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Kidnapped To Love

Chapter 5 - A trick or a treat?

Lady had almost fallen asleep when she heard the door open and the sound of two voices talking quietly to each other.
"I think she's asleep." Taylor said.
Zac replied, "Yeah I think so…what do we do now?
Taylor said," Simple wake her up…I mean she's not immortal, she has the same functions as all humans do."
Taylor approached Lady and shook her shoulder but got no response.
"Lady?" Taylor asked her but still got no response. "Zac? Call Isaac and get him in here."
All of the Lady suddenly jumped up and replied, "Wait a minute!"
Taylor jumped and turned to her wide eyed and said, "You're not asleep."
Lady smiled and replied, "Nope and now I know who you are. Well I never expected Isaac, Zachary, and Taylor Hanson to become so desperate that you guys would want to kidnap me. Well this surprises me that you guys would become so desperate."
Zac asked, "Why did you not answer Taylor when he called you?"
Lady replied, "I didn't feel like it. I'm in charge of what I want to do nobody else…not even you guys."
Isaac raced in and said, "What do you guys want? I was watching TV. Apparently Lady is very popular on the news tonight."
Lady replied, "Who gives a flying rat's tail if I'm popular… I hate being popular. Who is speaking about me?"
Isaac said, "Your dad is… apparently. He wants you to call him and I got his number. Want to talk to him?"
Lady replied with no emotion in her voice, "Yeah sure, why not? I mean he's probably going to go on and on and on about how he misses me and hopes I make it back alive and all that crap."
Isaac got their phone from outside and dialed the number to Hollow's cell phone. It rang twice before a man's voice came on.
"Hello Lady… is that you?" Hollow asked.
Isaac held the phone up to Lady's ear and whispered, "Go on talk."
Lady replied, "Yes dad I'm here. What do you want?"
Hollow said, "I want you to come home in one piece. If anything happens to you, your sister will have to take over your future job and that my dear daughter would be hell."
Lady replied, "I'm glad you care so much about me dad…really I am. Tell me dad, have you already made your funeral arrangements?"
Hollow said with anger in his voice, "Lady Love Seed don't start this. You're kidnapped and they intend to kill…hell they almost killed me!"
Lady laughed and replied, "You deserved it. I mean… I don't know why I'm being kidnapped. Nobody has explained that to me. Dad tell me what in the fuck did you do to these juvenile delinquents!"
Isaac, Taylor, and Zac muffled laughter as Lady gave them defiant looks.
Hollow said with anger, "You're a brat! Why couldn't you of died at birth? I would have been much more happier. I wish you were dead Lady. I really do! So does your mother and sister."
Lady replied, "You're wrong dad! My sister doesn't hate anybody…neither does my mom…it's just you that hates. Not my mom or my sister."
Hollow said, "Lady pure and simple…you're a reject and always have been. The only good quality you have is bank business…but that's it!"

Lady relaxed her head against the leather recliner and said, "Please get the phone away from my ear Isaac."
Hollow replied, "Oh just rely on Isaac to do it for ya. HUH!"
Lady said, "I would put it away myself dad but I'm sorta tied up now! ISAAC GET THIS PHONE AWAY FROM MY EAR NOW! I DON'T WANT TO SPEAK TO THE DICK CLUCKEN ASSHOLE AGAIN!"
Hollow replied, "Listen here Lady you better come out of this thing alive or I'll…"
He couldn't finish as he heard a click of a phone from the other end.
"Damn IT!" Hollow yelled as he slammed the phone back down on its holder.


Lady asked softly, "May I please have this blindfold taken off? It's really beginning to bother me."
Taylor looked at his brothers and back to Lady and asked, "Will you try to be good and quit snapping at us?"
Lady snapped, "No! Just get the damn blinder off!"
Taylor said, "You have to promise or I won't take it off."
Lady thought for a moment before replying, "Alright I'll try to quit snapping…but I won't be good."
Taylor said, "Well there's actually no way you can get into any trouble tied up, so I'm not gonna worry about you being good or bad." With that he took the blindfold off showing the most beautiful green eyes he ever seen.
Lady was quite beautiful with long reddish burgundy hair, the lightest green eyes, and lips darker then a roses pedels.
Isaac replied, "Come on guys… let's go."
Lady smiled getting an idea but quickly put her lips back into a frown and said, "Um guys? I really need to go."
Taylor replied, "Are you fooling with us or are you serious?"
Lady said, "Taylor I really, REALLY need to go, I am not trying to trick you!"
Taylor sighed and replied, "Alright…guys help me untie her."
Zac approached her and untied her arms as Taylor worked on the legs and body.
Lady pushed the chair up and attempted to stand but quickly fell with Taylor catching her.
Lady's response was, "Taylor let me stand on my own two feet please." Taylor made sure she got her balance before letting her go.
Taylor said, "The bathrooms this way follow us."
Lady asked, "I don't need a chaperon ya know."
Taylor said, "I know were only showing you and to make sure there's no trouble from you on the way."
Lady replied, "This isn't fair…you know that? It isn't fair!"
Taylor interjected, "Life isn't fair Lady…you have to deal with it."
Lady said, "Dad wants me to make it out alive…how about I surprise him and die?"
Isaac asked, "What would that accomplish Lady?"
Lady replied, "Nothing…which is exactly my life."
Isaac said, "If that's what you think Lady then go ahead. Here's the bathroom."
Lady turned and asked, "May I take a shower?"
Taylor seemed to blush and look down, while Isaac nodded and replied, "Yeah I guess…but what about clothes?"
Lady interjected, "I'll wear the same thing…doesn't bother me."
Zac said, "I seen some…um dresses in the back room of the warehouse…only their wedding dresses."
Lady laughed and replied, "I hate wedding dresses…I hate dresses period."
Taylor shrugged and said, "Well it's either that or your clothes…which is it?"
Lady snapped, "I guess the dress…I don't feel like putting my other clothes back on…they sorta smell like dust…which I was forced to sit in!"
Zac replied, "Chill Lady…if you'll excuse me I'll go find the dress."
Lady said, "Do take your time Zac. Zac shook his head and ran off to find the dress for her."
Taylor replied, "Why do you hate people so much Lady? Don't go biting my head off I'm just curious."
Lady said, "Mind your own business Taylor…it isn't any of your concern on why I hate…or why I love."
Isaac interjected, "You don't even know what love is Lady…really you don't."
Lady snapped, "So what Isaac! I don't give a flying fuck on what love is. So I don't know…big deal!"
Taylor replied calmly, "Lady please watch on how you speak to us, remember we had a deal about that. I also want to say, if you don't have anything to love or care about Lady…then why bother living?"
Lady said, "Because Taylor…I have a future business to run…and of course I will marry, have kids and the kids will take over when I die."
Isaac asked, "And would you actually love those kids Lady…and your husband?"
Lady replied sharply, "No Isaac I wouldn't…my life involves around the bank…and so will my children's."
Taylor said, "You're a cruel person Lady…why so much hate?"
Lady scowled and replied, "Like I told you Taylor…none of your concern. I have no hate in me."
Just then Zac came back and said, "Found the dress. He then saw the scow on Lady's face and a curious look on both his brother's faces…uh did I come into the scene at the wrong time?"
Taylor replied, "No Zac you didn't."
Zac handed Lady the dress with his brown eyes burrowing into hers.
"Thank you Zac." Lady said with a frown on her face and went into the bathroom shutting the door.
Zac turned to his brothers and said, "You do realize there's a window in there don't you?"
Taylor smiled and replied, "If she jumps out the window she'll land in the garbage outside the window."
Zac laughed and said, "Good plan…and then what happens after that?"
Taylor held up a pad lock and replied, "Simple Zac...lock her in there for the night and let her think long and hard about trying to escape again."
Zac said, "Taylor um…that garbage probably smells…and if she gets locked in there you know what that means don't you?"
Isaac interjected, "I took the liberty of putting an old mattress, pillow and blanket in there just in case…of course they needed thrown away anyhow…so if she does then she won't have to spend the night in garbage."
Taylor said, "I'll go around back just in case." With that Taylor headed to the outside around the warehouse and ducked in front of the dumpster waiting to see if Lady would try to escape.


Lady searched around the bathroom and found what appeared to be a sharp looking shaver and pocketed it in her dress that she was wearing. She then looked over and saw a small window and decided she could squeeze out of there.
Smiling Lady thought, "Those stupid boys are so gullible it's hilarious."
With that she climbed to the window and opened it. Looking down she saw a dumpster and said softly, " Well Lady here goes nothing."
With that she jumped down into the dumpster slipping on her dress.
"Stupid dress." She muttered and was about to get up when the dumpster lid slammed shut. Lady looked up and began banging on it.
"LET ME OUT!" She screamed in anger as she heard a click and a short laugh.
"Who's out there!?" Lady demanded as she banged the lid again to see if it would open. No such luck.
Taylor said, "Ah miss Lady we meet again…you know you should really be careful on who you tell a lie to…now look what happened, your in a dumpster…you can stay in there for awhile until you learn to be respectful and obedient…like ladies should be."
Lady yelled, "Taylor! Let me out!"
Taylor said, "Now, now Lady we must learn to be patient…and not so demanding…well I'll be back later."
Lady screamed, "NO! TAYLOR GET BACK HERE!"
Taylor laughed and replied, "Tomorrow Lady I'll come back…plus you need this time to think…bye."
"This is hell!" He heard Lady scream.
Taylor smiled and asked, "Hey Lady was the trick played on you? Or was this a treat for me? Ask yourself that." With that Taylor went inside to talk with his brothers leaving Lady out in the dumpster to think.

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