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Kidnapped To Love

Chapter 1 - The Forecloser On The House

The Hanson’s watched sadly as Mister Hollow of Hollow’s bank stuck a for sale sign on their lawn. Hanson who have sold 8 million copies of Middle of Nowhere was broke.
Taylor said, ”I can’t believe this is happening to us…how did it happen?"
Isaac whispered, ”I don’t know Tay…I just don’t know…but he’ll pay, oh believe me Hollow will pay."
Taylor nodded along with Zac.
"What are we gonna do? I mean our family is homeless now." Taylor questioned with concern.
Zac replied, ”Simple…kill him and hide the body." Taylor laughed a little bit and shook his head but quickly frowned at the house and started walking around the neighbor hood.
Their mom said, ”Guys we're going to stay with relatives for awhile…but you three must stay somewhere else."
Isaac asked, ”Why? We're a family. It can be like old times."
Their mom said, ”We have no room in this family for rejects and I’m sorry but your 18, Taylor is 15 and Zac is 13. You three must survive on your own…not with us…good bye my son and good luck."
Taylor stopped and replied, ”Why do you say that mom? We aren’t rejects and we never will be. Only certain people see it that way. Please let us go with you."
Their mom said, ”No Taylor... you must learn survival and right now we need to get back on our feet…and you need to let go." With that their family pulled out of their driveway and left leaving all three of them to wonder why they disappeared. They also for two years have to suffer with an aching heart dying to be filled but knew it never would.

Two years later:

Taylor, Isaac, and Zac had found an abandoned warehouse about a year and a half ago but for the other six months it was hard on them.
Taylor relaxed on a recliner chair staring up at the long metal poles lining the warehouse. Taylor seemed to be in some sorta daydream. In deed he was having a dream…a dream of what used to be.
Zac came in from outside and noticed Taylor in one of his dreams again and said, ”Tay get over it. That was the past, almost four years ago…it was all a dream."
Taylor turned and replied, ”It was the past…but we could make a comeback. Get signed to Island Records. They’re taking start out bands and maybe we can start over."
Zac sighed and shook his head no and said softly, ”I’m sorry Taylor... Island records already put a title on us called; 'used to be pop stars'."
Taylor replied, ”We can use the title comeback can’t we?" Taylor laughed a little bit at how stupid that sounded.
Zac laughed and said, ”Only in our dreams. We're used to bes... not all that fancy garbage like today. We worked for the title Hanson American heart throb and our downfall…was that one man."
Taylor shook his head and looked at his little brother with the same blue eyes as always.
Zac smiled and asked, ”Remember two years ago? I said to you why don’t we kill Hollow Love seed?"
Taylor replied, ”Then we’d be wanted for murder…and that wouldn’t be good for out reputation."
Isaac said, ”No Tay…I think Zac’s idea is good…kill him and hide."
Taylor asked, ”Killing him... what would be accomplished from that?"
Isaac rolled his eyes and replied, ”Revenge for making our family disappear. Revenge for taking our home away and leaving us homeless and revenge for ruining our career."
Taylor put his head down and nodded knowing Isaac was right…and soon he would see just how bad Isaac wanted him dead.

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