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Kidnapped To Love

Chapter 12 - Success to evil, or success to good

Hollow sat with his hand on his forehead thinking of where Lady could be held. Hollow mumbled out loud, "She could be hidden in any building…any house…any alley in Tulsa. Now if I were a Hanson…where would I be? Well I'm not…so I guess I'll have to get off my ass and search for the little hoe…and those pesky brats."
Hollow went to his car and climbed in and floored it. This time he would be determined to find Hanson and his daughter, who he so much wanted back, but only for his banking, not her love.


Morning passed slowly for Lady as she laid down on her bed still weeping softly. Lisa opened her eyes and looked at Lady weeping into her pillow. Lisa sat up and comforted Lady in her arms.
"What's wrong Lady?" Lisa whispered into her ear.
Lady replied, "I-I had a dream of dad raping me and…" She was about to tell about her dream, when something unexplainable happened.
"Oh god!" Lady screamed as she looked down seeing water on the bed.
Lisa crawled out of Lady's bed and kneeled down beside her saying gently, "Lady lie down." Lady did as she was told.
Taylor, Isaac, and Zac ran to her and asked, "W-What happened to her?"
Lisa shook her head and said, "Lady is having the baby."
Isaac, Taylor, and Zac backed off a-little and went in their practice room. They didn't need to be apart of this.
Lisa rolled her eyes and replied, "Men…can't handle stuff like this. No wonder women have the children."
Lady laughed a little bit but was quickly replaced with a scream of agony. Lisa gripped Lady's hands and coached her through the process.
Lady yelled, "If I ever get my hands on our dad I'll kill the bastard! Damn it all to hell! AAAAAHHHHHH!"
Lisa gripped Lady's hands tighter as the contraction ended. Lady breathed in and out deeply hoping all this would be over with.
Lisa whispered, "Lady you're three weeks early. Oh God that's not good for the baby." Suddenly another contraction came on as her scream increased.
Lisa yelled, "Come on Lady another push…come on!" Lady pushed and screamed. It was painful to be in that position.
Lady breathed in and out more deeply as she asked, "Is the baby almost out? Oh God my insides are gonna fall out."
Lisa shook her head no and said, "Come on Lady… another push." Lady screamed and did as she was told.

Two hours later:

"Come on Lady one more push!" Lisa cried trying to coach her sister. Lady gave one more push as the baby's head came out. Lady then pushed again and the whole body came out with the umbilical cord.
Lisa knocked on the practice room door and asked, "Got any scissors?" The door opened and some scissors were handed to Lisa as she took them and ran back to Lady who held the baby.
Lisa cut the umbilical cord and asked, "So what is it Lady? A boy or girl?"
Lady replied, "A girl…but she's not moving. Tell the guys to come out now."
Lisa yelled, "Hey guys get out here right now. Everything's all taken care of!" The door to the practice room opened and out came the three guys who looked at Lisa and Lady.
"So how'd it go?" Taylor asked.
Lady replied, "Not good. The baby isn't breathing."
Taylor nodded and said, "Zac where's the baseter? I think it takes a few breaths to get the baby to breath again."
Lady looked sadly down at the born child in her arms and shook her head no.
Taylor looked at Lady and asked, "Why are you shaking your head no?"
Lady whispered, "Because the child's three weeks early. Guys she's not gonna breath. She's not gonna be alive."
Lisa gently took the dead child from Lady's arms and looked at it sadly before bursting out into tears.
Lady put her hand on Lisa's shoulder before Lisa angrily spun around and said, "No Lady. I don't need any comfort from you or Hanson. I don't need it from anybody. God Lady you could have stopped this from happening! You coulda pushed dad off. He wasn't that strong was he? NO! He wasn't…you left the child to be miscarried and all because of you this child died! Couldn't you have run away to prevent this! You and that father of ours are murderers!!!"
With that Lisa set the baby down and limped fast to the door and went out. Lady, Isaac, Zac, and Taylor watched her go out into the cold air.
Lady bowed her head and whispered, "She's right. I am a murderer. I could have pushed him off. I could have yelled for help, but instead I let him, afraid for my life and my sisters."
Lady still breathed hard as she set the child down and looked at it. She thought, "I wonder if I can save her."
Lady bent down with her hand over the child's nose and one over her stomach. She breathed into it's mouth and blew causing the child's chest to raise. She then placed her two hands over its stomach and pushed gently causing her air to release from the child's mouth. She repeated this two more times before quitting. On her second try she heard a quiet gasp and a cry filled the air.
Taylor, Isaac, and Zac could only stare at Lady as they looked at each other and bolted toward the front door to find Lisa. The only problem was…if Hollow found her first.

Lisa limped out toward the road hoping to get far enough so the boys didn't catch her or try to calm her down. She was way beyond control of calming down. In fact Lisa was down right furious at Lady.
Lisa spat out, "Why the hell did she miscarry the child? God life isn't fair!" Suddenly a car sounded behind her as she turned in time to see her father jump out of the car and head towards her. She backed up afraid of what he might do.
Lisa spat out in a furious bark, "Because Dad I Don't Believe In Killing Myself! And Further More I Am No BITCH!"
Hollow threw her on the ground and asked, "How the hell did you get out then?"
Lisa said, "Angels saved my life, but I guarantee when it's your turn Hollow Love Seed, they'll throw you into the pit of hell!"
Hollow smiled and replied, "Those three little twits known as Hanson are gonna throw me into the pit of hell? I don't think so."
Lisa spat out, "They are not twits. In fact they have more talent then you'll ever have."
Hollow laughed and replied, "I don't need talent. I need a certain daughter of mine to come home so I can teach her more about customers and how to rearrange accounts."
Lisa yelled, "You mean so you can rape her again! Don't you!?"
Hollow's eyes went wide as he asked, "Who did you hear that from?"
Lisa replied, "She told me…and because of you she had a child…a child that died!"
Hollow shook his head and went back to his car and found some more rope in the back seat and approached Lisa. Lisa tried her best to back up but Hollow only grabbed her arms and twisted them hard behind her back, tying them tightly.
She knew what was to come next as she sucked in a lung full of air and yelled at the top of her lungs, "ISAAC, TAYLOR, ZAC!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!"
Hollow ran to the car and got the duck tape, quickly returning to his screaming daughter.
He slapped his hand harshly over her mouth and spat out in a harsh tone, "Scream like that again and I'll shut you up permanently…got me?"
Lisa struggled as best she could before simply just nodding her head and giving up.
Hollow smiled and said in a sickening sweet tone, "That a girl. You were always the one who knew when to listen. Now I'm gonna take my hand off. When I do you better not scream. Understand?"
Lisa nodded her head. Hollow took his hand of her mouth as she sucked in air and yelled one final time before her world turned black, "HEEEEELLLLLLLLLP!!!!!!"
He got a gun out of his pocket and hit her upside the head causing her to black out. He hurried and put some duct tape over her mouth before picking her up and throwing her inside the car and taking off.


All Isaac, Taylor, and Zac heard when they opened the door was, "HEEEEELLLLLLLLLP!!!!!!" The boys quickly turned to see Hollow putting Lisa in his car and jumping in the front seat, taking off.
"NO!!!" Isaac, Taylor and Zac yelled in unison as they ran as fast as they could to the end of the curb only to watch the car ride out of site.
Taylor sighed and asked his brothers, "What are we gonna tell Lady?" Zac just shook his head and turned back to go in the warehouse.
When Zac got in he just looked at Lady holding the screaming child in her arms rocking it back and forth to keep her quiet.
Zac carefully approached Lady and smiled as best he could.
Lady only looked at him with tired eyes and asked, "Where's Lisa? I wanna tell her the baby's fine and that she won't have to hate me."
Just then the door opened, Isaac, and Taylor entered both eyeing Lady.
Lady asked, "Ok guys I know something is wrong…what is it?"
Taylor approached Lady and sighed only shaking his head and whispering, "Don't worry about it Lady…just rest. You've gone through a lot."
Lady shook her head and replied, "No I won't rest until you guys tell me what in the hell is wrong now. What is it?"
Isaac turned to his brothers and then back to Lady who only looked at them. Isaac sighed and said, "Hollow…took your sister."
Lady replied, "WHAT?!" Forgetting she was holding the baby, the child cried all over again. Taylor sighed and took the child from her rocking it until she fell back asleep.
Taylor asked, "So what are you gonna name the child?"
Lady replied, "I-I'm not sure…what should I name her? I mean it isn't my father's. It's just mine. God I hate him!" Lady looked at her little girl and covered her mouth.
She then took her hand off her mouth and asked, "Where can I put her? I mean I don't wanna hold her all night."
Isaac replied, "When we first came here there were a lot of things we didn't need. There was some baby stuff. We just threw everything we didn't want in a big room in the back. Maybe there's a crib or something in there."
Lady said, "I'll go look. It'll give me something to do."
Zac stopped Lady and replied, "No you'll rest… I'll go." With that he ran off to the back room and began the search.
Taylor sighed and looked down at the child in his arms then at Lady.
Lady said, "I'll take her." Taylor nodded as he handed her back to Lady.
Lady looked at the sleeping girl and replied, "I'll call you…Linda. Linda Love Seed."
Taylor and Isaac only watched as a moment was shared between Linda and Lady.
Zac walked back and asked, "Hey guys…will you help me? I found a crib in the back."
Taylor and Isaac went to help Zac as Lady laid Linda in her arms again and rocked her.
She whispered silently to the child, "You should've been born to a mother who's wiser and older. I know nothing about you…but I shall learn. Indeed I shall learn."

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