In Retrospection of the Moments We Shared





Author's Note:

This fic is dedicated to Kenji Kotaro. (Yeah, that's basically it.)


As I stand here and watch Mimi Tachikawa, my one, true love, being lowered into the ground inside a bright pink casket as Koushiro Izumi plays "Amazing Grace" on his bagpipes, I cannot help but remember the last few days of her life.

It began like any normal Saturday night for us. We went to her favorite restaurant, Chez Paris, followed by a new movie at the local theater, and then to our favorite bench in the park to watch the sunset. After which, when we found we were alone, we expressed our love for each other on the soft grass by the lake.

After more than an hour in the park, we decided it was time to head home. I suggested a shortcut through an alleyway that we usually avoided because a gang known as the NightHawks had chosen it as a hangout. It looked quiet at the time, so I figured it was safe. I was wrong.

We were about halfway through when they jumped us. We tried to run, but they cut off both exits. Mimi and I were trapped. One of them came up behind me and I felt a hard blow to the back of my skull. Next thing I knew, I was being bound and gagged and being forced to watch as they stripped Mimi of her pink silk dress. What they did after that made me angrier than I'd ever been in my life.

I was forced to watch as they had their way with her. I saw blood coming from various cuts on her body, saw them beating her with wrenches, pipes, boards, just whatever was laying around or they had in their pockets. Soon, whether because of blood loss or sheer exhaustion I'll never know, she lost consciousness. I panicked when one of them came at me with a large, bloody butcher knife. My panic was short-lived, however.

From about twenty feet away, I heard a loud chorus of barks and growls, which caused the NightHawks to scatter. A few seconds later, more than a dozen cops and police dogs ran into the alley. They saw Mimi and immediately called for an ambulance. They untied me and asked me what happened. They looked a bit surprised when I told them Mimi was my girlfriend (it must have been our ages), but they got us both to Odaiba Medical within the hour.

Doctor Kido said that, aside from the blood loss, Mimi had a mild concussion and would have to be hospitalized for at least two weeks. When she regained consciousness, I asked our families if they could leave us alone for a while. They knew of our relationship, and granted us the time with nothing less than an approving smile.

After talking to her for almost an hour, I found out that Mimi didn't blame me for what happened. She said I couldn't have known. That made me feel a little better, but it still didn't alleviate all the guilt I felt.

After her meal and shower the next morning, (the latter of which I shared with her), Mimi slipped into unconsciousness. Panicking, I hit the button to summon a doctor, who explained that it was a coma induced by the concussion and that she would probably wake up in a day or so. She didn't.

During the week that she was unconscious, I didn't know what to do. I went to Yamato Ishida, Mimi's one-time boyfriend. I'mnot sure how, but we ended up in the back of his father's van. He told me not to worry about it, that Mimi would have wanted it to happen. Somehow, I didn't think so.

Three days later, Mimi woke up. I cried as I told her what happened with Yamato. I expected her to be angry with me, but all she did was smile and say that it was a normal human reaction to seek comfort and that she would have done the same thing had I been in the coma. Somehow, though, I think she was crying inside.

That evening, she went to sleep before her medications were due. When the nurse came in with her pills, Mimi didn't wake up. The doctors administered several stimulants over the course of the night, but she remained asleep. Before dawn came, Mimi's heart stopped.

The doctors did everything they could, but even the life-support machines weren't working. She was declared dead before noon. That was three days ago.

Now, as I stand here at her funeral, I cannot believe she is gone. On her gravestone, it says, "Mimi Tachikawa, beloved daughter and friend. Those who knew her will feel regret for those that never would."

That's not stretching the truth in the slightest. I don't understand why Mimi had to die, or why there are people like the NightHawks, but there are things in this world I do understand.

Mimi Tachikawa was in love with me, and I was - no, AM - in love with her. I know this better than anyone, for I am Hikari Yagami.

Boy, it feels good to have this fic out there again. I hope you liked this rewrite.

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