Tenchi Muyo!:

Love is Eternal



Author's Note:

Okay, normally this is where I would introduce the fic, but, seeing as how it's a special occasion (meaning this is dedicated to my good friend, Damien Stryker, who was my chief inspiration), I'll let the Juraiian Royal Guardians, Azaka and Kamidake, take over that part.

AZAKA: Thank you for this dubious honor.

KAMIDAKE: Yes. We will most certainly try our best to do a proper introduction.

AZAKA: This is a tale of love...

KAMIDAKE: As if you couldn't tell by the title.

AZAKA: As I was saying, this is a tale of love in a place where one would almost never expect to find it.

KAMIDAKE: Yes, it certainly is unexpected.


Um, well, yeah, I guess that'll do. (Mental Note: Fire Royal Guardians.) At least they didn't give away the plot too much. As for the standard disclaimer, I in no way own any character that you have ever seen in the Tenchi Muyo! Anime series (yes, I'm aware that there are three of them) or in the movies (even though I'm not exactly sure how many of those there are). Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, this takes place in the Tenchi Universe series (mainly 'cause it's my favorite), but will have some alternate-universe elements in it (you'll see what I mean). Oh, and this is my first-ever Tenchi Muyo Lemon, so don't flame me too harshly.


Tenchi Muyo!:

Love is Eternal


Part One:

No Need for Yuri Scenes


It all started on an abnormal day at the Masaki house. By abnormal, I mean it was quiet. There were no explosions, no starships crashing into the lake, no screaming, nothing.

Ryoko was laying on the roof and had managed to fall asleep in the noon sun while waiting for Tenchi to return home from school. Ayeka was sprawled on the couch reading one of Katsuhito's books on ancient swords. Sasami was in the kitchen preparing lunch while Ryo-Ohki stalked the carrot basket. Mihoshi and Kiyone had been called back to Galaxy Police HQ for a routine efficiency analysis. Nobuyuki was at the office, Washu was in her lab, and Katsuhito was tending to his duties at the shrine atop the hill. No-one complained about the oh-so-rare peace that had descended upon the house, but later they would wish that they had enjoyed it more thoroughly.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" A blood-curling scream from the supply closet-turned-laboratory and the semi-tall, semi-mad genius Washu erupted from the door, slamming it behind her.

"What happened, Miss Washu?" Ayeka asked, placing the book on the coffee table.

"One of my dimensional portals opened, and a creature like I've never laid eyes upon before invaded my lab!"

Sasami, walking out of the kitchen, asked, "Um, Washu? Did this 'creature' have ten arms, six legs and look vaguely humanoid except for the three heads, reddish skin color and being fifty feet tall?"

"Why, yes. How did you ever guess that?" Washu asked the young princess.

"Because it wasn't just your lab it invaded!!!!" Katsuhito said, running towards the house while being chased by one of the many-limbed beings.

Sighing, Ayeka walked out the front door. "I guess we have to do everything around here. Azaka! Kamidake!" As the princess voiced her command, the two Royal Guardians appeared beside her, poised for battle. However, before Ayeka could tell them what to do, one of the creatures smacked them away with some of its arms. They flew upward and somewhat to the south, and Katsuhito could swear he heard them yell, "We're sorry, Princess!" before they were out of sight.

Ayeka, meanwhile, had charged up her force-field, but, with three of the monsters hammering it with their arms, she knew she couldn't hold it forever. Just as she thought she was doomed, a trio of red energy beams hit one of the creatures square in what passed for the chest, knocking it back and startling the other two into stopping their attack. Looking up to where she guessed the beams came from, Ayeka saw Ryoko hovering in the air, dressed in her black-and-red combat suit. With a smirk, the ex-pirate landed beside her rival.

"You okay, Princess?" she asked.

"Yes. Thank you, Ryoko." For some reason Ayeka hadn't been able to explain, Ryoko had been fighting with her less and less. Stranger still, the other woman actually seemed to care about the First Princess of Jurai.

Nodding her head in the direction of the five creatures, Ryoko asked, "Shall we?"

With a smirk that would make Nagi proud, Ayeka replied, "Yes. Let's give them some payback for ruining our quiet day." With that, Ryoko formed two energy swords in her hands and Ayeka charged up enough energy to wipe out Beijing. The two women charged, their slashes and blasts driving the interdimensional creatures backwards in the direction of the lake. When one of them lost its balance and went careening into the water, courtesy of Ayeka, it seemed to dissolve in the crystal-clear liquid.

"Somehow, I expected these things to put up more of a fight." Ryoko said, using a roundhouse kick to send one of the beings into the lake and watched it writhe as the water work its deadly wonders on the beast.

"Yes. It is somewhat of a disappointment. But, I suppose not every opponent has to be as strong as Kagato." Katsuhito observed, using his bokken to trip one of the aliens into the pond.

Charging an energy blast of her own, Washu blasted a hole in the torso of the being nearest her, giggling as it, too, joined its companions in their watery grave. "Four down, one to go."

"This one's mine!" Sasami said, stepping out of the house and holding up a huge laser cannon. "Those things disturbed me while I was cooking, and now our lunch is RUINED!" Taking aim, she pulled the trigger, sending a green bolt at the last monster, causing it to rear back before toppling into the lake.

"I guess that takes care of them, wouldn't you say, Ryoko?" Ayeka said, dropping her force-field.

"Um, I wouldn't count on that, Princess. You're forgetting about the one in Washu's lab." Ryoko reminded her.

"ACK! That's right! Who knows what havoc that thing could be wreaking on my inventions!" Washu exclaimed, running for the house. Before she could reach the door, however, the last of the aliens burst out of her lab and onto the lawn, destroying half the house in the process.

In a deep, earth-shaking voice, it said, "Come to me, my demon brothers, and take revenge on these mortals!" As the creature spoke these words, a red ooze began to seep out of the lake. It flowed across the grass like a river, making Katsuhito jump out of its path. When it reached the last demon, the ooze reared up and slammed into the creature's chest.

Ayeka could not believe what she was seeing. As more and more of the ooze hit the alien, the creature began to grow. Soon, it was taller than Tokyo tower. "Now you shall feel the full power of Tarok Manda, King of Shunrah!"

"Ayeka," Ryoko began, "I hate to tell you this, but we're doomed."

"What do you mean by that, Ryoko? What kind of power does this thing have?"

"Well, I've never actually laid eyes on it before today. That's why I didn't recognize it. But Manda and his army of demons made the stuff I did look like child's play, and I ain't talking about a movie starring a possessed doll.

"Tarok Manda was also known as the Planet Killer. His demons would use interdimensional gateways to find planets with valuable natural resources - like oil and coal on this planet - and he would break the crust apart to get whatever it was he was after. This would go on for however long Manda was getting what he wanted. Then, after the resources were gone, he'd jump in his portal and look for another planet. Shortly after that, the planet that he mined dry would break apart, killing anyone who was left."

Sasami was stunned. "But, why would someone do that?"

Ryoko sighed before answering. "Not even Nagi could find that out. Some said that he was building a vast fleet of warships to conquer the galaxy, but he wouldn't need it with his powers. The most likely guess was that he was using the materials he stripped from other planets to make one for his people somewhere in an unexplored part of the galaxy."

"It matters not what his reasons are," Katsuhito said. "It only matters that we end his reign of terror."

"I agree, Lord Katsuhito," Washu said, pulling up her holographic computer. "But I think we'll need some added insurance." Pressing a button, she caused a huge dimensional pocket to open, revealing five Gundam-type machines.

"Mother, what are those things?" Ryoko asked, pointing finger at the battlesuits.

With an oh-so-kawaii smile, Washu walked up to the first in the line. It was the color of Sasami's eyes and looked a lot like a scorpion. "Basically, these are Mobile Suits. I became quite fascinated with Gundam Wing, so I decided to try my hand at building some of these puppies." Pointing to the arachnoid before her, she said, "This one is called Scorpio. I built its control systems with Lady Ayeka in mind."

Pointing to the next in line, she said, "The rest are named for and modeled after mythical creatures. I call this one Centaur." Indeed, that was what it was shaped like. With a coloring that made it seem like it was made of pure silver, Washu explained this one was Katsuhito's.

The next three were Cerberus (Ryoko's), Pegasus (Sasami's) and Quetzelcoatl (Washu's). All stared in awe at the machines, but Ryoko was the one to ask the obvious question. "Um, Mom? How are we supposed to work these things?"

"Why, that's simple, Ryoko. All you do is stand at the base and wait for the computer to lock onto your bio-signatures. After that, you'll be instantly transported to the control module. Just put on the helmet inside and you'll be able to control the Mobile Suit."

Sasami was the next to ask a question. "Did you happen to make a replica of any of the Gundams?"

Washu got a sad look on her face. "Actually, Sasami, I wanted to, but then I found something called 'copyright infringement' which prohibited me from making a replica of any of the Suits in that series. These, however, are my own design, and I can use them freely. Any more questions?" After a short pause, she said, "Alright! Everyone suit up!"

Following Washu's instructions, everyone stood directly beneath the head of their machine and were beamed into the control center. Well, except for Ryoko. After several seconds of waiting, she just teleported into the seat.

"All systems ready." Washu said as she activated the control systems on her winged serpent-like attack vehicle. After hearing four confirmations of battle readiness, she led the charge.

While Katsuhito used the Centaur's lance to keep the arms busy, Ayeka pinned down the legs with Scorpio's pincers and Ryoko utilized the claws of Cerberus to tear some of the armor-like skin from the torso of their adversary. Meanwhile, Washu snuck in from behind and used Quetzalcoatl's tail like a whip on Manda's spinal column. With Sasami flying up into the air and using the powerful wings of Pegesus to create a gail-force wind, the five warriors were ever-so-slowly pushing the 'Demon King' to his watery grave.

"NOOOO!" Manda screamed as he began to sink. "How could I be defeated by weaklings such as yourselves?"

Washu, now outside of her battle machine, smirked and said, "Simple. You never attacked the home of the galaxy's cutest genius." Then, looking at her companions, she added, "Or some of it's strongest fighters."

Manda screamed in pain as the water dissolved him. "I will be back. Mark my words, I will have my revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........"

"Well, he sure wasn't all he was cracked up to be." Ryoko said as the Mobile Suits disappeared.

"I agree. Even Dr. Clay was stronger than this so-called King of Demons." After making a vain attempt to straighten her ruffled hair, Ayeka sighed and said, "I'm going to the onsen. Care to join me, Ryoko?" She then pointed to the torn clothes and scarred body of the former pirate.

"Sure. I could use a soak in a nice hot tub." Ryoko replied as the two walked towards the house. Then, they remembered something. Thanks to Manda, the house was only a foundation, and not much of one, at that.

"Here." Washu said, tossing a small box at what was left of the Masaki household. There was a loud explosion, and the house was suddenly there again. "I always keep a spare house stored in one of those micro-storage containers, just in case."

The two women said their thank-yous and walked into the house.


Inside the onsen, Ryoko phased out of her combat suit and put a small floating basket containing soap and shampoo into the water. She slid in up to her neck, enjoying the sensuous feelings the water gave her.

Ayeka, however, had always worn a bathing suit or a towel into the water and, not seeing either of these around, she was forced to strip naked. 'Fortunately', she thought, 'Ryoko isn't looking in my direction. Maybe she won't say anything.' Once she had all her clothes off, Ayeka timidly stepped into the water.

As Ryoko looked over at Ayeka to start a conversation, she was shocked to see that the princess was nude. "Decide to go au natural today, Ayeka?" she asked with just a hint of playfulness.

Ayeka let out a 'harumph' and replied, "I had no other choice, Ryoko. My swimsuit is in my room, and there are no towels in here. I would greatly appreciate it if you didn't make fun of my body."

The next thing Ayeka knew, there was a pair of arms around her neck, two large breasts pressing into hers and she was staring into the golden eyes of Ryoko. "Why would I make fun of something I desire so much, princess?" she asked, a seductive tone in her voice.

"Wha-what do you mean, Ryoko? I thought you were after Tenchi."

"I am. But, there's nothing in the book that says a woman can't play both sides of the fence. That's why Nagi's after me. We used to date, but she was just too controlling for my liking. So, I left her. She swore she'd get me back. Well, it looks like you and Tenchi managed to reel my heart in first."

"Ryoko, I don't know what to say. Is this why you've been so nice to me lately?"

"Yes, Ayeka. It didn't happen all at once, but I eventually grew to love you just as much as I love Tenchi. I could barely stand to be around you without staring at you, and knowing I could never have you." Reluectantly, Ryoko pulled away. "I'm sorry if I offended you. I just had to get that off my chest." With that, Ryoko rose up out of the water and began walking up the stone stairs. That is, until she felt a soft hand on her shoulder. Turning around, she found herself gazing into the compassionate violet eyes of Ayeka.

"You saved my life today, Ryoko. What kind of princess would I be if I left a debt unpaid?"

Ryoko was stunned. "You mean......you would let me.......?"

Ayeka sighed and said, "Yes, Ryoko. If you want me so bad," she backed off a bit, opening her arms for Ryoko, "take me."

With a smile on her face and a tear in the corner of one eye, Ryoko moved forward and embraced Ayeka. It was tentative at first, neither girl really sure about the situation, but, after a few moments passed, they grew more comfortable with it and they pressed closer together, Ayeka wrapping her arms around Ryoko's torso.

Now the two former enemies were so close together that their faces were only two inces apart. Ayeka could feel Ryoko's breasts pressing into her again, and, along with the warmth from inbewteen the pirate's legs, the feeling was turning her on. Pushing her inhibitions to the side, she leaned forward and captured Ryoko's lips with her own.

Needless to say, Ryoko was in heaven when one of her two objects of desire kissed her. However, being the way she is, she needed more. So, she moved her hands down Ayeka's back until they reached the soft curves of her buttocks, which she squeezed and massaged without mercy. This caused the princess to open her mouth, which allowed Ryoko to thrust her tongue in.

Ayeka was surprised at first, but eventually got used to it and began moving her tongue against Ryoko's while she moved her own hands downward and started giving her former rival the same massage she was receiving.

Reluctantly breaking the kiss, Ryoko said, "Enough foreplay, princess. It's time to go to the main event." Lifting both herself and Ayeka out of the water, she landed them softly on a bamboo mat laid off to one side of the swimming pool-sized bathtub. She then began placing butterfly kisses along Ayeka's neck, trailing downward to kiss the breasts, pausing to suckle the nipples for a minute.

Now it was Ayeka's turn to be in heaven. On Jurai, it was a custom for a princess to sleep with the suitors her father brought before her, but none of them excited her as much as Ryoko did, nor did they do the things she was doing. The princess moaned as Ryoko sucked on one breast, taking as much of it into her mouth as possible, while her hand played with the other one. Then she alternated her hand and mouth so as not to neglect any part of the royal body she had been craving for months.

After playing with Ayeka's breasts for a few minutes, Ryoko began sliding down, planting kisses here and there, exciting her purple-haired lover even more. Finally, she reached the narrow slit and triangle of violet hair that marked the center of Ayeka's pleasure.

"P-please, Ryoko," Ayeka said, barely able to contain her excitement. "Don't make me wait any longer."

"Who am I to argue with the Crown Princess of Jurai?" With that, Ryoko plunged her tongue in, making Ayeka scream with pleasure. After a short two minutes, Ryoko had succeeded in giving Ayeka an orgasm, at the onset of which the princess screamed almost loud enough to break glass. With a gleam in her eye, Ryoko licked up all of the honey-flavored juices that spilled out of Ayeka's entrance.

After regaining her breath and her senses, Ayeka sat up and maneuvered Ryoko into a sitting position on one of the wooden benches in the room. Kneeling and using two fingers to open the pirate's folds, Ayeka shot her own tongue into the narrow space. Thoroughly satisfied by the sounds she was receiving from Ryoko, she raised her hands and began playing with her lover's breasts.

With the attention and pleasure the princess was giving her, Ryoko soon climaxed, giving Ayeka her sweet, tangy juices as a reward. Once she came down from her natural high, Ryoko stood up on somewhat wobbly legs and went to a potted plant in the far corner of the room, one of the few spots where there was very little light.

"What are you doing over there, Ryoko?" Ayeka asked. "Come back to me, and we can explore this....desire of yours even further."

"Relax, Ayeka. I'm just getting something to further the pleasure." Ryoko fished around near the plant for a few seconds, then returned with a black bag in her hand.

"What is that, Ryoko?"

"It's something Mihoshi and Kiyone use when they're alone." With that, Ryoko reached into the back and pulled out a long, flexible, twin-headed dildo. "This brings back memories. Nagi had something like this, only hers vibrated." Ryoko said in revelry. "If only she hadn't turned into a total bitch...."

Ayeka immediately knew what it was for, as she had used similar devices on Jurai inbetween suitor visits. But she had never seen one designed to be used by two women at once before. So, natuarally, she was excited by it. Snatching it out of Ryoko's hand, she jammed one end into herself and began thrusting it in and out her forcefully.

"Hey, calm down, Princess." the pirate said, placing her hand over Ayeka's to stop her frantic actions. "You'll have planty of opportunities to use it. But, for now, let me work some of my magic on you." Sliding herself onto the free end of the dildo, she pressed downward until Ayeka was laying back on the mat and both girls had the entire object hidden from view. Ayeka moaned at the feeling of being filled so completely while Ryoko's clitoris pressed against hers. Before she could enjoy it too long, however, Ryoko began moving. Slowly at first, but, once both she and the princess became used to the feeling, she started going faster and harder, causing the moaning and screaming in the room to become almost too much to handle.

Before they could reach ecstacy, however, Ayeka pulld away from Ryoko, who had a look of incredible shock on her face. Before the pirate could say anything, however, Ayeka turned around, got on all fours, and pointed to her 'back door'. "Do me here, Ryoko."

The cyan-haired beauty need no more prompting. Placing the end of the dildo at Ayeka's hole she pressed in, amazed at how tight the princess was.

Ayeka had never felt anything like this before. She once used a dildo in that hole back on Jurai, but she hadn't gotten much pleasure from it, so she assumed that it wasn't an erogonous zone. Ryoko, however, proved her wrong. Ayeka screamed in pleasure as Ryoko pounded her ass for all it was worth, while reaching around and playing with Ayeka's breasts and pussy as she humped. They stayed like this for several minutes, neither one wanting it to end, until their orgasms hit and forced them to stop because of sheer exhaustion.

After replacing the dildo and washing themselves off in the bath, Ayeka and Ryoko hugged and kissed for a while, but were too tired to do anything else. When they decided it was time to get out, Ayeka pointed to her tattered clothes. "I can't wear those on front of Lord Tenchi, and imagine what Lord Nobuyuki would say."

"Not a problesm." Ryoko said, grabbing onto Ayeka. The next thing the princess knew, she was back in her room.

"Thank you, Ryoko." Ayeka then walked over to her closet, selected a long blue kimono, put it on, and began brushing her hair.

"No undergarments, Princess?"

"They are forbidden on Jurai. Plus, I've heard that they can be extremely uncomfortable."

"I heard the same thing. I'd rather have on just one layer of clothing." She then silently moved over to Ayeka and cupped her breasts, suprising the violet-haired woman. "Plus, it provides easier access to 'certain' parts of the body."

"You know, Ryoko," Ayeka began, "it would be a shame if we could not experience sex with each other again."

"Are you saying you want to keep me as your lover, Princess?"

"Yes. It's just too good a feeling to pass up."

"And what if Tenchi eventually chooses one of us?" Ryoko asked.

"Well, then, I see no reason to stop seeing one another. I mean, Lord Tenchi would be glad to see the two of us getting along so well." Then, with an evil gleam in her eye, she added, "And maybe we can invite him to join us now and then."

"I never knew you were such a pervert, Ayeka." She kissed Ayeka's neck before adding. "And it makes me love you even more."

"After today, I can believe that I Iove you as well, Ryoko."

"Do you think Sasami would mind if you and I spent tonight out in the forest? I'll supply the tent."

"She won't mind as long as we're civil to one another. But, if you're supplying the tent," she reahed into her dresser and pulled out a rather large grey case. "I'm supplying the entertainment."

"What's in that thing, Ayeka?" Ryoko asked.

"Some magazines I managed to get from Nobuyuki, as well as certain....'objects' I believe you'll enjoy."

Ryoko was almost drooling in anticipation. "Do any of them....I mean....well..." she trailed off, trying to search for the word.

Ayeka giggled. "Yes, Ryoko, a good number of them do vibrate."

Ryoko smiled and said, "I can't wait for nightfall."

"Neither can I, my love. Neither can I." With that, Ayeka turned around and kissed Ryoko, both of them confident that, no matter what else happened, they would always have each other.


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