Author's Note:

Well, here's the chapter where Tenchi finds out what Ayeka and Ryoko are doing. It takes place six months after the first chapter. Oh, and if I get enough good reviews on this, I'll post a third chapter. After that....well, I have my own plans, but only Damien Stryker and I know what they are. Oh, and in my fic, Tenchi has a friend at his school named Sakuya, who, for the sake of this fic, looks and talks like the girl from Tenchi in Tokyo, but this Sakuya isn't the echo of a supernatural being and she and Tenchi have no feelings for each other save for their friendship. Finally, if the wedding ceremony in this fic bears a resemblance to a known ceremony it's purely coincidental (meaning I made this one up as I wrote the fic).


Tenchi Muyo:

Love is Eternal


Part Two:

No Need for Weddings


Several months had passed since their first 'experiment', and Ryoko and Ayeka had not yet tired of each other's pleasure, each one always coming up with a new position or technique to keep their sex life from getting boring. Needless to say, they kept very secret about it. Little did they know, however, that it wasn't going to remain a secret for much longer.

Tenchi was running home, clutching the small package he had just purchased. He had noticed how well Ryoko and Ayeka were getting along, and now was the perfect time to make his move.

He burst through the front door, where the first sight that greeted him was the two women who desired him playing a peaceful game of chess. Or, at least, the Juraiian equivalent of the game. When the door opened, they immediately jumped up, ran to him and clung to his sides.

"Woah, easy, girls! Don't break my ribs!" he said, trying to pry off their vicegrip-like arms. Reluctantly, they let go. Then Tenchi had Washu, Nobuyuki, Katsuhito, Sasami, Kiyone and Mishoshi summoned to the living room.

"Now, I've been thinking about this for a long time, and I've finally made the decision about who I'm going to marry." Turning to the former enemies, he opened up the bag and pulled out two identical golden bands. "I want both of you to be my brides. I love each of you so much that there is no way I could choose betwen you."

Ryoko was so happy that, without thinking, she embraced Ayeka and kissed her forcefully on the lips, who was more than happy to reciprocate. "What's gotten into you two?" Tenchi asked, his eyes bugging out as he beheld the spectacle.

"Well, Lord Tenchi," Ayeka began, "a few months ago, after that incident with the aliens, Ryoko and I were in the onsen and she confessed that she loved me as well as you. Well, I wasn't sure about it at first, but, since she saved me during the battle, I allowed her to make love to me. And I found out I liked it, so we've been doing it ever since." At this point, the princess was blushing so hard that it looked like her face was burned.

Needless to say, everyone was stunned. Well, not Kiyone and Mihoshi. They had suspected something was going on, but they kept quiet, assuming they were wrong. "Gee, looks like we'll have to make some modifications to the normal ceremony." Nobuyuki said, causing everyone to sweatdrop.


"Um, well, yeah, I guess." Nobuyuki said, scratching his chin.

"Oh, okay. Just checking." his father-in-law replied, resuming his normal voice. Everyone in the room fell over.


Three weeks had passed since Tenchi proposed to Ryoko and Ayeka. Most of the wedding plans had been prepared. The only things still in debate were where to hold the ceremony, what kinds of food to serve (the first argument Ryoko and Ayeka had had in weeks was over this, with Ayeka saying that you did not serve spare ribs at a wedding), and, of course, the all-important question.

"How are we supposed to tell the Juraiian Royal Family that I'm marrying their daughter?" Tenchi said, pacing back and forth in the living room.

"Tenchi, darling, that's not going to be the biggest problem." Ryoko said, wrapping her arm around his waist and kissing him on the cheek.

Ayeka was puzzled. "What do you mean, Ryoko? My parents will go ballistic once they find out."

"Ayeka, dear, you seem to have forgotten that, in order for this particular marriage to work, you and I must also exchange vows." the cyan-haired warrior said, pulling away from Tenchi to sit on the couch next to Ayeka.

"EEP! That's right!" Ayeka now began pacing. "If they're understanding about me marrying Tenchi, they'll surely go off the deep end when they found out that Ryoko and I must marry as well!" She then grabbed Tenchi by the shoulders and began shaking him violently. "WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO, TENCHI? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?"

"If you'll quit trying to dislodge my grandson's head from his neck," Katsuhito said, stepping into the room, "then I have a suggestion."

Blushing, Ayeka let go of her to-be husband and sat down beside Ryoko again, who couldn't resist stealing a kiss from her future wife.

Clearing his throat, the aging shrinekeeper said, "Alright, we go ahead and have the wedding, then send notice to Jurai explaining the whole thing. After the three of you are married, they can do nothing about, as it states in Juraiian law."

"That's right!" Ayeka exclaimed, jumping up from beside the amorous pirate. "The best thing that can happen is that they'll accept Tenchi as Emporer, and Ryoko as an Empress. Worst case scenario, I am exiled here with Tenchi and Ryoko and Sasami will take my position and the First Princess. Either way, we'll all be happy."

Tenchi then spoke up. "Um, Ayeka? Didn't your father marry two women? Surely he'd understand."

"No, Tenchi, he wouldn't. You're forgetting that he married two rich women." Ayeka replied shaking her head. "I sincerely doubt anyone in my family would understand. Well, except for Aunt Funaho, but her influence alone....."

"Would be more than enough to convince your father and Misaki." Katsuhito finished.

Ryoko's eyes began to sparkle. "He's probably right, love. There always were rumors about who held the real power on Jurai."

Ayeka giggled at this. "Ryoko, you're the only one I know who can make jokes at a time like this." She cupped the ex-pirate's chin in her hand and kissed her briefly on the lips. "It's no wonder that I fell in love with you."

"Okay, here's how I see things." Tenchi began. "We'll make all the preparations, but when it comes time to invite Ayeka's family, we'll send the message to Funaho and then she'll be able to convince the rest of the Royal House to let us go along with the marriage."

Nobuyuki looked up from his floor plans and said, "Just one question: how do we explain to any humans at the ceremony what the Jurai Royal Family in doing there?"

"Actually, Dad," Tenchi replied, "I wasn't going to tell anyone else. I was thinking that we'd have a very small guest list." With that, he pulled out a folded sheet of paper and gave it to his father, who began to read it aloud.

"Mihoshi, Kiyone, Washu, Sakuya and....NAGI????"

"Um, Lord Tenchi, why would you invite Nagi to the wedding? You know how she and Ryoko used to be. Aren't you afraid she'd get a bit, erm, jealous and try to do us in?" Ayeka asked.

"It's a calculated risk, Ayeka. Maybe if she sees that Ryoko is now out of her reach, she'll leave us alone." Then, he added, "Besides, Sasami and Ryo-Ohki wanted her to come, and you know how Sasami gets what she wants."

"You just cannot say 'no' to those big blue eyes." Ayeka said, sighing. "That's how she always got her way on Jurai."

Ryoko went to the cabinet and pulled out a bottle labeled Pride of Edinburgh. "Well, since everything's settled, why don't we celebrate a bit?" With that, she pulled out five glasses and popped the cork on the scotch.

"Really, Ryoko," Ayeka said, "do you have to celebrate every occasion with alcohol?"

"You weren't complaining about it that night we spent in the woods, Princess." Ryoko replied with a sultry tone to her voice, at which Ayeka blushed.

"Well, maybe a little drink wouldn't hurt." the princess replied, accepting the glass given to her. As if the people in the room had received an inaudible cue, they raised their glasses to the ceiling, gave a toast to young love, and gulped down the whiskey.

"Well, I guess all we have to do now is set a date, select the location, get a caterer and send out the invitations." Tenchi said.

"Well, you could have the ceremony at the shrine. We don't get many visitors during the week." Katsuhito offered, pouring himself a drink from a bottle labeled Jack Daniels. "I could make all the arrangements and you could have it done next Tuesday, if you like."

Ayeka smiled and bowed her head. "Domo arigato, Lord Katsuhito. I am most gracious for your offer."

The elderly man dismissed it with a wave of the hand that wasn't holding his booze. "Think nothing of it. I need the practice. Last wedding I did was the one where I got saddled with him." He said this last part while pointing at Nobuyuki, who was off to one side of the room looking at a magazine that had large, red letters on the front which read Playboy.

Tenchi shook his head. "Dad, why do you always have to be such a hentai?"

Nobuyuki said nothing. He merely turned a deep crimson and quickly ran out of the room, trying to hide the magazine behind his back.

"Anyway," Ryoko said, "we still need to find a caterer. And I think I know just the one."

"What would that be, Ryoko?" Tenchi asked, getting himself another glass of scotch.

Just then, Mihoshi and Kiyone entered the room. "She means the one where we're employed." Kiyone said.

Mihoshi nodded in confirmation. "Yeah. After the GP kicked us off the force for inadequacy, we had to find a new job or we'd lose our apartment."

Needless to say, Kiyone was furious. "MIHOSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was going to wait and tell them later, preferably after the wedding, but NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear, your big mouth has gotten me into more trouble than I care to remember! I honestly don't know how I could have ever fallen in love with you!" The instant she said that, the teal-haired woman wished she hadn't. "Um, what I mean is, er, um....oh, crap."

"So, Mihoshi, that's why you two wanted an apartment of your own." Ryoko said with a devilish grin on her face. She and Ayeka knew, of course, that the two other women had a more-than-friends relationship, but they decided to have a little fun with the ex-detectives.

"Yes," Ayeka added with an equally devilish grin, "all the pieces have fallen into place. The way you're always in a hurry to get home, those late night walks you take.....It all makes perfect sense now."

Mihoshi, unlike Kiyone, was ecstatic. "Wow, Kiyone! We don't have to keep it a secret anymore!" With that she kissed her partner on the lips, arousing a cheer from Ayeka and Ryoko.

"You know," Katsuhito said, "if you love each other so much, I could make the arrangements and have you married."

"NO!" Kiyone screamed, breaking away from Mihosh. "I mean, I don't think we're ready for that just yet. Come on, Mihoshi. Let's see if our boss can give them a discount rate since it's a wedding and all." With that, the two former detectives left the room.

"Tenchi," Ryoko began, "let me send out Nagi's invitation. It would be best if she got it from me instead of someone else."

Tenchi seemed to agree with her. "Alright, Ryoko. I guess I'd better tell Sakuya, and Ayeka can inform her family. I guess that's everything we need."

"Not quite." Sasami said, bursting into the room. "I've still got to decide how big to make the cake."

Ayeka sighed. "Sasami, I know you love to cook, and you've made some fantastic desserts in the past, but I think this cake would just be too much for you to handle."

The younger princess giggled. "Not with this, it isn't!" With that, she pulled out an interdimensional portal, one that Washu had constructed specifically for storing large things. Gazing into the portal, the room's occupants saw quite possibly the largest pastry oven in the world. "See? With this, I can make a cake the size of Tokyo Tower!"

Ayeka was forced to smile. "Alright, Sasami, if you think you can handle it, you can make our cake."

The young girl closed the portal and skipped off happily. "I've got to look through that book and get the right design!" The book she was speaking of was a cookbook that Ayeka had gotten her for her birthday the year before. Since then, she had been making all sorts of fancy foreign dishes and several exquisite desserts.

"Well, I guess that does it for the preparations." Ryoko said. Then, getting an idea, she turned to Tenchi. "Hey, since we're getting married anyway, why don't the three of us go upstairs?"

"An excellent idea, Ryoko." Ayeka said. "I've been itching to try out that new pair of handcuffs."

Tenchi gulped. "Um, no offense, girls, but I'd rather wait until after the wedding."

Both women sighed in defeat. "If that is what you wish, Tenchi," Ayeka returned, "then we will abide by it." Then, getting a wicked grin and an equally wicked idea, she said, "Ryoko, what's to stop you and me from having a little fun?"

Ryoko smiled and said, "Race you to the onsen!" With that, the two females run out of the room, leaving Tenchi behind with a glass of scotch in his hand, his eyes as wide as dinner plates, and blood draining from his nose. "How can those two, Ayeka in particular, be so hentai? It just doesn't seem possible!" he said before fainting.


At last, after much expectation, the day for the wedding had arrived. It was going to be a small ceremony, even though everyone was busy.

Washu and Sakuya were serving as asistants to Ryoko and Ayeka in their last-minute preparations, Mihoshi and Kiyone were setting out the food (Ayeka had conceded to let Ryoko have ribs on the buffet), Nobuyuki was making sure Tenchi's suit wasn't wrinkled, Katsuhito was doing his final check to ensure the ceremony went flawlessly, and Sasami was putting the finishing touches on the seven-foot-tall white wedding cake with figurines of the brides and groom on top. Only one thing was missing.

"The wedding's about to start and Nagi isn't here yet." Ryoko said. She was dressed in a long, elegant red dress with no sleeves and a single wide strap that went around her neck with matching heels. She was also pacing nervously on the floor.

"Calm down, love." Ayeka said, placing her hand on Ryoko's shoulder. "She'll be here. If she still cares about you as much as you've indicated, then she'll at least want to see you happy." Ayeka, in a white version of Ryoko's dress, was the very image of calm and peace.

Ryoko sighed and embraced the princess. "I suppose you're right. And if she isn't here, it means she no longer cares and isn't coming back. Either way, I win." But she didn't sound to happy about that. Ayeka said so.

"I guess it's because I still feel a certain attraction to her. She's very beautiful, and she was a real demon in the sack...." The ex-pirate stopped her trip down memory lane when she saw Ayeka had crossed her arms and was tapping her foot on the floor. "Not that you aren't even better then she was, Ayeka; there was just something about her."

Just then, Sakuya yelled to them from the other side of the shrine. "Ryoko, I think your old flame has arrived." No sooner had the dark-haired girl said this than a tall, hard-featured cyan-haired woman appeared on top of the stairs leading to the shrine. She was dressed in a knee-length blue skirt, a full green blouse and yellow heels.

"It's been a long time, Ryoko." Nagi said, smiling to the best of her ability. The former pirate ran to the bounty hunter and hugged her.

Ryoko couldn't hold back her tears. "Nagi, even though we're not together anymore and I've moved on in my life, I hope that we can at least be friends."

"No problem there, old girl. I've moved on, too. Found me a new woman to spend my nights with. A redhead in the Galaxy Police top brass."

Ryoko chuckled. "If I'm right, that's the same woman that fired my friends, Mihoshi and Kyone."

Nagi looked shocked. "You know those two?" As if on cue, the former detectives peeked around the doorway and waved before disappearing back into the shrine's main room. "Well, I'll be. I could try and get them reenstated, if you want."

"That won't be necessary. They work as caterers now, and they seem happy enough with that and each other." The look on her former lover's face was priceless to Ryoko. "Yes, those two are about as in love as you can get."

Just then, Ayeka walked up to them and put her arms around Ryoko. "Love, I think it's almost time to get started."

"So, Princess Ayeka and former Most Wanted Pirate Ryoko really are marrying the heir-apparent to the Jurai throne. And each other, it would seem. What a scandal this would make for the Galactic Tattler." Nagi said before allowing a cringing Ayeka to lead them into the main chamber.

Inside, they found Ayeka's family sitting in some chairs set up near the back of the room, Tenchi and Nobuyuki were off to one side of the low meditation table where Katsuhito was kneeling, and everyone else was seated in a row of chairs to the left of the door. Nagi took a seat beside Washu. Ryoko noted that there were also several of Washu's acquaintances from the Royal Science Academy sitting near Azaka and Kamidake, who were situated just behind Katsuhito.. Ryo-Ohki and Ken-Ohki were not present, but everyone had a good idea where *they* were.

Ayeka took a good, long look at her family, expecting to see a look of disappointment, but all she found were three smiles that she knew were very real and very sincere. As she and Ryoko walked hand in hand down the carpeted path to the table, for the first time since Tenchi had proposed to her and Ryoko, the princess truly felt secure about what was happening.

Once they reached the table, Tenchi moved between them and all three got on their knees, their hands folded into their laps.

Katsuhito cleared his throat before speaking. "Ladies and gentlemen who are assembled here today, we are here to witness the joining of this man and these women in the bonds of marriage. If anyone has anything to say, speak now, for it is the only time your words will be heeded."

Immediately, Ayeka's father stood up. "I have only one thing I wish to say: I had always hoped that my daughter would someday marry a rich, powerful man that would add military and political strength to the Juraiian Empire. But now, I see that she has done much more than that. It is obvious that she loves these two. Upon examination of their records, I have seen that, even though Ryoko was rather unscrupulous in the past, she has redeemed herself and the boy - no the man - has more than proven his worth. The only thing I can possibly do is give them the full rights and privelages of members of the Jurai Royal Household." After he had finished and sat down, loud applause went up from everyone in the room.

"Now that we have that out of the way, let us proceed with the vows. We will begin with Ryoko and Ayeka."

The two women stood up and faced each other, Tenchi backing off a little to give them some room. Ryoko was the first to speak. "Ayeka, I cannot lie. At first, only saw you as competition for Tenchi. But, as we spent time together under the same roof, I began to see a side of you I had never expected to exist. The fact that you tolerated me all this time is only a small part of it. You're a kind, sweet, compassionate woman, and I was a fool not to recognize it earlier. I love you, Ayeka, more than any words could ever say." With that, Ryoko clasped Ayeka's hands in her own.

Next, it was the princess' turn. "Ryoko, I first saw you as an immoral, unethical she-devil who would stop at nothing to disgrace me, and I thought your love for Tenchi was just another ploy that you tried to use to get to me. Over time, though, I began to realize that you really did have feelings for him, and I am sorry for everything I said or did that may have hurt you. It took a strong force, Ryoko, but you and I were eventually brought together, and now we can finally both have what we've wanted for the past year. I love you, Ryoko, as much as I have ever loved anything or anyone in my life."

Finally, Tenchi stood and stepped inbetween the women, the three of them joining their hands in a circle.. Katsuhito gave a nod, and the young man began to speak. "Ryoko, Ayeka, I love you both with all my heart and sould. It was a shock to hear you had fallen in love with each other, as well, but I know that it can only ensure a stronger bond between the three of us. I hereby accept both of you into my heart, as you have accepted me into yours, and take you as my brides."

Ryoko looked at the princess lovingly and said, "Ayeka, I would be honored to accept you as my wife."

"And I, Ryoko, accept you as my wife, and bestow upon you the title of Empress of Jurai, and your power in the Empire is equal to my own."

Ryoko then turned away from Ayeka to face Tenchi, saying, "I accept you as my husband, Tenchi, and I hope the three of us can live a long, happy lifetime together."

The final set of vows was Ayeka's to give. "Tenchi Masaki, I give you my hand in marriage and bestow upon you the title of Emporer of Jurai, the supreme ruler of our Empire." With this, all three bowed their heads and closed their eyes as Katsuhito stood and said a small ritual prayer.

"And now," the old man said, "I pronounce the three of you officially bonded by marriage. May you be happy with your lives and make the right choices." With that, everyone rushed to the center of the room to congratulate the newlyweds.


After the party had ended, everyone else had either gone to their respective homes or, in the case of Mihoshi and Kiyone, back to work, so only Nagi remained. Tenchi had been given strict instructions not to interrupt while the bounty hunter conversed with Ayeka and Ryoko. Tenchi lost all track of time as he sat and watched them from a distance, and he nearly jumped out if his skin when he felt a hand fall upon his shoulder.

"Whatcha thinkin' about there, son?" Nobuyuki asked him.

"Just everything we've been through since I met all these girls. I mean, we've had a lot of adventures together. And now, with Kagato dead and Nagi no longer an enemy, I just wonder if all that craziness is over."

Nobuyuki laughed and said, "Son, your adventures are just beginning. You've got two beautiful brides there who love each other as much as they love you. You'll find that there will be many times you'll go through things that make your battle with Kagato look like a walk in the park." Then, as an afterthought, "Oh, I almost forgot to give you your wedding present." With that, he reached into his briefcase and pulled out a rolled-up sheet of paper. "Here ya go. Ten acres of choice land just a few miles away from the major highways and not too far away from here."

"Thanks, Dad, but what about a house?"

"That was Washu's department. I designed it, but she's the one who contructed it." With that, he reached into his briefcase again and pulled out a small silver rectangle with a red button on it. "All you have to do is set this down somewhere, press the button and stand back."

"You know, it just won't be the same without Sasami, Mihoshi, Kiyone and Washu around. And then there's you and Grandpa. I'm going to miss you all."

"Son, why do you think I gave you land so close to the house? Anytime things get too difficult, or you get too lonely, or even if you just wanna stop by for a friendly chat, we're just a couple of miles down the road."

About this time, the three women came up to Tenchi and Nobuyuki. Nagi was the first to speak "It's time I got going. I need to find Ken-Ohki and get back into space. I've been on the trail of this master thief for months now and I'm close to catching him."

"If I had known you were busy," Ryoko said, "I wouldn't have sent you the invitation. I'm sorry if I interrupted anything."

"Forget it, Ryoko. I needed a break, anyway. Even if it was only to see you in the arms of another." She shot a grin at Tenchi. "You be careful with her, boy. If you aren't, and I get word of it, I'm gonna have to come down here and teach you how to treat a lady." Then she winked at him and walked away.

"She's a nice woman once you get to know her, isn't she, Ryoko?" Ayeka said, leaning into the forearm of the woman she loved.

"That she is, Ayeka. That she is."

"Hey," Tenchi interrupted, "what did you three talk about over there that was so top-secret that your husband wasn't privy to the information?"

Ryoko grinned evilly and leaned downward to whisper in his ear, "Ideas on how to spend the honeymoon." Then she and Ayeka began laughing as Tenchi gulped nervously.

A few minutes later, after saying their goodbyes to Nobuyuki and Katsuhito, Tenchi, Ayeka and Ryoko got into the hovercar Nagi had given them. For the life of him, Tenchi still couldn't figure out how she just pulled it out of her purse like that. Chuckling a bit, he gunned the engine and took off in the direction of the land where they would begin building their lives together.


A short while later, Tenchi landed the hovercar in the center of a large clearing. There were trees on two sides, the mountains on another, and a small access road leading into the main highway system. "Oh, Tenchi! It's absolutely perfect!" Ryoko and Ayeka said in unison as they stepped out of the car along with their husband.

Tenchi, meanwhile, had run up ahead and placed the little box about two hundred yards from the mountains. After pressing the button, he ran back to the hovercar and watched as the box disappeared and was replaced by a large black hole. A few seconds later, the hold collapsed on itself and in its place was a carbon copy of the house where Tenchi had grown up.

"Well, Dad did say he designed the house." Tenchi said, smiling. He quickly got their bags out of the car and walked up to the front door, his brides following closely behind. Using the key under the doormat, he opened the solid-oak door and gazed into an exact replica of his old home.

Except, of course, that the television in the living room took up an entire wall.

After setting the bags down, he was about to walk in when Ayeka reminded him of the tradition of carrying the bride across the threshold. After a bit of thinking, he was able to put Ryoko in his arms and then stooped a bit to allow Ayeka to climb on top of her.

It was the longest, hardest three steps of Tenchi's life. When he finally got inside and the girls climbed off, he made a mental note to consult a chiropractor. However, the note taped to the television screen and the stack of videos beside it made him lose that train of thought.

Plucking the note off the screen and opening it, he found it was from Washu. "Dear Tenchi, Ayeka and Ryoko. I hope you enjoy the house. I put an extra-large onsen upstairs, and the broom closet is where you can find my latest invention, Robo-Maid. You'll have to give her a name before you can tell her to do anything, though. Well, until you decide to visit us, goodbye!

Little Washu, the Galaxy's Cutest Genius"

Tenchi chuckled at the letter. He was about to show it to his wives when he heard Ayeka gasp. "What's the problem?" he asked, turning around. Instantly, he saw what she was looking at.

Every single one of the tapes had some kind of sexually suggestive name to it. "Man, some of this stuff's even too wierd for me. Hey, hey, hey! Lookie what we got here!" Ryoko said, holding up a video. On it was a simple hand-written label reading, 'Nobuyuki and Achika's First Date'. Below it was 'Nobuyuki and Achika's Honeymoon', which was followed by 'Nobuyuki and Achika's First Anniversary', and so on and so on.

Tenchi freaked out, screaming at the top of his lungs. "Okay, I can understand the rest of these. But why would Dad give me tapes of him and Mom having sex????" Just then, Tenchi's cel phone rang. It was Nobuyuki.

"Hey, son." he said. "I heard the scream. I'm supposing you either found the tapes, or Robo-Maid went nuts." Tenchi confirmed it was the tapes. "Well, you don't have to watch them. I mainly put them there for Ryoko and Ayeka, to give them an idea of how life was for me and your mother. Who knows? Maybe some of the stuff we did will give your life some added spice. Oh, and listen, your Grandpa stocked the library. Mostly, it's full of history books and stuff on martial arts. But there's one imported book that's......well, let's say its about the marital arts."


"Yeah, it surprised me, too. He said it's an adaptation of a Jurai tradition. You see, on Jurai, when a girl gets married, her parents stay with the new couple on the wedding night to give a few lessons on technique and to demonstrate a few positions. Since Achika's dead, though, we opted to go for the next best thing. Well, I have to go now, son. Sasami's brought out the leftover ribs from the wedding, and I'm starting to get hungry." With that, Nobuyuki hung up.

"I have a very, very strange family." Tenchi said as he carried the luggage upstairs.


After he had finished unpacking his things, Tenchi went back downstairs. As soon as he entered the living room, however, he could smell something wonderful coming from the kitchen. His curiosity peaked, Tenchi entered the room and got perhaps the biggest shock of his life.

Ayeka was seated at the table slicing vegetables and Ryoko was at the stove frying up some sort meat. What shocked him the most wasn't the fact that they were cooking, however.

It was the fact that they were doing it naked.

A few seconds after he walked in, Ayeka looked up at him and smiled. "Hello, Tenchi. We thought we'd give you an added surprise for dinner tonight."

Tenchi, needless to say, was speechless. That is, he was until Ryoko materialized behind him, her firm breasts pressing into his back. That was more than enough to snap him out of it. "Please, girls, this is a bit too much right now."

Sighing, Ayeka said, "Gomen nasai, Tenchi. It was my idea. I thought it might loosen you up a bit for tonight." Standing up, and exposing her body to Tenchi in the process, Ayeka went to the kitchen closet, pulled out a simple blue tank top and a light pair of green slacks, and got dressed.

Ryoko, sighing in defeat, phased into a white halter top with matching knee-length skirt and went back to the beef, somewhat disappointed in her husband's reaction.

After regaining his composure, Tenchi spoke to them. "I appreciate you trying to do this, girls, but it was less than a month ago that I found out you two were sleeping together. I know we're married and all, but let's just take this one step at a time, alright?" Smiling, both girls nodded in agreement. Ayeka emptied the vegetables into the mixture of beef and teriyaki sauce, making Tenchi's mouth awter in anticipation.

Deciding to leave the kitchen duties to his wives, Tenchi went into the living room and plopped down in fron of the television, inserting one of his own movies into the VCR: an American film called Independence Day.

About halfway through the movie, Ayeka poked her head into the room and announced that dinner was ready. Shutting the tape off, Tenchi went back into the kitchen and beheld a meal that, quite honestly, he didn't believe Ryoko could prepare without the use of a fire extinguisher.

In the center of the table was a large bowl of rice. Beside it was the wok containing the beef and vegetables. Then, of course, there was the bottle of French wine. "And we've got a cake in the oven for dessert." Ryoko said, obviously proud of her accomplishment.

Sitting down at the table, Tenchi thanked his wives for the meal and began filling his plate while Ayeka filled his wine glass. After one bite, he turned to Ryoko and asked, "How did you ever manage to make this? No offense, Ryoko, but you haven't exactly shown a talent for cooking in the past."

The ex-pirate smiled and said, "Sakuya gave me this before she went home." With that, she reached into a drawer built into the counter and produced a book titled Cooking on a Budget: A How-To Guide for New Housewives. "According to her, it's one of the best beginner's cookbooks out there."

"Well, if all the recipes in there are as good as this," Tenchi replied, wolfing down another bite, "then I'm gonna be one very happy husband."

"Oh, believe me, Tenchi," Ayeka said as she and Ryoko sat down, "this is only one of the surprises you get tonight." Then, after making a toast to a long, happy life together, she said, "That book Katsuhito gave us and the tapes Nobuyuki left here will see to that."

Tenchi was still a bit wary of the overall kinkiness displayed in the two women, and by Ayeka in particular, but he found himself getting used to it. It wasn't long before the three of them had exhausted the supply of food and were halfway done with the wine.

"You know," Ryoko said, "I'm an expert on this sort of thing, and we'd better stop before we end up drunk. I mean, we wanna be able to remember tonight, don't we?"

"I agree, Ryoko." Ayeka said, pushing her empty glass aside. "Well, let's clear this up and then we can relax before heading up to bed." With that, the women stood up and began the process of emptying the table. Once that was finished, Tenchi helped them get the dishes washed and safely put away in the cupboards. After about a half hour, the three found themselves sitting on the large couch in the living room, Tenchi in the middle while his brides rested their heads upon his shoulders and he wrapped his arms around their waists.

After what seemed like hours of this peace, the phone rang. Reaching over Ryoko's shoulders, he picked it up off the cradle and pressed a button.

"Hi, Tenchi, it's Washu. I hope I'm not disturbing you." the voice on the other end of the line said.

"No, not at all. We were just resting a bit. What's up?" he replied.

"Well, for one thing, don't activate Robo-Maid just yet."


"Let's just say I forgot to put in Azimov's third Law of Robotics."

Tenchi gulped. "Isn't that the one that says, 'A robot shall never, under any circumstances, harm a human or, by its own inaction, allow one to be harmed'?"

"You're a smart boy, Tenchi. I'm teleporting Robo-Maid back to my lab. I noticed a couple of potential bugs in the basic programming, anyway, and it never hurts to double check. So, how's everything holding up for you three? You taking care of my daughter and daughter-in-law?" Washu let out a little giggle at her own joke.

"We're all fine over here. You're not going to believe this, but Ryoko's turning out to be an excellent cook, although they did surprise me a bit before dinner." He told her about walking in on the two of them stark naked in the kitchen.

"And that was Ayeka's idea? Tenchi, I'm afraid she's already been watching Nobuyuki's tapes. According to him, that's the same thing Achika used on him the day they were married." She then heard Tenchi gulp through the reciever. "But I wouldn't worry too much. I mean, you won't have to work as hard as Nobuyuki did. You may have two wives, but the two of them enjoy pleasuring each other as much as they'll enjoy doing it to you. Basically, although they may get some kinky ideas at times, I think you can handle it. Well, I gotta get back to work. Robo-Maid just got here and I want to run that diagnostic. See ya!"

After hanging up the phone, Tenchi gently shook his brides awake, told them about his conversation with Washu and watched as Ayeka blushed a deep scarlet.

"Well, Tenchi, I did get the idea from your mother. Before the wedding, I sat down and spoke with Nobuyuki about what I should do once I was your wife. And then he told me several stories, even let me watch a couple of his videos. Oh, and the photos he has of her...." Ayeka shuddered at that one, apparently something very naughty coming to mind.

"I have a feeling," Tenchi said, "that we'd better get upstairs before the two of you decide that you can't hold out any longer." Laughing, the three of them made their way to the bedroom.


Once inside, the two women pushed Tenchi down onto the bed with Ayeka holding him down. "Just relax, my dear Tenchi," she said as Ryoko began removing first her clothing, then Ayeka's, "and enjoy the show." Before Tenchi knew it, his own clothes had been removed and he was laying on the bed while Ayke and Ryoko began arguing over who was to get him first.

"Ryoko, you know very good and well that, if it weren't for you, we wouldn't even be here on this planet and I'd probably be stuck with some poor excuse for a husband instead of the loving specimen we both have here. Therefore, you should be the first."

"Ayeka, if you hadn't decided to 'repay me' that day in the onsen, we would never have come to our senses."

"Well, you were the one who initiated it to start with. If I recall, it was *YOU* who confessed to loving *ME*, not the other way around."

Ryoko again sighed in defeat. "Alright, I'll go first. But Tenchi," she said, "you'd better give her at least as much as you give me, got it?"

"How could I ever slight either of you when I love you both so much?" he replied, cupping Ryoko's chin and kissing her. Ayeka got off the bed so as to give them plenty of room.

A tear of happiness in her eye, Ryoko straddled Tenchi's hips and gently lowered herself onto him, both of them moaning in pleasure as he filled her up. Once he was in her up to the hilt, she slowly lifted upwards before coming back down, savoring the feeling of him carressing her inner walls.

Tenchi, meanwhile, began to grow impatient. Gripping her buttocks, he began to move her up and down with more force and speed, making Ryoko's moans grow even louder and causing her breasts to bounce wildly.

Ryoko hit her forst orgasm in a matter of moments and began building towards the second. Suddenly, she felt something poking her in the rear. Looking over her shoulder, she saw that is was Ayeka with her long, thick, two-way vibrator; an instrument they had used on several occasions and was among their favorites. Before the pirate could say anything, the princess had switched it on and plunged into Ryoko's entrance, making her cyan-haired lover howl in pleasure as the two people she cared for the most began making love to her.

'At two....won't be...ah...bored....while I'm....not here...." Tenchi said inbetween breaths.

But neither girl heard him. Ayeka had grabbed Ryoko's breasts while pushing her own into the other woman's back, and Ryoko had pulled Ayeka into a deep kiss, their tongues intertwining as they moved together. FInally, the biggest orgasm Ryoko had ever experienced hit her and she felt her muscles contracting, both around Tenchi and the vibrator. This sudden pressure forced Tenchi to release his essence into her, and, due to good timing, Ayeka came at that moment, as well.

"Let me rest up a bit, Ayeka," Tenchi said, "and you can have a turn."

The violet-haired woman, however, could not stand to wait. Motioning Ryoko to move aside, she crawled up to Tenchi and placed his softening member in her mouth. She could still taste Ryoko on him, and that made it even more erotic. After a few minutes of gentle sucking, he was back to full rigidity and ready for another round. Laying down beside him, she spread her legs for her husband, using her hands to part her glistening-wet lips edged with the same shade of purple that was on her head.

Positioning himself over her, Tenchi entered her in one quick thrust, making her cry out and wrap her limbs around him. Ryoko, however, wanted a little pleasure, as well, so she manuevered between them and placed her legs on either side of Ayeka's head, indicating what she wanted.

Ayeka was more than happy to comply. She immediately forced her tongue into Ryoko's entrance, eliciting a howl from the pirate.

Tenchi, deciding that it was time he showed he could handle both of them at once, gripped Ryoko's breasts and massaged them, pleasuring her while at the same time using the added leverage to increase the force of his thrusts into Ayeka. Soon, all three of them hit their peaks, each one screaming in obvious passion.

When it was all over, the three just collapsed onto each other. After catching their breath, Tenchi and Ryoko rolled off and lay on either side of Ayeka. "I could go for another round." Ryoko said after a few minutes had passed. "How about you two?"

"Sorry, Ryoko, but I'm burned out for now." Tenchi replied.

"Well, maybe this will get you back in the mood." Ayeka said, grabbing Ryoko and pulling her off the bed. Tenchi watched as the two women embraced each other and then started to make out. Eventually, they made their way to the floor, where Ryoko took the offensive.

Climbing atop her lover, the cyan-haired beauty first kissed Ayeka's neck, then trailed downward towards her heaving breasts, which were far larger than the Juraiian robes she always wore led you to believe. Ryoko allowed her tongue to play over first one mound, then the other, carefully avoiding the bright pink cap that was on each one. After what seemed like hours to Ayeka, Ryoko finally secured her lips around one nipple and began sucking on it while her hand played with the other breast. After playing with the princess' busoms for a while, the pirate then walked her tongue down the woman's body stopping briefly to play in the navel and then, much to Ayeka's chagrin, she stopped.

"What did you do that for, Ryoko?" Ayeka asked.

"I just wanted to make sure you were hot and wet enough for what I have in mind, dear. After all, you can't expect me to take my next meal without something to drink, can you?" Before Ayeka could give an answer, Ryoko turned completely around and lowered her face to her lover's lower lips, breathing in the aroma for a moment before sliding her tongue into the hole, an action which Ayeka was more than happy to reciprocate.

This constant licking and sucking went on for a good five minutes and coutnless orgasms before Tenchi, who had been watching in fascination as his wives made love to each other, reached his limit. Getting off the bed, he went over to them and forced the women apart. Without a word, he laid Ryoko on her back, spread her legs and motioned for them to stay there. Then, he got the vibrator, stuck one end into Ayeka's dripping pussy, and directed her to Ryoko's entrance.

Ayeka once again turned the device on and began ramming into Ryoko for all she was worth. Tenchi, his 'little soldier' standing at full attention, gripped Ayeka's hips and forced his way into her ass, the tightness of the hole immediately getting to him. It wasn't long before Ayeka came due to the pleasure of the vibrator and Tenchi erupted into her once again. She collapsed onto the floor, completely spent and the vibrator still inside Ryoko.

''Tenchi, dear, why don't you give me some of that, hm?" she said, removing the flexible toy from inside her and opening her lips for Tenchi, who gladly slipped in. It was, however, not long before Ryoko reached her orgasm and she felt Tenchi withdraw before he placed his member in front of her face.

Getting on her knees, Ryoko took his length in her mouth and down her throat, enjoying the sounds Tenchi made as she worked him. Before he reached his own climax, however, Tenchi pulled her off of him, motioned for her to get on all fours, and then rammed up into her via the back door.

Ryoko was loving every minute of this. Never had she dreamed Tenchi would get this excited on their wedding night. What's more, the piece of flesh inserted into her ass felt better than any dildo or vibrator she and Ayeka had found over the course of the last few months. Just when she thought she couldn't take anymore, she reached her orgasm. Her muscles clenched around Tenchi, and she heard him grunt just before he shot into her. Ryoko then fell forward onto the floor, Tenchi collapsing beside her. The three newlyweds spent their first night together like this; extremely tired, but thoroughly satisfied.


The End

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