notes: weird Eva fic. It's about Rei and Asuka's relationship. It's weird, but Eva's a weird show so what do you expect? The characters are kinda OOC at times, but they themselves notice this, so it's meant to be that way. The point of view changes from 3rd person, then swites to Rei's POV shortly then Asuka's for a brief moment. I dont really like it when the POV keeps changing, but like I said...this is just an odd Eva fic and my first Eva fic at be gentle ^^ send flames or comments to


By Chibi Nuriko

"Wonder girl," Asuka said sitting down next to Rei and looked at her. "Don't you ever do anything? Dont you have friends?"

"Why...are you talking to me?" Rei was confused. She was under the impression that Asuka hated her, and pretty much everyone. Asuka just let out an exasperated sigh. She wanted to just leave Rei sitting there alone forever, but something inside of her wouldn't let her.

"Come on, we're going shopping," Asuka said taking hold of Rei's hand pulling her to her feet. When Rei stood she looked down at Asuka's hand holding her own, then into Asuka's eyes.

"Shopping?" she simply asked.

"Can't you do anything besides ask questions? Yes, your coming shopping with me. It's what us 'normal' people do with our friends." Asuka gave Rei a friendly smile and continued. "And besides, I need someone to tell me what I look good in, not that I could ever look bad." Asuka smiled at her own cockiness and noticed the quizical look Rei had. "What now wonder girl?"

"You said 'friend'?"

"Yeah, and the problem with that is what?" Asuka said begining to get frustrated.

"I'm your friend?" Rei suprised herself when she heard the emotion in her own voice. Asuka didn't fail to notice it either and smiled happily. 'So she does have feelings after all. Now I just gotta get her to show some personality.' Asuka thought to herself. She wasn't quite sure why she wanted so much to make Rei what she called 'normal', but lately she couldn't stop thinking about Rei. All she knew was she wanted to spend time with Rei and see if she did actually have feelings. Especially feelings for her.

"You know, one day I think I will get you to be normal. And yes, your my friend. Got any problems with that?"

Rei just shook her head and with a smile Asuka wrapped her arm loosely around Rei's shoulders and led them to the mall.


Rei's thoughts

"How's this one look on me?" she askes steeping out of her dressing room. What do I answer her with? Do I tell her how beautiful she is? Or that I think she's perfect? No, I can't do that. After all, that's hardly 'normal' as she calls it. And now that she's finally noticed me I can't ruin that. Instead I'll hide behind this wall of silence I've put up for so many years. I can tell she's getting frustrated at my lack of response. She gets frustrated so easily.

I know her so well, even though we hardly ever speak. I know she's always thought I was weird. But now she's giving me a chance? Why? I should say something. But what?

"It's nice," I simply say hoping she doesn't notice my my voice crack. I've always been alone. No one's cared about me before, or wanted to spend time with me. She's my first friend. The first who wants to make me happy. How do I act to this? All I can do is stay silent, or else I'll give far too much away.

Asuka's thoughts

Why is she so silent? Doesn't she notice me? There has to be a personality behind those crimson eyes of hers. Those eyes. How do they entrap me like that? This isn't right, say something wonder girl. Anything..

...Nice? That's it? Can't you speak whole sentances? Don't you have feelings? Be human for once. Thre must be something more to her. There must be a reason why she's so silent. As if she's protecting something. Why won't she let me into her heart? I..I just want to be there for you wonder girl.


"You there Asuka?" Rei asked putting her had on Asuka's shoulder. Asuka came out of her thoughts and placed her hand on top of Rei's squeezing it briefly.

"I'm sorry. I just got lost in my thoughts for a minute."

"Oh," is all Rei said frustrating Asuka once again.

Asuka just let it pass and changed the subject. "So this one looks good on me eh?" she asked. "But then again, everything looks good on me," she said striking a silly pose for Rei.

Rei then shocked herself and Asuka. For the first time in a long time, she laughed. She wasn't so sure what she was laughing at but she laughed, and it felt good. Asuka's face lit up upon seeing this and unconsciously her hand went out and she let her fingertips brush along Rei's cheeks bringing Rei's eyes up to meet her own. "You know, your beautiful when you laugh. You should do it more often. I always knew there was a personality in there somewhere," Asuka said before dissapearing back into the dressing room.

"Did she just laugh? Did I just tell her she's beautiful? What the hell is this? This isn't like me!" Asuka's head was now spinning unsure of what she was feeling. "I'm flirting with a girl. Me, who can get any guy I want. Yet I want her. Why?" Asuka finished collecting her thoughts before stepping out of the dressing room.

The first thing she noticed was Rei still had a confused look on her face and she stifled a laugh. "Let's get out of here. I'll buy you dinner," Asuka said as she led Rei out of the mall.

"Don't bother with me. I dont want you to spend your money on me." Rei said stopping once they were outside. Asuka was too proud of Rei for actually putting two sentances together to be angry with Rei for not letting her take her somewhere to eat.

"Fine, I have a better idea anyways. Your coming home with me and I'm making you dinner. Misato and Shinji are both going to be out late tonight and I don't want to be alone."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. This is one of these things us 'normal' people do," Asuka said then added to herself, 'even though my feelings for you don't seem quite normal anymore.


After Asuka finished making their dinner the two sat in silence while they ate. Both wanting to talk, but afraid of ruining things. When they finished the meal Rei helped Asuka clean up and Asuka reached the decision that she wasn't going to let Rei leave until she knew just why she was so damn quiet and emotionless all the time.

"I want to talk to you about something wonder girl," Asuka said knowing Rei wouldn't say much in return. She silently lead Rei into her room and sat down on her bed leaning her back against the headboard. She motioned for Rei to sit on the other end of the bed so they could talk.

"Why do you want to talk to me?" Rei asked feeling a little uncomfortable. She hasn't spent so much time with one person before, and she wasn't sure what being someone's friend entailed.

"I just want to know why your so quiet and cold to everyone," Asuka said getting straight to the point. She could tell how uncomfortable Rei felt and decided to just keep talking. "You should know, I'm your friend now. You can talk to me about things, and you can trust me. I wanted to figure you out, so thats why I asked you shopping today," she paused for a moment to make sure Rei was following what she was saying then continued.

"I realized a lot today. Before I just thought you were emotionless and didn't care about anyone or anything. I didn't think you had any personality at all but I realize you just have a quiet personality. I don't know why your so scared to open up to people, but I wish you would open up to me. I really like you wonder girl...Especially when you laugh. And I meant what I said then, you are beautiful."

Rei blushed at that and looked at Asuka. "I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything. Your eyes say it all. There's so much more to you that no one ever sees. Why are you so quiet?"

"No one's ever thought about me before. I was just Ayanami Rei, the first child. Nothing more than an Eva pilot. No one's ever wanted me around before. So I suppose I don't know how I'm supposed to act around people."

Asuka started laughing even though she tried not to. She was never very good at these serious things. Rei didn't say anything but Asuka could tell she got the idea she was being laughed at. "I'm sorry," Asuka said serious once more. "I wasn't laughing at you. It's just I've never heard you say so much at once before. I've known you for so long, yet I don't know you at all. I want that to change."

"I would like that," Rei said smiling at Asuka. Asuka said nothing for a long time as she got drawn into Rei's eyes like she always had before. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Rei asked innocently breaking the silence.

Asuka wasn't sure what to say. After a few moments she decided to tell the truth. "I can't help but look at you like that. You have the most beautiful eyes. I...I like you a lot Rei."

"I like you too Asuka." Rei said finally relaxing on Asuka's bed.

"Stay with me tonight. Don't leave me tonight." Asuka asked as she moved closer to Rei. As soon as Rei shook her head indicating she would stay Asuka wrapped her arms around Rei not exactly sure of what she was doing.

"Is this something you normal people do?" Rei asked as Asuka hugged her.

"Screw normal. I just want to hold you, and be with you Rei." As soon as Asuka realized what she said she pulled away from Rei and looked at her wondering if she should regret it. 'True, she said she liked me, but that doesn't mean she likes me like I like her. I can't believe I even like her. If I were going to be gay you'd think I'd at least go after someone like Misato or something.' Asuka thought silently as she looked at Rei.

" me like that?" Rei said quietly not wanting to let Asuka see how happy she was to hear that and showed no emotion at all.

'Well it's to late to lie now,' Asuka thought before giving her answer. "Yes."

"Asuka?" Rei asked her name unsure of what else to say.


"I've liked you for a really long time. I just always thought you hated me. So I was so cold and emotionless, because I didn't want to get hurt. And I never knew how to act. So I kept to myself."

"I'm sorry I was so mean before. I won't ever hurt you again." Asuka said as she embraced Rei.

"I'll try to be more normal from now on," Rei said smiling once more. "I'll be myself from now on, and not hide behind silence so much."

"Dont change who you are, or worry about being normal. I was wrong. I like you just how you are." Asuka pulled away from Rei and looked at her. Nothing else had to be said between them as they drew closer to each other and let their lips brush lightly over the others. Asuka noticed Rei didn't try to pull away and pushed her lips more firmly against Rei's. When they pulled apart Asuka layed down on her bed and wrapped her arms around Rei once again pulling her down next to her. Rei got comfortable in Asuka's arms and wrapped one of her arms around Asuka.

Nothing else was said that night as the two fell asleep in each others arms knowing that whatever happened now, they would face it together. And together, they would both become better people.


Later that night....

Misato and Shinji finally arived home from their training and Shinji plopped down on the couch in exhaustion. Misato noticed it was quieter than usual with Asuka around and looked into her room to check on her. When she saw the two girls sleeping in each others arms she laughed to herself and shut the door.

"Hey Shinji," she called to him. "How'd you manage to turn Asuka into a lesbian? Are you that bad of a kisser?" Misato teased him as she grabbed a beer from the fridge and walked into her room for the night leaving behind once confused Ikari Shinji...

-The end-

Yay! It's finally over.. I hope it didn't suck too much ^^