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Kidnapped To Love

Chapter 15 - Behind the curtain of the future

Two weeks later Lady went to the building that was now her business and smiled at the new name and new company that lay before her eyes. She walked in the back room and flipped through the foreclosures of the houses in the Tulsa area.
When she came to the Hanson foreclosure she smiled and asked, "Lasinda? Would you please terminate this foreclosure and get some assistance over to this address to repair and to fix up the place for the owners return and also find out where the Hanson's parents are staying will you?"
Lasinda smiled and replied, "I will get right on that and when do you Miss Love Seed want the house spotless and fixed?"
Lady said, "Lasinda…please call me Lady and I would like to have the place cleaned up by…" She was cut off by excitement in the main lobby.
"LADY! LADY! YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED! ISLAND RECORDS SIGNED US!" Zac yelled causing the tellers, and the customers to stare.
Zac, Taylor, and Isaac ran in with excitement in their voices.
Taylor added, "Mercury wouldn't sign us again so we went to Island records and they noticed our different kind of tune and we got signed!"
Lady replied, "That's great you guys! I'm so excited for you!" She hugged the three of them.
Zac smiled saying, "Our concert is Friday night. Will you come?"
Lady smiled and said, "Of course I will come. May I bring someone?"
Taylor smiled and asked, "Who do you want to bring?"
Lady shook her head and replied, "I'll introduce you to him when we're there. But for now it remains a surprise. Um… also there will be two more surprises that night. Just you wait and see."
Isaac said, "Okay… can't wait see you Friday Lady." Lady smiled and waved as they walked off. Before they were completely out of site Taylor handed her two front row seats and two backstage passes.
He said, "You shouldn't have any problems getting in to see us or getting in to see us perform okay?"
Lady smiled and replied, "Thank you Tay. I'll see you Friday night." Taylor nodded and caught up with his brothers as they exited the bank.
Lady looked at Lasinda and said, "Okay have it fixed and spotless in two days and get busy finding their family. Me well I gotta tell Mark that we have a concert to go to in two days. Get busy on that and I will get busy on my checking account. Okay?"
Lasinda smiled and nodded calling a cleaner and a fixer of windows and roofs to go and fix the Hanson's house. Also making a few calls around to people who have known the Hanson's.

A day later Lady entered the bank with a smile to see Lasinda smiling her bright smile.
Lady asked, "Any word on Hanson's family?"
Lasinda replied, "Yes… after making a few calls around I got the address on where they were staying." Lasinda gave her the address and smiled even wider.
Lady hugged Lasinda and said, "Thank you so much."
Lasinda replied, "It was nothing Lady. It was my pleasure to help you and also the cleaners are done with the house and the fixers have left leaving all new windows and roofing to their house."
"Excellent!" Lady said excitedly as she walked into the back and sat down to think of how to approach the family. She smiled and decided to tell straight out whenever she visited them. About thirty minuets later she was walking to the address she was given. When she reached the house she noticed the window practically off and the roof decaying. Sighing she walked up and knocked on the door.
"Hello?" A woman with long blonde hair answered.
Lady asked, "Are you Mrs. Hanson?"
The lady said, "Yes I am. Who are you?"
Lady replied, "I am Lady Love Seed… Hollow Love Seed's daughter."
Mrs. Hanson's eyes became a scowl as she said, "Whatever you're after Lady we can't afford it or want any of your father's business or company so tell him no."
She started to close the door when Lady replied, "My father's dead and I am the owner of his business now. But Mrs. Hanson I haven't come here to take. I have come here to give."
"What do you mean?" Mrs. Hanson asked just as Mr. Hanson came to the door.
Lady smiled and replied, "My father was a monster and I would have been also if it weren't for your sons, Isaac, Taylor, and Zac. You see they have just gotten signed to Island Records and are having a concert tomorrow on Friday night at 7:30 PM. I would like it if you would see them perform. Also…about your house… well let's just say you can move back in. I have taken care of everything because my father was wrong and I finally see that."
Mrs. Hanson smiled and said, "Thank you Lady. We will be there at 7:00 tomorrow just to be early."
Lady nodded and said, "Yeah but for now why don't you guys go home. It's fixed up and everything." Mrs. Hanson nodded and closed the door taking Lady's advice as she gathered everyone up to get packed.


Lady smiled walking into the bank as everyone smiled at her back.
Lasinda said, "Your boyfriend called and said that Linda is doing fine and don't worry." Lady nodded and walked into her office just smiling as she sat down and closed her eyes leaning against the leather chair.
Lady thought, "I sure hope this works out as planned." Suddenly a ring cut off her thoughts as she picked up the phone.
"Hello?" Lady answered with her peppy tone.
All that came out of the end of the other line was a raspy voice saying, "1, 2, I'm coming for you bitch. Just watch your back!" Then a click was heard. Lady's face paled as she hung the phone back up. Lady remembered that her father's body was never found.
Lady asked herself, "I wonder if he's back. No it's someone pulling a sick joke. There's no way he's alive. I shot him in the head and saw the blood."
Lady still worried but managed to get the thought out of her head and the phone call aside. She would worry about it later but right now she had other things more important on her mind then jokes…or so she thought.

The night of the concert:

Lady and Mark walked into the huge theater hand in hand. They had left Linda with Lisa who wanted to come but agreed to watch her. Lady smiled as she sat down in her seat. The view of the stage was very clear and she would have no problem seeing or hearing them. She couldn't wait. Soon the theater started to fill up with more people. Lady spotted the Hanson's family in the back and waved at them. Mrs. Hanson saw and smiled knowing she soon would get to see her sons again who she felt bad for rejecting them from the family and prayed that they would forgive her.
The lights dimmed as the curtain dropped as she smiled and waited for them to come out on stage. A minute later Hanson appeared and was showered with shouts and screams from the crowd below.
"Hello Everyone!" Taylor yelled as he took his place by his keyboards and then Zac by his drums and Isaac by his guitar who was strapping it on to get ready to play.
Zac opened up the first song with 'I want you to want me'.
After the song Taylor said into his microphone, "We're glad to be back performing and playing. It's been a hard two years but within the last two years we have learned that there's always a way to come back and we have and plan on staying and playing music for a long while. With that out of the way we bring you to our latest song… 'This time around'."
Lady through out the concert noticed Isaac, Taylor, and Zac sing with such sincerity it was as though angels were singing those words. They played: With You In Your Dreams, Lucy, Runaway Run, If Only, and the one that caught Lady's attention was 'Smile'.
When smile ended they came and took one final bow before heading back stage. Lady wished it didn't have to end so soon but like everything good thing it must end. She met up with the Hanson family and told them to wait at their house while she explained things to Isaac, Taylor, and Zac. They agreed and left. Lady found the back where she was to meet them as well as her new boyfriend. Lady and Mark held hands and showed their backstage passes. The guard smiled and let them in.
When they got back there they saw Isaac, Taylor, and Zac sitting and relaxing. Taylor was the first to see Lady and her friend.
Taylor smiled and said, "So what did you think Lady? Like the concert?"
Lady smiled back and replied, "I really liked the concert guys. It was really good…um meet my friend Mark." Lady's smile grew wider as she blushed. Taylor, Isaac, and Zac shook his hand as he shook theirs.
"Hello." Mark said as he looked at Lady.
Taylor laughed and asked, "What's wrong with you Lady? Your face is redder then a tomato."
Lady laughed a little and took Mark's hand as he held her close.
Lady said, "Guys meet my boyfriend Mark. We've been going out for a week and a half now. I took Ricky's advice and opened my heart to others as I did with you guys and Lisa."
Taylor said, "That's great Lady! We're happy for you."
Isaac nodded and added, "Yes and may you two have a great relationship together." Zac just smiled and nodded.
Zac said, "I remember you saying we got two more surprises tonight. I do admit the first one was shocking. Now what about the other two?"
Lady laughed and replied, "Well Zac they'll be just as shocking but first. You three will have to put these on." Lady handed them blindfolds.
Taylor looked at Lady suspiciously asking, "You aren't gonna tie us up once we put this on are ya?"
Lady laughed and shook her head saying, "No Taylor, but please, so the surprise won't be ruined."
Taylor sighed and put his on. The string automatically attached to the back making sure it stayed in place. Isaac did the same followed by Zac.
"Now what?" Isaac asked.
Lady replied, "Now follow us to Mark's car and your surprise will be where we drive next."
Lady took Taylor's hand as Mark directed Zac and Isaac with his voice. Lady and Mark finally made it to the car with Hanson as they got into the car. Taylor, Isaac, and Zac sat in the back as Lady and Mark sat in the front.
"What's so special about this surprise that we have to ware blindfolds?" Zac asked as he shifted a little.
Mark replied, "Wait and see you guys. Just wait and see."

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