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Kidnapped To Love

Chapter 13 - Sticking together

Lisa woke up and the first thing she noticed were her hands tied and her mouth taped shut. Moaning she looked around to see where she was and surprisingly she was home.
Hollow walked in and smiled at her as Lisa scowled at him.
"MMMM!" She yelled through the tape.
Hollow laughed and asked, "What was that dear? Can't understand ya with the tape on your mouth." He walked over to her and tore the tape off.
The first word out of Lisa's mouth was, "Damn you! How the fuck could you!?"
Hollow hit her across the face causing her head to snap back and replied with an evil grin, "Now, now dear we must watch on how we speak around adults…especially if it is their family. Are we clear on that sweet cheeks?"
Lisa looked away and mumbled, "Fuck off you fucking rapist."
Hollow grabbed her shoulders violently and shook her yelling in her face, "What did you say to me!?"
Lisa yelled, "I said fuck off you fucking rapist!"
Hollow punched her two times in the mouth and smiled saying, "Care to repeat that sweetie?"
Lisa looked up at him and whispered, "Please…let me go."
Hollow shook his head and replied, "Not till you tell me where Lady and those other brats are. After that we will see."
Lisa shook her head in defiance as she said, "I'll never tell you where they are. Not even if you kill me or threaten to."
Hollow replied, "Oh yes you'll tell me or…I will kill you, or someone very close to you. Oh let's just say a certain lover of yours." He walked back to the kitchen and came back holding a gun to her boyfriend's temple.
"NO PLEASE DON'T! I'LL NEVER TELL!" Lisa screamed at him with wide eyes.
Ricky had been Lisa's boyfriend for about three years and she loved him more than anything or anyone except her sister, who she would sacrifice her life for.
Hollow smiled and said, "Oh believe me you'll tell…or it's bye bye to lover boy here. Remember the choice between those Hanson brats and Lady…or him." Lisa looked at Ricky and then a picture of her sister on the table beside her.
Ricky's breath was coming out in short breaths, as he looked at Hollow then the gun he was holding. Hollow smiled as he put the gun back to his temple and looked expectantly at Lisa. Lisa only shook her head and whispered, "I won't tell."
Hollow sighed and replied, "You will tell me soon…or else." He looked at Ricky. Ricky relaxed his hands against the ropes and sighed as the gun was taken away.
Lisa cried as her father walked from the room. Ricky could only look at her with sorrow, as he to bowed his head and whispered, "What does he want from you?"
Lisa cried and replied, "H-he wants Lady to come home so she can learn more lessons of banking…and then she has to sign a paper that agrees for her to take over the bank. Oh God if I tell…Lady will suffer, and Hanson will be dead. And if I don't tell…Hollow will kill you."
Ricky only nodded as he whispered, "Tell him. We'll think of a plan later after we escape but tell him and somehow warn Hanson."
Lisa nodded and cried with a sullen voice, "Dad? I-I'll tell you."
Hollow came out with a smile on his face as he replied, "I knew you would. Thank you so much Ricky…you've been most helpful."
Ricky bowed his head, feeling awful for Lisa who had to tell this monster where her sister and the boys were.
Lisa said with her voice cracking with emotion, "You know that dumpster you dumped me in?"
Hollow nodded and replied, "Yeah what about it?"
Lisa bowed her head and said, "That's where they're staying."
Hollow laughed and asked, "You mean they're staying in that broken down warehouse? Oh God how pathetic can you get? A warehouse!"
Lisa replied, "The warehouse looks good! They have food and an entertainment area followed by an exercise and practice area."
Hollow said, "That's good dear. Now what are we gonna do with you while I'm away? No better idea, bring you along for the ride. That way you get to see what happens to the Hanson's…and then…I'll see how to dispose of you, but lover boy stays here. I have to make sure one stays here and guards the house…right sweetheart?" Hollow smiled looking over at Lisa who only shook her head no.
Hollow continued, "I'm going to untie you. No struggling or lover boy gets it."
Lisa snapped, "His name is Ricky. Quit calling him lover boy."
Hollow untied her and pointed his gun in her direction. She got up and walked to the basement and got in the car followed by Hollow.
Hollow drove two miles in silence to the warehouse where something good would happen or something tragic would. It all depended on one person and one person alone…Lady.
Hollow reached the warehouse and stared at it in disgust. He turned his engine off and got out and at the same time forcing Lisa as well.
Hollow put the gun to Lisa's head as he yelled, "Alright Hanson and Lady…get out here right now!"


All Hanson and Lady heard was the booming voice of Hollow outside their warehouse. Taylor, Isaac, Zac and Lady looked at each other then at the door.
Lady sighed and replied, "Coming dad! Come on guys… he has Lisa and I can't let anything happen to her." The guys were hesitant but everyone was afraid for Lisa so without another word spoken they stood up and went outside, leaving the baby inside so no harm would come to her.
When they got outside they found hollow holding a gun to Lisa's head and smiling.
Hollow replied with a grin on his face, "Hello glad to re-meet your acquaintance Hanson. As for you dear daughter how have you been?"
Lady replied with a scowl, "I've been doing fine but I am sick of acting like a Lady. I've been dying to get the hell out of here and now…time to take your place. Give me the papers so I can sign my future."
Lady smiled evilly and walked over to her father and stood by his side glaring at Hanson. Isaac, Taylor, and Zac had an 'I cannot believe this' look on their faces.
Hollow laughed and said, "I knew you were always the obedient one Lady. Hard to believe but I knew it."
Lisa looked at Lady shocked and said, "YOU BITCH! After all they've done for us! You're just gonna turn your back on them!?"
"SHUT UP LISA!" Lady snapped and held her hand up to slap her but put it back down instead.
She smiled at her father and asked, "Where's the papers? I wish to sign them now."
Hollow took the papers out of his pocket and a pen saying, "I've waited for this day to come for as long as I can remember. That you Lady Love Seed would take over when I pass and now the time has finally come."
Lady smiled and replied, "So have I dad…and now the time has finally come and soon yours will to."
She signed her name making her the legal owner of Hollow's bank, when he passed on of course.
She then asked, "Dad may I have your gun? I wanna finish the job they started on you. Only they're the one's who will be getting it."
Taylor asked, "Why pretend Lady? HUH!? It's just all a game to you isn't it? Earning our trust then smashing it with a snap of a finger!"
Isaac added, "Yeah! I trusted you. We all did. How can you do this? We thought you had changed. Apparently…we were wrong."
Zac replied, "It's true we did and now you're taking your father's side. Now we know not to trust a back stabber."
Lady smiled and turned to Zac and said, "Yes it was all a game… wasn't it? The abuse…the pregnancy, the physical pain I suffered. You are right Zac. It was just a game with me…but now the game is over."
Lady held the gun and pointed it at Zac's head and clicked it off safety. All three of the guys faces seemed to have paled because they were all looking a-little white.
Lady closed her eyes and put her hand on the trigger slowly pulling. She then right away pointed to her dad's temple and pulled. A loud shot rang out as he fell to the ground with a thud. Looking back her dad wouldn't have had any time to react since Lady turned right away and that is how she wanted it. Lisa screamed as her dad fell. She fell backwards with wide fearful eyes gleaming up at Lady. Lady smiled and helped Lisa up and then pulling her into a hug. Lisa still shocked managed to hug her back and close her eyes.
Lady turned to see all three guys looking at her with disbelief.
Lady smiled and said, "Come here guys. I really wasn't gonna shoot you."
Isaac, Taylor, and Zac walked over to Lady and stared at her. She shook her head and laughed at the white faces of the three boys.
"What?" Taylor asked looking a little peeved.
Lady unwrapped her arms around Lisa and hugged Taylor replying, "I wasn't going to shoot ya's."
Taylor hugged her and they both pulled away at the same time.
Taylor said, "Girl you would be good at acting. That looked so believable."
Zac smiled and added, "I agree it is very believable…maybe you should."
Isaac only smiled and couldn't believe how real it all was and yet at the same time how unbelievably fake it was also.
Lady asked them, "Can I call the cops? I'll just tell them I've been staying with you and that my father came searching for me and then some gang member shot him down.
Lady threw the gun on the ground right near her father's hands. Lady looked at her dad's head and noticed it wasn't bleeding and that he was still breathing.
Lady reached down quick but it was too late. Hollow opened his eyes and grabbed the gun picking it up fast and pointing it toward Lady, Lisa, Isaac, Taylor, and Zac.
He smiled and said, "That my dear was a blank bullet, the next one in there isn't…so choose your words very carefully Lady Love Seed, as to why you would shoot me…for they may be your last."
Lady snapped, "Dad you never treated me right! You always abused me…and you raped me! Not to mention you got me pregnant. I just had the baby and you're asking why I shot you? Man dad why don't you have a clue!?"
Hollow said, "Now, now dear temper, temper. You should except things for what they are…for they could be worse."
Lady snapped, "No they couldn't! You are the worst father alive! You tell me how worthless I am and that I'm only good in banking! You hit me! Rape me! How could it possibly get worse dad!? AND on top of that I just had a child!
Lisa replied, "Yeah but you killed it.
Lady turned to Lisa and said, "No Lisa… I managed to bring her back to life."
Lisa looked at Lady but only nodded.
Lady turned to Hollow and replied, "I know what I'm gonna do with my life and banking isn't it. My talent as these guys would say is writing and acting which is what I want to do and that's something you can't take away from me."
Hollow laughed and pointed his gun at Lady bringing down the safety lock he said, "Well, well, well…Lady Love seed has finally got the guts to stand up to her own father. I am surprised."
Taylor now stood by Lady and yelled, "You know you have very little respect for women. First you abuse her, tell her how worthless she is, and then say she is only needed in banking. You have no respect or love in your heart for her or Lisa. When my brothers and I first took Lady, she was like you but as soon as Lisa came along she softened. Tell me how you managed to hold up a business with so much hate."
Hollow smiled and replied, "Yep I haven't a heart to care for Lady or Lisa but your parents seem to trust me. Too bad they did. Look what happened to you and your family. They split up. They are living with relatives and you're living in a warehouse. Tell me if I didn't have a trusting business why would people like your parents come to me?"
Lady snapped, "Because you illegally charged them more. They should still be living in their house with their family not living in here. It was because of you dad that they are now!"
Hollow looked at Lady and smiled saying, "Lady dear you better shut up right now or something bad will happen to Taylor here and we all know that wouldn't be good."
Lady replied, "You wouldn't dare. Just cause they tried killing you doesn't mean you can kill them…and you wouldn't!"
Hollow smiled and pointed the gun Taylor's way aiming at him. Taylor just stood there looking him in the eyes almost daring him to shoot, but Hollow only smiled and aimed the gun down to the ground and then in a flash aimed it at Taylor's head pulling the trigger. Lady let out a blood curdling scream as Hollow just smiled when a dull click sounded.
Taylor slapped his hand over Lady's mouth and whispered into her ear quietly, "It's a cap gun…don't worry." He took his hand off Lady's mouth and looked at his brothers who looked very pale.
Lady looked at him and whispered back, "Tay I have a gun in my pocket." Taylor's eyes went wide as he just looked at her in disbelief.
Lady glared at Hollow and replied, "You Sick Monster! That Was A Cap Gun!!!"
Hollow smiled and threw the cap gun down on the ground but reached in his pocket and brought out another gun.
This time fear showed in Taylor's eyes instead of a scowl.
Hollow looked at Taylor and said, "This isn't…"
Hollow aimed at Taylor and slowly pulled the trigger. Lisa ran and pushed Taylor out of the way before a shot rang out through the silenced air.
"NOOOO!" Lady screamed.
Hollow looked at Lady and smiled even wider saying, "Come on Lady dear let's go." Lady pulled a 9mm out of her pocket, aimed it at her dad and shot.
Hollow's eyes went wide as the bullet came toward him but all that was seen for him after that was darkness.
Lady looked as blood seeped out of Hollow's head and onto the ground. Lady looked at Lisa and then bent down near her.
Lisa slowly opened her eyes and smiled at Lady saying, "Fooled ya's didn't I?"
Lady hugged her sister tightly and then released her. Isaac, Taylor, and Zac smiled at this moment where they knew life would return to normal for them.
Lisa asked, "Lady? Do you want to go home?"
Lady shook her head no and replied, "I want to stay here."
Lisa asked curiously, "Are you going to take over dad's business?"
Lady only smiled and replied, "Yes…but way different then Hollow." Lisa nodded and looked at the guys.
Taylor went and helped Lady and Lisa up replying, "Come on in guys and rest for a few days till you guys heal and Lisa I want to see if the bullet wound is healing and Lady go tend to your daughter."
Lady smiled and all of them went into the warehouse together. Lady went over to the rocker and looked inside to see her daughter looking up at her with light blue eyes.
Lady sighed and whispered, "I promise to take care of you…I swear." Linda's blue eyes closed as she fell asleep.
Lisa lay on the couch as Taylor undid the bandage around her wound. He took the patch up and saw that it was completely healed almost a little red but very clear.
He put a fake concerned look on his face as he said, "Lisa this thing is pretty bad. I think you'll need stitches. Isaac! Bring me the sewing kit!"
Lisa looked at him and yelled, "TAYLOR! YOU ARE SO NOT GONNA TOUCH ME!"
Taylor burst out laughing and replied, "I'm joking Lisa. It looks real good. You'll be recovered in a few more days but for now keep off it so it will heal faster. Okay?"
Lisa hit him upside the head and smiled.
Taylor asked, "What did I do?!"
Lisa replied, "That was for scaring me out of my wits!"
Taylor laughed again said, "Hey get a sense of humor."
Lady laughed and whispered, "Guys keep it down."
Lisa and Taylor nodded as they turned toward the TV and watched it.
Lady asked, "What about your book?"
Lisa looked at Lady and replied, "I love the book Lady. I wish you would write more stories on Hanson."
Taylor looked at Lisa and smiled saying, "She doesn't have too. We already were written about by thousands of girls."
Lisa smiled and looked at Lady almost begging her to. Lady smiled back and nodded putting Linda back in her crib and laying down wondering what story she would write about. That's when an idea came to her as she smiled and closed her eyes.

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