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Kidnapped To Love

Chapter 8 - Another escape foiled

Mister Hollow laid in his bed at home as he thought, "My daughter is nothing but a pain. Hopefully she'll be smart to escape and not get caught. Those boys are sharp…hopefully Lady's sharper. Get your ass home right now Lady Love Seed…you better…or else."
Miss Love Seed walked into the room and said, "Hollow? I have decided since you feel that you don't love me…then I'm leaving you. I'm taking the kids and leaving. Hollow Love Seed? I'm divorcing you."
Hollow smiled and replied, "Good but Lady stays with me."
Miss Love Seed turned and voiced, "She most certainly is not Hollow! You are a cruel and heartless monster! Why I married you I shall never know. I thought we would be together forever…but apparently I was wrong like I always am. You Hollow Love Seed will not get the children. I'll bring you to court if I have to."
Hollow replied, "Banking is my business, as it will also be Lady's weather you like it or not. And no need to bring me to court. Who'll they believe…a banker man…or a bitch?"
Miss Love Seed's eyes widened as she ran from the room in tears and in desperation of help…help that will come too late.
Miss Love Seed ran to the kitchen and got a knife wiping the tears from her eyes as she closed her eyes praying and looked at a picture of her husband and two children at the park and smiled saying, "Lady you were my favorite…and so were you Lisa…I love you both so much…but like all good things they must come to an end. Please god let me finally find happiness and Love where ever I end up…I beg of you."
With that she put the knife up to her left wrist and cut quickly letting the blood drip down her arm and then placed the knife in the other arm and cut her other wrist letting the blood drip from the other also. She sobbed as she clasped onto the floor as the blood dripped to the floor making two piles. Finally she collasped to the floor and slowly whispered, "I… I'm sorry L…Lady." With that she was gone and only the mystery would remain as to why she killed herself.


Lady closed her eyes and relaxed her body almost falling into a peaceful sleep until she heard Taylor say, "Oh God Why The Hell Did Her Mother Do That!?"
Lady opened her eyes as Taylor walked in the room with a phone and said, "I'm calling your father's cell phone. You're going to talk to him and let him explain."
"Explain what?" Lady asked her voice filled with concern and anger at the same time.
Taylor dialed the number and put it up to Lady's ear and said through gritted teeth, "Let your father explain."
"Hello?" Hollow said as he picked up the phone with a slight smile playing on his face.
"Hello dad… remember me? Your daughter Lady?" Lady replied with slight anger in her voice then added, "Dad what happened to mom?"
Hollow said, "Well Lady sweetheart…your mom decided to kill herself. Slit her wrist…if you don't believe me…ask Lisa she's right here."
With that he handed the phone to Lisa who said softly, "Hi Lady."
Lady's eyes became wide as she asked, "Lisa? D...Did mom really kill herself?"
Lisa replied softly, "Yes Lady…she did…and dad's kicking me out of the house. I haven't anywhere else to go. Tell me Lady why are you so hateful to me?"
Lady laid her head back in shock as she said softly, "Taylor…get the phone away from my ear. I don't want to talk to her or him."
Lady closed her eyes as a teardrop dripped down the right eye and down her cheek.
Taylor took the phone away and said to Lisa, "We want to know why Lady has so much hate in her…tell me did Hollow hurt her?"
Lady's head popped up and yelled, "Lisa Love Seed you tell him I'll kill you!"
Taylor slapped his hand over her mouth and interjected, "Lisa…tell me…this maybe will solve the mystery behind it."
Lisa stuttered, "Our dad…raped my sister …and it's been with her ever since. He also abused her…hit her, cut her, and said how worthless she was. Now look how she turned out! A troubled girl! All because of my dad! Now I'm gonna be kicked out because of what happened to my mom!"
Taylor heard Hollow say, "You little bitch!" Then he could hear a sickening whack and then dead silence.
Taylor hung up the phone and looked at Lady removing his hand from her mouth. Lady looked at him and said, "I'm going to kill her!"
Taylor replied, "Yeah sure you will Lady…now I'll leave you alone while you get over this." With that Taylor went out the door leaving Lady alone with her thoughts.
Lady closed her eyes and cried. She couldn't remember the last time she cried but it felt good to finally let go of all the emotion she was holding inside and releasing it.
She suddenly felt arms around her. She didn't know who and she didn't care. She put her head down on their shoulder and cried harder then before.
Lady became sick as she closed her eyes leaning heavily on the person's shoulder and falling asleep.
Zac smiled and whispered, "She's learning to care…it's amazing."
Taylor entered the room quietly and asked, "What did you say Zac?" Zac turned and repeated what he said and smiled at Taylor.
Taylor whispered, "Zac…I don't think she knows the concept of caring. It's just the stress of this situation for her and of course her mother dying…that to."
Zac shook his head and whispered back, "Taylor if she didn't love her mom she wouldn't be crying like this."
Taylor shook his head, walked back out to the main room of the warehouse and sat down heavily on the couch.
Zac looked at the door and shook his head leaning Lady's head gently against the leather of the recliner.
Isaac came in and asked, "Zac? Why were you holding Lady like that?"
Zac turned and replied, "Because I think she's learning to care…slowly but surely she is learning."
Isaac shook his head and said, "Zac…I don't think she is. Yeah she'll cry but it is just the stress of this situation around her…nothing more."
Zac shook his head and walked out of the room leaving Isaac to follow him.
A little while later Lady woke up and looked around noticing she was alone. The last thing she remembered is crying on someone's shoulder, then blacking out. Lady also remembered Lisa saying their mom died.
Lady scowled and said, Oh fuck that. As far as I'm concerned mom could die 10,000 times and I wouldn't give a fuck…and Lisa…who fucking cares about her!"
"So I see we're back to our little attitude problem again." Isaac replied smiling caring in a tray of food. He set the tray down and walked out the door.
Zac then walked in smiling and said, "Hi Lady how are you feeling?"
Lady gave him a scowl and snapped, "Like you care Zac."
Zac shook his head and replied, "Lady please quit snapping at us. It's getting quite annoying." With that Zac sat in the chair next to the recliner and picked up a spoon and dipping it in some tomato soup bringing it towards her lips, Lady looked at him and opened her mouth slightly.
Lady's eyes went wide as she spit the tomato soup out and glared at Zac.
Lady said, "Zac…the soup is burnt."
Zac picked the spoon up and tasted it himself. Zac's eyes became wide but he managed to swallow it and replied, "Yep it's burnt…let me see what else you can eat." With that he dashed out the door and to the kitchen area putting the burnt soup in the sink and turned on the water. He then went to the freezer and opened the door spying some left over pizza. Taking it out of the freezer he wrapped it up and put it in the microwave for a minute. Taking it out he looked in the refrigerator where he spotted a half eaten chocolate and white marble cake and smiled. He took the cake out the fridge and cut a small piece off of it for Lady.
Zac went back to the storage room and said, "Here Lady…I think you'll like this." He showed three slices of pizza very big slices and a piece of chocolate and white marble cake.
Lady relaxed her head against the recliner and replied, "You know how long that's gonna take me to eat?"
Zac smiled and said, "I guess an hour or two."
Lady rolled her eyes and replied, "Yeah and wouldn't you rather be with your brothers instead of me Zac?"
Zac shook his head and cut a piece the pizza off bringing it close to her mouth. She bit down and chewed slowly.


Lisa laid unconscious in Hollow's car with her hands and feet tied down. Hollow glared at her with angriness in his eyes.
He then jumped in the front seat and drove her down the road a bit he saw an abandoned warehouse and pulled his truck into the lot, that's when he saw a dumpster smiling to himself. He picked Lisa up and walked over to the dumpster dumping her in and walking back to his car getting some duck tape out of the trunk and then walking back to the dumpster again and lifting Lisa's head up. He tore off four pieces of duck tape and put it over her eyes, next he ripped six pieces off and but the six long strips over her mouth.
"There, she can't yell out and she can't move…surely she will die…only god knows how long it will take for this bitch to wake up. Wait till she finds out where she is." Hollow chuckled as he walked to his car and drove away no one ever the wiser…or so he thought.


Lady took in the last bit of the cake and turned away.
Zac asked, "How was it Lady?"
Lady turned to him and replied, "It was good Zac… thank you."
Zac asked, "What's wrong?"
Lady replied, "Nothing really is the matter. I'm just getting sore from sitting like this. Is this really necessary Zac?"
Zac said, "Yes Lady it is. You tried to escape once and yet…you seem to care."
Lady looked at him puzzled and asked, "What are you talking about?"
Zac replied, "What I'm trying to say is…is you could escape if you really wanted to, but you choose not to. Like I said before you care although you pretend not to."
Lady said, "What? Caring about you guys? HA! Don't make me laugh. I would be more than happy to escape if the damn ropes weren't so tight. Plus I have nowhere else to go right now…besides home…and I don't want to go home. I'd probably end up going to a relatives or something to rest and relax for awhile but that's it. Then it's back to banking until father dies."
Lady twisted her arm against the rope as she sighed.
Zac got up and said, "Good night Lady…sleep well."
Lady nodded and turned her head feeling something hard in her pocket dress.
Smiling to herself she whispered, "I got an idea."
With much hard work she got the shaver out of the pocket in her dress. Holding the shaver up to the ropes she quickly rubbed the blade along the ropes on her left hand and smiled in satisfaction when the rope gave way. She then untied her other hand and cut the rope quickly on her feet standing up and stretching.
Lady quickly looked into the door of the main warehouse and smiled wider when she saw the boys sleeping on the other side of the room. Seeing the door and her chance she dashed to it and opened it with out thinking. Suddenly plates came crashing down waking up the three boys but Lady was fast as she ran outside the warehouse and behind some crates right near the dumpster just as the three boys ran out.
"Fuck! She escaped." Taylor said.
Isaac replied, "Tay? She has to be either in the dumpster or behind the crates."
Taylor opened the dumpster and gasped saying, "Guys look." The other two came to the dumpster and looked in.
Isaac replied, "Oh god Tay What happened to her?"
Zac interjected, "She looks like she was beat to a pulp and tied up just being left here."
Taylor picked her up gently saying, "Guys come on. We'll worry about that other bitch later. Right now we have to help this girl."
Isaac and Zac nodded as they went inside the warehouse. Once in the warehouse Taylor set Lisa down and saw Zac heading out the back door.
"What are you doing?" Isaac asked.
Zac smiled and replied, "I'm going to catch a Lady."
Taylor said, "Well there's always one way to skin a cat and I think you just found another way Zac."
Zac smiled wider and went out the door running out to the front where he saw Lady come out of her hiding place. Zac took his gun out as Lady's back was to him, creeping slowly over to her he raised his gun quietly and then {WHACK} Lady fell to the ground and blacked out causing a groan to escape her lips.
Zac then said, "Next time you escape Lady…it will be your last."

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