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Kidnapped To Love

Chapter 9 - Punishment far worse then death

Zac carried Lady into the warehouse and dumped her on the floor in front of his brothers and said, "She escaped one time too many times. Okay? Any ideas for a punishment?"
Taylor replied, "Yeah set her out here in this recliner so we can keep an eye on her. That I think we can manage to say stuff through demands."
Isaac asked, "Like not telling her stuff or speaking to her but speaking through action?"
Taylor nodded and replied, "Yeah kinda like silent treatment, but act upon action if she's defiant or stubborn."
Zac smiled and said, "I like that…but how do we keep her from escaping again?"
Taylor replied, "We keep her tied up here that's what."
Zac nodded picking Lady up dumping her in the recliner and tied her down. His brothers watched as Zac did this and both had the same thoughts.
Taylor asked, "Zac why are you so obsessed with keeping this girl?"
Zac turned to Taylor and replied, "Because we killed her boyfriend. That's murder one, and attempted to murder her father…didn't work because I didn't check his pulse. Also she knows where we are. She can sell us out…that's the one reason I'm so obsessed with keeping her here, and so are you two, you guys know the reasons as well as I do."
Taylor nodded and turned back to Isaac saying, "I guess he's right." Taylor turned back to the girl that lay so still on the bed and then added, "Now we have two girls to look after."
Zac turned and said, "Tay? Did you check for an ID on who she might be?"
Taylor shook his head and replied, "I checked. She has none on her."
Isaac said, "Whoever did that was cruel. He put six pieces of duck tape on her mouth and they were long…and four pieces of duck tape on her eyes."
Zac turned and replied, "What the hell? Why'd they do that?"
Taylor interjected while shaking his head and said, "Who knows why they did. The point is…is they did and left the girl for dead."
Isaac replied, "The girl is very weak. She needs a hospital."
Taylor shot him a look and said, "Ike, no if we call an ambulance then we'd have to tell them the location and place of the warehouse."
Isaac sighed and replied, "I guess you're right…but if she dies…then will have to get rid of her."
Zac interjected, "I don't think she'll die." Suddenly they heard a moan from the bed as they all walked over to see her.
Lisa opened her eyes, first noticing the three boys standing over her.
"Where am I?" She asked weakly trying to get up but was gently pushed back down.
Taylor smiled warmly and replied, "We found you in the warehouse dumpster. You looked pretty bad. To tell you the truth you're in our warehouse. What is your name?"
Lisa looked up at them and said, "My name's Lisa. What are your names?"
Taylor replied, "Mine's Taylor, the one on my left is Isaac, and the one on my right is Zac."
Lisa asked, "What is your last name?" Isaac, Taylor, and Zac looked at each other and turned back to Lisa.
Taylor replied, "Our last name isn't important…but what is your last name Lisa?"
Lisa said, "My full name is Lisa Love Seed."
Taylor, Isaac, and Zac's eyes became wide as they yelled in unison, "WHAT!?" Causing Lisa to jump and look up with curious and fearful eyes.
Lisa asked, "What? What's wrong?"
Taylor quickly put on a fake smile through gritted teeth and replied, "Nothing Lisa…lay down and rest for awhile you seem tired."
Lisa said, "I am tired and I'm in so much pain. First my sister's kidnapped, my mom kills herself, and now my dad threw me in the dumpster…for telling this kidnapper, I think his name was Taylor like yours, but he asked me why Lady always has an attitude. I explained…then dad hit me. I blanked out and what you told me about being in a dumpster…I'm guessing he got rid of me…but he won't Lady. He needs her to run the bank."
Taylor looked at Isaac and nodded. Isaac nodded back and replied, "Lisa…just lay down and relax we'll explain everything later."
Lisa nodded and asked, "May I have something to drink?"
Isaac nodded and got up. A few minutes later Isaac came back with some water and asked, "Can you sit up?"
Lisa tried sitting up but she was too weak. Taylor put his hand on her back and pushed gently. He got her into a sitting position as she used her arms for balance, when Taylor let go she fell back down on the pillow. She then noticed blood coming out of her leg in the middle. She then noticed her leg was completely numb.
Lisa asked, "Taylor? My leg's bleeding…my right leg. Please see what's causing it."
Taylor lifted up her pant leg a little bit and said, "Oh God!!"
Lisa became panicked as she asked, "What!?"
Taylor replied, "Lisa…someone shot you in the leg."
Lisa closed her eyes and asked, "Taylor can you see the bullet?"
Taylor looked and could see where the bullet was and said, "I see it but its far down. I don't think I can get it…not with my hand anyhow."
Lisa nodded and sighed and replied, "Lift me up again please Taylor."
Taylor nodded and lifted her back up to a sitting position again and held her up.
Taylor said, "Just relax… I got you. Ike? Hand her the water."
Isaac handed her the water.
She gladly took it, drank it and replied, "Thanks guys…I truthfully don't know how to thank you for saving me."
Zac smiled and said, "It wasn't anything. You would have done for us." Lisa cracked a smile.
Lisa then asked, "I have no where to go. No relatives will take me…except my uncle. But my father's side won't."
Taylor laid her back down and replied, "Don't worry about that now. You can stay with us if you like for now until you get back on your feet."
Lisa nodded and closed her eyes.
Taylor then added, "Ike go find some small tweezers. We have to take the bullet out of her leg."
At this Lisa opened her eyes and replied, "Please…no it'll hurt please!" Lisa stated as tears rolled down her face.
Taylor looked at her and said, "Its okay Lisa. Just relax… I'll be gentle. Plus if we don't take it out it'll become infected then we'll have to take you to the hospital to get your leg cut off. Which is it?"
Lisa cried so hard that she wasn't able to reply. Zac came around and took her hand, making her relax a little bit.
Isaac came back with the tweezers and replied, "Here ya go Tay. What should I do?"
Taylor turned and said, "Hold down her legs so she doesn't kick and make me put the bullet in deeper. Zac I want you to hold both her hands so she doesn't move…and Lisa? Hun try to stay still…it will be hard but try."
Isaac and Zac moved to their positions. Taylor grabbed the tweezers and brought them to the bullet hole stopping within inches of her wound.
He stopped as he added, "Lisa brace yourself. This is gonna hurt." With that he stuck the tweezers into her wound.
"AAAAHHHHH!!!" Lisa screamed with pain shutting her eyes tightly. "PLEASE TAYLOR STOP! OH MY GOD IT HURTS!!!"
Lisa opened her eyes and saw Zac's hands on hers to keep her in place. Without realizing it she reached and bit Zac's hand as he let out an agonizing moan.
Taylor stopped and pulled the tweezers out as the bullet came up a bit but was still deep. Lisa released Zac from her bite. Zac looked at her like she had two heads.
Lisa whispered, "I'm sorry Zac…please don't be mad."
Zac replied, "I would probably do the same thing…just relax. Tay get something to put in her mouth while you're doing this. I don't feel like getting bit again."
Taylor got up and went in search of something. Soon he came back with a small thin rain catcher.
Zac said, "Tay…um that's a rain catcher."
Taylor retorted, "It's also a stick Zachary…or would you rather her biting you?"
Zac replied, "No um…here let me."
Zac took the catcher from Taylor and looked at Lisa saying, "Open up." Lisa was hesitant but did as she was told. Lisa looked up at Zac as he put the stick in her mouth.
Taylor then grabbed the tweezers. As Lisa saw this she shut her eyes tight again. Taylor picked the tweezers up again and put them carefully back in her leg as he did this an agonizing scream came from Lisa.
"AAAAMMMMM!!!" Lisa screamed biting down on the rain catcher hard.
Zac looked at her and said softly, "It's ok Lisa…it'll be over soon…okay?"
Lisa's eyes filled with tears as she nodded weakly. Taylor just then pulled the bullet out of her leg and said, "Got it."
Zac nodded seeing Lisa relax and breathed in deeply.
Zac took the stick out of her mouth and smiled saying, "There. That wasn't so bad was it?"
Lisa looked at him with wide eyes and held her right hand up slowly sticking her middle finger at him.
Zac laughed and added, "Ok…maybe it was bad…but still be nice."
Lisa asked, "I need a drink…please."
Taylor got her more water as she drank fast from it. When she was satisfied she handed the cup back to Taylor, soon after she asked, "Have you heard any word of my sister?"
Taylor answered too quickly, "No…we haven't but will keep you informed." Lisa nodded as she took out a picture from her pocket pants handing it to them.
"That's my mom…and my sister Lady. Lady was happier in the picture. We were all at the park having a great time. After all this time that has passed I still wish we were like that as a family." Lisa replied.
Isaac said, "Lisa…I'm sure Lady will be happy. I mean once she's found and that but for now lay down and go to sleep…ok?"
Lisa nodded as she took the picture from Taylor who still stared at it. Lisa said, "Those were the days." She closed her eyes allowing sleep to take over.
Taylor whispered to Isaac, "Man Ike…this keeps getting better and better doesn't it? Now we have two of Hollow's kids. This really sucks."
Isaac replied, "I agree, but Lisa isn't bad. I wonder how that's so." Just then they heard a moan from across the room indicating Lady was awake.
Taylor gritted his teeth adding, "This just keeps getting better and better every second. Zac? Go shut her up but don't say anything. Just shut her the fuck up. The last thing we need is for Lisa to get worked up…knowing we're the kidnappers."
Lisa had a smile on her lips as she mumbled, "MMMBOP."
Taylor looked at Isaac as Isaac looked at her and said, "She's dreaming of a concert we had or something."
Taylor nodded following Isaac to where their beds lay. Taylor fell asleep almost instantly, as Isaac only tossed and turned falling into a hard sleep, while Zac followed a moment later after making sure Lady was secured.
The brothers had no idea what was to come next…and neither would the girls.

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