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Kidnapped To Love

Chapter 2 - Change In Plans

Taylor looked through boxes and boxes and finally he found a box with the three words that told him it was in here the end of all their suffering... nine magnum guns. He pried the box open and lifted the heavy gun out of the box. Taylor found the ammunition and loaded it into all three guns with one left in the box just in case.
Taylor smiled and yelled, ”I’m ready to kill some Hollows! Let’s go at it."
Taylor still felt guilty but didn’t let it show because of his brothers. Zac grabbed a gun and held it up pointing it to the wall to make sure he knew how to aim and shoot if it came down to it…but they were going to kill them if it was the last thing they did…or was it?


Hollow finished counting the foreclosure on houses until he came upon the Hanson’s. Hollow felt a little guilty for kicking them out but knew they owed debt to the bank and was really hoping it didn’t end up that way.
"Business is business," Hollow replied putting the slip back in the piles of foreclosures on people’s houses in the Tulsa area. He heard the front door open and went to the front to find no one there.
"Strange I could have sworn I heard someone come in…oh well." Hollow said going back in the back room.
Taylor, Isaac, and Zac crept out from under a desk and walked slowly but quietly to the back where mister Hollow was standing.
"Hello mister Hollow…long time no see." Isaac said to the man who turned around fast. The sight startled him to no end. There was Hanson standing there with 9mm guns pointed in his direction.
"What do you want?" Mister Hollow asked them who seemed to have a wicket smile on their faces as they walked where he was.
Isaac replied, ”Simple…we want you dead."
Mister Hollow gasped as a second gun was placed to his back and one to his heart.


Lady Love Seed stood out with her boy friend Blake Russ as they stood passionately next to each other.
"I love you Lady…more then anything." Blake said running his hand down her shoulder to her chest where she pushed his hands off and replied with a smile.
”Yeah I know and why wouldn’t you love me? I am the most beautiful girl in the school. You're lucky to have me."
Blake rolled his eyes and said, ”Yeah…uh may I walk you in? I’d like to speak to your father about opening an account here."
Lady replied, ”Oh please you're only sixteen the same age as me. You can’t open an account here till your eighteen. That’s the rules…deal with it."
Blake smiled and said, ”Whatever you say my love."
Lady leaned up and kissed him on the lips passionately with her tongue sliding in and out of his lips. He followed the rhythm of her tongue with his and soon they were French kissing.
Suddenly she pulled away and replied, ”I’ll do that when I want and I expect you to do that as well when I want and when I say."
Blake said, ”Come on my Lady…it’s time to go in. You’ll turn into a pumpkin before midnight if you keep standing out here."
Lady rolled her eyes and replied, ”Um no... I won’t thank you very much. Man you are so immature Blake. Just remember Blake I started this relationship I can end it."
Blake nodded and grabbed her hand and together they walked in. Suddenly they heard voices in the back room. Lady ran to the back in time to see her father be struck to the ground by a gun. Her scream caught the attention of her boyfriend as he rushed in and without thinking punched Zac in the face. Taylor turned in time to see this so he lifted his gun and shot Blake right in the head. Instantly he fell to the ground dead as blood dripped from his mouth and nose as well as his head.
Lady screamed and ran towards him only to be caught by Taylor and held firmly to her spot as Zac came and covered her eyes and mouth to make sure she couldn’t yell and draw attention. He covered her eyes so she wouldn’t know who they were.
Isaac walked over and said, "I’ll take over." With that Isaac put his hand over her mouth and the other over her eyes.
"MMMMM!" She yelled through the hand trying to get free and struggle with all her might but found the two boys to be rather strong.
"Shut up!" Taylor yelled through clenched teeth at the girl who had walked in at the wrong moment.
Zac turned around and when he did, he shot Mister Hollow. He did not know where he shot him, but he turned back around and said,” We'll have to take her with us."
Taylor replied, ”Guys this was not planned! Why do we need to take her with us?"
Zac said, ”Tay... little change of plans. We need to take her with us because she witnessed the whole scene and we can’t let her escape."
"MMMMM!" She yelled struggling a little bit against the two Hanson’s who managed to keep her glued to the spot.
Zac said, ”Okay Miss Love... you see if you do not stop and come along quietly with us then you will pay the consequences."
Without warning she kicked Isaac in the knees hard causing him to cry out in pain but resumed his hold on her mouth and eyes. Zac raised his gun and hit her hard in the head causing her to muffle a moan and fall to the arms of Taylor who gave Zac a confused look.
Zac shrugged and replied, ”She kicked Isaac after I warned her. She didn’t listen so this was the only option. Come on let’s get her to the warehouse."
Isaac carried her to the broken down truck and dumped her in the back while the other three rode in the front. It took no time at all for them to get back to their warehouse.
Isaac got out and carried Lady to the door and told Taylor, ”Carry her will you?"
Taylor sighed and replied, ”Yeah I will…where do we put her?"
Zac rolled his eyes and said, ”Simple Taylor…put her in that storage closet. We have a recliner chair in there so she should be ok in there. And bring a chair in there also so we can explain why she’s here and answer her questions and different things like giving her water and that."
Taylor replied, ”In other words tie her to the recliner and take care of her…and play her shrink?"
Isaac rolled his eyes and said, ”Yeah... answer her questions and listen to her and explain the situation at hand? Zac no offence but speaking to the girl might not be such a good idea."
Taylor opened the door to the warehouse and stepped in.
He looked at Zac and said, ”Zac? Go find some rope and a blindfold for her. I’ll go place her down on the recliner in the closet."
Zac nodded leaving Isaac to think what to do with the girl now. Zac found a box with unused rope and grabbed two packs and found a bandana with a red heart on it and brought it to Taylor who was waiting for him. Taylor took the bandana and folded it into three sections giving it a nice fold to make sure it fit around her head. He put it on her eyes and folded it around her head tying it tightly in the back making sure she couldn’t get it off. Zac nodded and unfolded the rope as he wrapped it around her chest and stomach attaching her to the chair tightly. He then took the other package of rope and tied her hands to the posts of the recliner making it impossible to slide out. He then with the left over rope tied her legs to the sliding board of the chair that moved down and up with the touch of a leaver. Right now it was down so she wouldn’t be uncomfortable.
Taylor nodded and said, ”Good job. I don’t think she’ll be escaping from there."
Zac shook his head no and replied, ”No she won’t I made sure of that. Let’s go."
Taylor asked, ”Zac what about her head?"
Zac shrugged and replied, ”When she wakes up she’ll have a whomper headache…but she should have listened to me." Taylor nodded and followed Zac out of the closet closing the door behind him.
Little did the three brothers know they would have trouble with the nameless girl they didn’t know…and soon they would find out.

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