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Kidnapped To Love

Chapter 14 - Where is the body?!

Taylor called the cops after Lady and Lisa were asleep. The cops came in a matter of minutes knocking on the warehouse door.
"Hello?" Taylor said when he opened the door. The police officer smiled recognizing him as she introduced herself.
"Hi my name is Morgan." She then put on a serious face and continued; "You said you found a body in the drive way of your warehouse?"
Taylor nodded and replied, "Yes and the body is still out there. Will you please take it away?"
Morgan said, " Taylor? There is no body out there. We've checked all over and…there isn't one."
Taylor's eyes became wide as he yelled, "Isaac, Zac! Come over here please." Taylor didn't mean to be so loud but he was loud enough to wake the sleeping child who began to cry.
Lady yelled, "TAYLOR!"
Taylor had forgotten and quickly said, "Sorry Lady I didn't mean to wake her."
A few seconds later Zac and Isaac came to the door.
Zac asked, "What is it Tay?"
Taylor replied, "Well the body sorta came back and moved itself."
"What?!" Isaac asked almost shocked out of his mind.
Taylor nodded and repeated, "The body is missing."
Zac almost fell over with shock, as the brothers looked at the police officer and then to Lisa and Lady who held her daughter who was still crying.
Morgan just sighed and asked, "Listen… next time you feel the need to get attention call channel 11 news not the police… okay?"
Taylor stammered, "B-but his body was there!" Morgan shook her head and walked out the door shutting it behind her. Taylor slammed his fists into the wall as it made a loud echo.
Lady looked at him with the crying child in her arms saying, "You know Taylor? If I wasn't holding Linda I would ring your scrawny neck!"
Taylor looked at Lady and said, "I'm sorry…it's just that your dad's body couldn't be found."
Lady almost dropped Linda from those words but managed to hold onto her as her eyes went wide. Taylor sat near her and looked at Lady putting his arm around her shoulders trying to get her back to reality.
Finally she replied, "Taylor he was bleeding from the head. How could he have come back?"
Taylor sighed and said gently, "I don't know Lady…but don't worry you're safe."
Lady blurted out, "Taylor we never checked for a pulse."
Taylor was already aware of this and said, "Because there was enough blood to assume he was dead…obviously we were wrong yet again."
Lady replied, "You're not wrong…in this case no one is. We should have but didn't. But the question is what lays before us in the future?"
Taylor sighed and said, " Well Lady when we get to that bridge we'll cross it, but until then don't worry bout it. Okay?"
Lady nodded laying Linda back down in her rocker and wondered about the future.
Finally she replied with a smile, "The future will be fine…I'm positive."
Taylor smiled back and said, "I'm sure it will Lady. I'm sure it will."
Suddenly Lisa sat up and yelled, "Oh God I forgot!" Taylor became white with the sudden out burst as Lady looked at Linda who again began to cry.
"Oh No! Lisa! You woke her up again!" Lady yelled at Lisa.
Lisa covered her mouth to a whisper as she apologized to Lady and turned to Taylor replying, "My boy friend Ricky. Well Hollow sorta used him to get me to tell him where your warehouse was and since he was threatening him I told. Well anyhow Hollow left him there and he's still there tied up on the chair."
Taylor sorta laughed as he asked, "And you just now remembered this?"
Lisa looked at him and replied, "Yeah I did. Please someone go to my house and untie him."
Taylor said, "Tomorrow we will. I promise."
Lisa replied, "But he…" She was then interrupted by the sound of a knock on their warehouse door. Taylor tensed as Lady looked at the door and Isaac and Zac seem to pale as they to looked at the door.
Lisa stood up with shaky legs and went to the door. The four others just watched her as she slowly opened the door. When she opened it the first thing she saw was Ricky's face.
"AAAHHH!" Was her response as she threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly. The scream alerted the others as they ran to the door to find a guy there and Lisa screaming hugging him.
"How did you escape from the ropes?!" Lisa asked excitedly.
Ricky shrugged and replied, "Your father doesn't know how to tie ropes to well so I managed to get free after trying for two hours."
Lisa turned to the group and introduced them. "Ricky I would like to introduce you to Hanson…and of course you know my sister Lady."
Ricky shook the three boys hands and a hello was said as he went over to Lady.
Lady smiled holding out her hand and said, "Pleasure to meet you Ricky. I know your brother Mark from school."
Ricky took Lady's hand and kissed it saying, "He apparently knows you as well. You're all he talks about. Lady this, Lady that… I mean he is practically in love with you."
Lady said softly, "I can't love anyone else. I am afraid to hurt them now, not like I was before. I'm afraid they'll like me for my body and not what's inside."
Ricky replied, "Well my brother isn't like that. He's really different. Let your heart open up to others and their hearts will open up to you. Like Lisa did with me. Think about it okay Lady?"
Lady nodded and looked down at her child who slept soundly in the rocker.
Ricky looked down and asked, "Who is the baby?"
Lady replied, "She's mine. My father raped me and I ended up with Linda. I'm not ready to take care of a child…but I am thankful I have Linda and that she's alive."
Ricky asked, "He raped you?" Lady only nodded and bowed her head.
Ricky said, "I had no idea. No wonder it's hard to open up to people and to trust them and I think you have learned a lot from Lisa, Isaac, Taylor and Zac here." Lady smiled at the group as they just looked at her and smiled back.
Lady replied, "I have yet to learn how to love but I know how to care and I do agree they have taught me."
Ricky nodded and kissed Lisa on the lips hugging her tightly as she closed her eyes. Something then fell out of his pocket as he hurried and picked it up putting it back in his pocket.
Lisa asked, "Hey Ricky? What fell?"
"Nothing." Ricky answered with a slight smile on his lips.
Lisa scowled and asked again, "Ricky Morris Caluso, tell me what is in the pocket right now!"
Ricky sighed and pulled it out saying, "It was a surprise…but I guess I have waited long enough."
Ricky got down on one knee and said, "I've known you for three wonderful years. Those years have been the best of my life and I want to spend all of eternity with you. Lisa Love Seed will you be my wife?"
Lisa looked shocked for a moment. She never expected him to ever propose to her but now her dream had come true.
She smiled and replied, "Yes Ricky Morris Caluso I will be your wife…but on one condition."
"What's that?" Ricky asked smiling.
Lisa replied with a smile, "As long as you love me and treat me like your wife I will."
Ricky said, "I would never do the things your father did to you or Lady… I promise." Lisa nodded as a final answer.
"Awww… Lisa's getting married." Zac said with a teasing voice. Taylor and Isaac laughed at Zac's comment.
Lisa looked at them and asked, "Hey Zac you getting married any time soon?"
Zac stopped laughing but smiled and replied, "Nope not for a good while. Don't even have a girlfriend yet."
Lisa smiled and said, "Then I wouldn't be talking."
Isaac and Taylor smiled at Lisa and Ricky as Zac continued to laugh but stopped and asked, "Hey guys ya think I will ever find the right girl?"
Isaac and Taylor replied, "We can only hope Zac. We can only hope."
Lady laid down as she to smiled and felt happy for her sister. She only hoped that someday a guy would ask her that and someday the special guy probably would.

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