Other Fiction

Stories by Chibi Nuriko

Normal? (Evangelion)

Asuka takes Rei shopping wanting to make Rei 'normal' as she believes she is. But will she realize there's more to Rei than she ever realized?

One Night (Marmalade Boy)

Miki's having a hard time with certain parts of life and finds out that Meiko is the only one she can turn to. (Well I can't really say what it's about cuz the story has SPOILERS up to pretty late in the series so if you haven't seen it all and don't want to know about it, don't read it!!!)

The Devil and The Hamburger In My Bed (Utena)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Juri spends a sleepless night thinking about her feelings for Shiori and what will become of them.

Stories by John deGraffenreid

6 Years Later (Utena)

A sweet tale of how six years after Utena disappears Anthy goes to find the one true love of her life.

Stories by Kamui Ikari

My Angel (Angelic Layer)

After much time goes by our two main characters find love through battles, despite their difference in age.

Looking At You and The Stars (Utena)

Utena and Anshi spend a simple night looking at the stars happy to finally be together. (Takes place after the movie ended)

Stories By Clayton Overstreet

Kiyone Gets Sick (Tenchi)

When Kiyone gets sick Mihoshi takes the responsibility of taking care of her and finally Kiyone realizes Mihoshi's feelings for her.

Stories by Squall Leonhart

All That Really Counts (Final Fantasy 8)

Shiva appears to Quistis in a dream and confesses her love, but how will they be together in this world?

Stories by Alithea

Softer Than Cruel (Utena)

Juri is having some problems and finds comfort in the strangest place.

Break Me (Utena)

Sequal to Softer than Cruel.

You and I (Gundam Wing)

Sally is there for Noin everytime she and Zechs break up, but it's time to pick, the man you love, or the woman who loves you.

Ripping Her Wings (Utena)

Another great story from this author.

Violet Orange to Orange Violet (Utena)

Another good Utena fiction from this great author.

Stories by Ancient Rime

Prologue: A Simple Girl's Silence(Evangelion)

Could Asuka finally be thinking of Rei as more than just 'Wonder Girl'?

Part One: The World Painted Red (Evangelion)

Part one and sequel to 'A Simple Girl's Silence'.

Part Two: The Dual Nature; A Common Ground (Evangelion)

Part two in this great series of stories.

Part Three: The Paintball War of Blue & Red (Evangelion)

Part three in this great series of stories.Who exactly is Rei Ayanami? Why does she pilot the Eva? Read this and might just find out.

Part Four:Careless Curiosity Always Stumbles Upon A True Path (Evangelion)

Waaaaahhhh!!! Poor Kaji! Have your tissues handy when you read this sad one!

Part Five: The True Path that Leads to Self(Evangelion)

What is the self? What must we do to find this 'self'? Read and you might find out.

Epilogue: I am I (Evangelion)

There is only one self, and that is I, for I am I. There can only be one self for without self means there is no truth. --Ayanami Rei

Stories by MSTenoh14

Rose Petal Juri: Dear Diary(Utena)

Juri finds herself torn between one or the past and one in the present... who will she choose, and what does this mean for Anthy? ***In progress***

Tonight and Forever(Sakura Wars)

A Sakura Taisen/Wars fiction! Kanna finds herself in a big dilemma Maria and Sumire are in love with her and she is in love with them both! Who will she choose? ***In progress***

Stories by Sniper Dread

The Bizarre Triangle of Love(Sakura Wars)
A Sakura Taisen/Wars fiction! Kanna has a very evil mind that wants two of the Hanagumi at the same time! And nither are discourging her... what will Kanna do? ***In progress***

Stories by April Eagle

Just One Summer (Utena)

Utena finally get to take Anthy out on vaction and big trouble arises,but not from the usually people. Will they make it through a trip with hospitals, racism,and sailor tunes?!

Stories by Kakaroto

The Sincerety of Love(Digimon)
When Miyako breaks up with Daisuke after she finds him cheating, she finds that she needs a new love in her life. But will that love come in the unexpected form of Jun Motomiya? (PG)
In Restrospection Of the Moments We Shared(Digimon)
At the funeral of Mimi Tachikawa, her one, true love recounts their last days together. (R)
Love Is Eternal(Tenchi)
Ryoko and Ayeka not only realize their dream of Tenchi returning their love, but they also relize their love for each other. (Sorry 'bout the male-female sex in this one; I did it as a favor to a friend of mine.) (NC-17)
Love is Eternal Part 2

Stories by Matt a.k.a Chimera Zero17

Parmiles Amour(NOIR)
In the shadow of NOIR, destinies intertwine, and true love is found. Mireille/Kirika

Stories by Otakuman Urashima

Dirty Pair in Helloween (Dirty Pair)
Kei and Yuri versus the vampires!

The Ballad of a Fallen Angel (Dirty Pair)
A sad little murder mystery.

Stories by Ashko

Peaceful Kingdom (Utena)

Utena goes to get some 'love' advice for Anthy from Juri, then she tries out her stuff.

Stories by shanejayell

Tenchi Muyo:Conquest
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7
part 8
part 9
part 10
part 11
part 12
part 13
part 14
part 15
part 16
part 17
part 18
part 19
part 20
Ryouko is the new ruler of Jurai?! How does Ayeka fit in to all of this? 20 parts

Stories by Windam

A Magical Recall (Magical Girl Pretty Sammy)
Sasami and Misao meet again in the future, but Sasami doesn't remember! Will Misao be able to get Sasami's memories, and love?

Stories by Umisetsu

Enter the Heart to See Through the Eyes
Will finding out what makes Seras tick give Integral insight into her own life? Perhaps beind an undead monster is harder than you'd think. **INCOMPLETE**