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Kidnapped To Love

Chapter 3 - "I want out of here now!"

Lady opened her eyes but couldn’t see anything.
"Where am I?" She asked herself.
Just then she heard the sound of a door creak open and suddenly felt scared for herself hoping whoever it was would go away. Lady made sure to keep perfectly still until she felt a wet washcloth on her face.
"HEY! Get that thing off me you idiotic nimrod!" Lady screamed.
"Touchy today aren’t we Miss Love seed?" She heard a male voice say to her with sarcasim clearly showing in his voice.
"Fuck Off!" She then screamed.
Taylor found that offensive and said, ”Miss Love Seed if I were you, I’d keep that pretty little mouth of yours closed."
Lady replied, " I’m not miss Love Seed. That’s my mom, so quit calling me that, you piece of garbage."
Taylor put the washcloth up to the bruise on her head and kept it there.
Lady said, ”Let me go you idiotic moron! And get this damn blindfold off my eyes!"
Taylor smiled and replied, ”You can’t demand anything from me because you are with my brothers and I for a while and will remain with us...for the time being anyway."
Lady suddenly remembered what happened yesterday and immediately dread and anger welled inside of her as tears spilled from her eyes, which were soaked up by the blindfold.
Lady whimpered, ”Y-You killed my Boyfriend! Oh god how could you!?"
Taylor shrugged and replied, ”He hit my younger brother…and no one hits my younger brother and gets away with it."
Lady cried softly, ”I-I want to go h-home."
Taylor replied, ”Sorry, but this is your home for now…so get use to it."
Lady screamed, ”NOOOO! YOU CAN’T! I-I WANT TO GO HOME!"
Taylor shook his head and said, ”No Lady... like I said this is your home for now." With that he got up and left leaving Lady alone to herself until she calmed down.


Mister Hollow awoke with a start and yelled noticing a bullet hole and a bullet stuck in his right foot, with blood oozing out of the wound. Suddenly he heard the sound of sirens outside his bank. He then saw some parametics standing over him.
One of them said, ”Relax Mister Hollow…you got shot in the leg and your daughter…was kidnapped."
Mister Hollow yelled, ”WHAT!? WHICH ONE!?"
The second officer replied, ”Your youngest daughter, Lady."
Mister hollow said, ”Oh god why Lady?"
The officer shrugged and replied, ”We don’t know. Apparently she walked in on you and we don’t know what happened after that. Only your security cameras will tell us. Now we're going to drive you to the hospital to have your leg looked at. Okay?"
Mister Hollow nodded and laid down closing his eyes trying to forget about his leg for the moment and concentrate on getting his daughter back.


Lady laid her head down on the leather recliner and said, Oh god Lady… you always have to walk in on a situation at the wrong time huh?"
"You know if you talk to yourself that means you're going crazy. Don’t you know that?" Came a lighter male's voice with a touch of amusment.
Lady said, ”Not you again…whoever you are."
The voice replied, ”Yep it’s me again. Sorry if I’m not exactly who you expected to see. By the way what is your first name?"
Lady said with a tad of insult in her voice, ”You mean you don’t know my name? Proves how stupid you are, but since you asked I’ll tell you…It’s Lady."
Taylor smiled and replied, ”Lady? That’s a pretty name."
Lady spat out, ”Don’t try to get on my good side…you blew that. What’s your name so I have something to call you."
Taylor replied, ”My names not important... but if you would like call me T."
Lady said, Oh okay…but I still prefer idiotic nimrod."
Taylor shook his head and replied, ”Man were your parents on cloud nine when they named you Lady?"
Lady spat out, ”Leave my parents out of this you…you idiot!"
Taylor laughed and said, ”Calm down Lady. I’ve only come to bring you some water…now I’m going to put this to your lips and I want you to tell me when you’ve had enough."
Lady replied, ”I would rather handle the glass. I don’t feel like you helping me with getting a drink... thank you anyhow... but I am quite capable of doing that on my own."
Taylor said, ”Lady loose the fucking attitude and make this easier on us. I mean you must never have had a hard day in your life!"
Lady mumbled, ”You’d be surprised T…you’d be surprised."
Taylor put the glass up to her lips and tilted it slowly. Lady took a sip even though it annoyed her that she couldn’t use her hands to pick the glass up on her own. She turned her head away when she had had enough. Taylor tipped the glass up and set it down on a small table near the recliner.
Taylor said, ”I’ll be back later with something to eat."
Lady replied, ”Don’t bother T. I won’t eat it…just FUCK OFF!" She added the last part as a yell meaning she wanted him to leave her alone.
Taylor voiced loudly, ”Tough! You’ll eat or I will…I will…"
"Do what? Shove it down my throat?" Lady interjected.
Taylor’s face became red with anger as he walked out the door slamming it behind him.
Once he was away from the storage closet he yelled, ”ISAAC! ZACHARY! GET YOUR ASSES OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!"
Zac and Isaac ran out where Taylor was standing and asked at the same time, ”What’s wrong?"
Taylor yelled, ”I’LL TELL YOU WHAT’S WRONG! That girl is a brat!!!"
Zac replied, ”Tay… calm down now. How is she being a brat?"
Taylor said, ”She’s so defiant…she’ll argue and call ya an idiotic moron and cuss at ya."
Zac smiled and replied, ”That shouldn’t bother ya Tay… I mean you got called a girl in 1997. I doubt that even amuzed you…but then a girl calls ya an idiotic moron and you’ll get all defensive."
Taylor said, ”Shut up Zac…or do you want a 9mm up your ass?"
Zac replied, ”Um...Ike? I think our dear brother has lost something during these two years."
Isaac smiled and asked, ”Oh and what’s that?"
Zac replied, ”A sense of humor. Come on Taylor... she’s gonna give us a hard time. For god sakes we kidnapped her! What do you expect from a girl who’s been kidnapped by pop stars?"
Taylor said, ”A-lot… like cooperation, and respect that’s what I expect."
Zac replied, ”Taylor? Have compassion for her that she’s even speaking to you at all. I mean usually when somebody kidnaps someone else that person doesn’t talk to the kidnappers."
Taylor sat down on the couch near the computer and said, ”Since you feel that way you feed the brat tonight… because I refuse to go back in there."
Isaac replied, ”Don’t worry about it Zac…I will. I mean how bad can she be?"
Taylor smiled and said, ”Well you’ll just have to see, won’t you Ike?"
Isaac got a lump in his throat but quickly swallowed it, smiled and nodded to his younger brother. Isaac was about to see just how defiant she was.

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