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Kidnapped To Love

Chapter 7 - What we say goes

(The next day)

Taylor, and Zac got up and went out to check on Lady who was still asleep.
Taylor opened the dumpster lid and looked at Lady and smiled. Zac looked down and there was Lady sleeping heavily in her dream and smiling.
"I… I'll trick them…must escape…damn idiots…never know, must get back to bank."
Zac rolled his eyes and said, "She even plots in her sleep."
Taylor smiled and reached down shaking Lady gently to wake her up.
Lady answered groggily, "Five more minutes dad please."
Taylor replied, "Come on Lady get up."
Lady instead fell back into her dream ignoring Taylor's commands.
Zac laughed and said, "Taylor…I don't think she's going to listen to you plus she'll fight us if we wake her up and frankly 7:30 AM is a little early for anybody to get up. I think I'll do what Lady's doing now… sleeping a little longer."
Taylor replied. "I know she's not awake but help me get her inside and tie her to the recliner then you can go back to sleep Zac."
Zac groaned and picked her up from the dumpster carrying her inside and into the closet dumping her in the recliner.
Taylor said, "Man Zac you're in a good mood this morning."
Zac smiled and replied, "Yep I am. Thank you for noticing Tay." Zac turned back and tied Lady's hands to the chair and feet to the recliner's sliding board and pushed the down lever so she was laying down next he took some rope and wrapped it around her chest tying it in the back as Taylor stood watching at the door.
Zac mumbled as he walked past Taylor, "Thanks for helping Tay."
Taylor knew it was more a reprimand then a compliment but replied, "You're welcome Zac…anything for a brother."
Zac rolled his eyes and dove head first in his bed falling asleep almost instantly. Taylor chuckled at the way his brother reacted then turned to Lady again and just shook his head walking away to make something to eat.


Lady started to wake up as she heard the sound of talking and laughing. She finally opened her eyes and looked around.
"Oh great! I'm in this stupid room again! I hate this room!" Lady thought angrily moving her hand a little bit knocking something hard in her pocket.
Smiling Lady said softly, "I'll show those boys…oh believe me I'll show them."
"How will you show us Lady?" Taylor asked smiling noticing Lady's head popped up fast as she looked at him with a scowl but then lowered her head.
"Sleep well Lady?" Taylor then asked smiling.
Lady said, "No it was cramped in the damn dumpster…happy? I answered your question sir Taylor."
Taylor replied, "Well maybe you'll learn not to escape cause every time you do I'll put you in the dumpster and next time it might be with garbage in it. And I doubt you want to spend the night in garbage."
Lady cringed at the thought and shook her head to rid the thought from her mind.
Taylor replied, "Didn't think you would. Now Lady would you like something to eat?"
Lady looked up and said, "Why are you so nice? I'm only going to be harder on you."
Taylor replied, "Not too hard Lady because were buckling down on you. If you do something your not suppose to do or snap at us you'll be punished."
Lady mumbled something and looked at him.
Taylor sat down with a plate of food and asked, "What was that Lady?"
Lady looked at him and said, "I want to go home. I don't want to be with you or your brothers. I want to go home and run my father's business and be with my sister and mother."
Taylor shook his head and replied, "Sorry Lady you know why we took you."
Lady voiced, "I wouldn't tell anybody for god sakes. I would have been happy if you killed my father. You sorta ruined my chances with Blake because he's dead…but I still wouldn't have told."
Taylor picked up a fork and cut a piece of egg off and picking it up bringing it towards Lady's mouth. Lady looked in his blue eyes. She could tell his pain was building up from the sadness in his blue, glassed eyes but still had no regret. She opened her mouth up a little bit as she pulled the piece of egg off and relaxed her head against the leather recliner.
Taylor fed her and on the last bit of toast he asked, "Why is your father leaving his business to you so young?"
Lady looked at him and replied, "He has cancer and it's spreading. The doctor says he only has a month, maybe two to live."
Taylor said, "Oh sorry to hear that."
Lady replied, "Don't be, I'm not…plus you're not sorry you tried to kill him."
Taylor said, "Yeah so what. It's not like we planned on taking you…just kill your father…but no we end up with his daughter to look after."
Lady interjected, "If you don't want me then let me the fuck go!"
Taylor shook his head and replied, "Can't sorry Lady. Like I've said before you walked in at the wrong time…and frankly I don't want your father or those no good lousy cops finding us. Lady I wish you would tell us why you have so much hate inside of you. Was it your dad? Or just the way you were raised?"
Lady shook her head and said, "There isn't a reason. It's not my family, or dad, or anything. It's just I'm being me and you can't handle it."
Taylor got up and replied, "Oh we'll see Lady…we'll see." With that he walked out of the room to leave Lady alone with her thoughts.
Lady smiled and whispered, "Yes Taylor dear…we will see…oh believe me we will see."

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