannot kill her."
Zac asked, "Oh then what are we gonna do Taylor? Marry her?"
"NO!" Isaac and Taylor replied at the same time.
Zac laughed and said, "Didn't think so."
Isaac replied, "No Zac we aren't gonna marry her. That would be illegal and her father would kill us…or at least one of us."
Taylor said, "You guys figure it out. I'm gonna go and work out." Taylor stood up from the couch and walked over to where a trampoline was set up.
Zac replied, "I'm sure will come up with something later on to do with Lady."
Isaac said, "Yeah keep her tied up…that's what."
Zac asked, "Yeah but what about Hollow?"
Taylor yelled over to them, "Simple… his life for his daughters!"
Zac replied, "Um…Tay… no offence but that idea seems sorta crazy to perform. Maybe we should think it over more before we carry out our plan."
Taylor jumped up and came back down saying, "I think it's a good idea I mean she told her dad to tuck his…"
Isaac interjected, "Yeah Tay we know what she said…and I think she had a right to say it…I mean he doesn't care about Lady. He only cares about her living so she can take over his bank when he dies…but Hollow is just as cruel to have said that to Lady."
Taylor said, "True but like they say "like daughter like father". I switched the words but it's true. Hollow's a monster."
Zac replied, "Yeah he is a monster and Lady will probably turn into one of those to. He has no feeling for Lady or his family…just his bank…and like they say 'money doesn't by you happiness…it only buys things'."
Taylor nodded and jumped down off the trampoline sitting down on the seat across from it trying to relax from the exercise.


Lady laid down on the mattress inside the dumpster and thought, " Why have you betrayed me god? Why?"
Lady heard a noise outside and asked, "Who's there?" There was nothing but silence as Lady relaxed and closed her eyes curling up into a ball.
"I hate the dark." Was Lady's only comment as tears dripped slowly from her eyes and onto the mattress.
"I… I want to go home." Lady whispered to herself as she cried into the pillow.
Lady's sadness suddenly turned into anger as she yelled at the top of her lungs, "LET ME OUT OF HERE TAYLOR! I'M AFRAID OF THE DARK! NOW LET ME THE FUCK OUT!!!"
Taylor, Isaac, and Zac looked towards the door and laughed when they heard Lady's pleads.
Taylor replied softly, "I don't think so Lady. Guys we need to be more strict with her. We haven't been mean what so ever."
Zac said, "You guys haven't…I have…remember the gun over the head?"
Isaac replied, "Yeah…so it wasn't your fault she got so uppity with you, besides she's been nothing but mean to us since we've brought her here. Well she's going to learn the easy way or the hard way on how to listen to what she is told."
Taylor asked, "And Isaac how are we to manage a girl with so much hate in her?"
Zac interjected, "Simple…each time she gets uppity with us we punish her."
Taylor turned to Zac and asked, "How are we going to punish her? I mean she's being punished right now by staying the night in the dumpster."
Zac laughed and replied, "That isn't punishment… like if she calls you a name you can slap her across the face. Lord knows the little brat needs it or you can put something in her mouth to shut her up. Its up to you on how ya wanna do it. I'm just giving ideas."
Isaac said, "I guess that's cool to do but you know what they say… guys aren't suppose to hit girls."
Taylor replied, "Desperate times calls for desperate measures, Ike. I think we need to at least attempt to get her over her attitude."
Zac said, "Let's just leave her tied up in the back room for now then we will plan further on what we want to do with her."
Taylor, and Isaac nodded walking to the other side of the warehouse to sleep while Zac sat in front of the TV watching the news, soon he grew tired as he to went over to the other side of the warehouse and laid down on his bed falling asleep instantly.


Lady laid on the mattress in the dumpster with closed eyes dreaming of her business that her father had relied on her to keep…a business she may not want…or may be forced.

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