"My Angel"

by Kamui Ikari


Hi!!! It's me!!! I'm back with a new story for you. It's my first Angelic Layer story, so I hope you like it. Warning! It's a shoujo-ai fic (girl x girl love!!! yes!!!), if you don't like it please don't go further, but if you like it please go on. I will see you at the end of story.

Disclaimer: Angelic Layer belongs to Clamp, Kadokawa Shoten, etc. This was made for fun. Don't sue me

"My Angel"

Since I was a little one, I'd fought many battles for my life, for my passion for the "Angelic Layer", but I didn't expect to fight for the love of the one I loved.

I love that person with all my heart.

With my angel, we were invincible and won every battle that we had, until she came. She was a beginer in this game, she got her angel from the hands of that man, the professor. Icchan, I believe.

She made her angel an important part of her life, and like me, she wanted to win, supported by my brother and her friend.

I remember the day when we met for the first time.

She was walking happily with her angel. I was surprised to see one with it; when I saw it, the angel was... "naked".

Maybe I'm rude with that word but the angel didn't have a costume or cloth.

I made her a dress for her angel. She thanked me. I asked for her name and her angel's name.

She told me both names and when I was going to say mine, my brother said it, screaming.

I introduced both of us to her and then I went to my classroom in the Eriol Gakuen.

Later I heard, a few days later, that she got a cloth for the angel, that she won her first battle, and entered in the circuit by receiving a card.

I was expecting to face her in a battle, to test our skills, and I was expecting to find a good rival.

I found one and more...

I won the battle and I made her a promise to have a fight again and I left the place.

She endured through the battles that she had and finally the day has come.

In that day I lost for the first time.

I was happy, to find someone who could defeat me and my angel, she was entirely happy, and her friend and my brother came to support her triumph.

I left the place with a smile.

However, we had many battles. Sometimes I won, sometimes I lost, but I was happy.

She, like me, wanted to win the Angelic Layer Championship. We had become good friends and rivals, and won that title; she first, me later.

Through the years, I had grown up and I fell in love with her. I don't know why, but she was in my heart.

I thought that she was in love with my brother, she was. I was jealous of him but I knew that my love was impossible, because I'm a girl and she is older than me.

I tried to say my love through the battles that we have, but she didn't understand. She is naive.

I sat in the park and I was looking at the sky and read my homework. I lost track of time and it was night.


I was surprised to see her, she was beautiful, and was smiling. I tried not to blush and she sat next to me.

"Where's Hikaru?" I asked because she was usually with her angel all the time.

"In the house, but I'm not here to talk about her," she said.


"I'm here to talk about you," she said.

I was thrown off-guard.

"Me?" I asked.

She said nothing and laid a hand on my cheek, I blushed and my heart was beating faster, like a dream.

"Finally I understand what you'd tried to say to me in these battles. Finally," she said with a sweetness in her eyes.

My heart stopped.

She stood up as I did, and she moved her head close to mine, and I feel that I'm going to drown.

"I don't mind my age or Hikaru, because I found my angel. You. I love you, Hatoko-chan, with all my heart," she said and before I could respond she kissed me softly.

My arms went around her and I kissed her strongly.

"You are my angel, too. Misaki-san," I said with a smile.

She hugged me and I rested my head on her chest. I'm so happy because an angel fell to bring me happiness.

OWARI (The End)

Author's notes:

1. I only have the first vol. of the manga, so I have a basic idea of it.

2. I would like to see Hatoko and Misaki together, and Hatoko reminds me of Tomoyo-chan, my favorite character of CCS.

3. In this story Hatoko is 15 years old and Misaki is 23 years old.

Well, that's all for now.

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