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Notes: The characters are from of the movie, and it takes place after the end of the movie (Adolesence Mokushiroku).

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"Looking at you and the stars"

Utena lays on the ground looking at up the stars. She breathed in the air thinking she never feel as good as she does when she is looking at the stars.

Anshi was looking at Utena. Sometimes she felt jealous of the stars, she knew that her lover would see the stars rather than her, but she didn't care about that. She also enjoyed herself when she was looking at the stars.

Utena notices that her lover is getting jealous again, and she smiles to herself. She finds it strange that Anshi is jealous but she enjoys that, because she realizes that Anshi cares about her.

Anshi notices that Utena is coming and turns her head to other side, but she feels her lover's arms around her.

"Are you jealous again?" Utena asks innocently. Anshi's reponse is to stick her tongue out at her. Utena smiled and whispered in Anshi's ear "I'm sorry, can you forgive me?".

"I don't know this time, you always do that" says Anshi. Utena places a kiss in Anshi's neck and whispers again: "I'm really sorry, but you know that I always look at the stars, it's a bad habit".

"Why do you say that is a bad habit?" Anshi says as she looks at Utena.

"Well, because sometimes that reminds me of that old promise that he made me a long time ago" Utena says as she looks at Anshi.

"Do you still remember him?" Anshi asks Utena.

"Yes, it was nice when he was together with me, but it's a part of the past" Utena says as she lays again on the ground holding Anshi in her arms.

"Part of the past?" Anshi says as she is on top of Utena. "Yes, because I have someone now... you. I'm really sorry about that, but I promise you that when I see the stars I want to see them with you at my side, okay?" Utena says looking directly at Anshi's big green eyes.

"I'm really sorry too. I will try not be so jealous but you're really important to me, you are the one who gave me one reason to leave that imaginary world that was Otohori Gakuen. You're my prince" Anshi says as she moves her face so closer to Utena leaving only few inches between them.

"It's true. Aishiteru, Anshi."

"Aishiteru, Utena."

The two girls lean towards each other, and their lips meet with a passion that only they know. They kiss each other for a long time, sometimes sweet, somtimes passionately, finally they broke the kiss. Utena sits on the ground and she smells the scent coming from Anshi's hair.

"I love the way your hair smells Anshi" Utena says as she embraces Anshi.

"Me too, Utena" Anshi says with a smile and she kisses Utena briefly.

"Let's look the stars together one more time" says Utena.

"And then?" Anshi looks innocently.

"You know" says Utena.

"No, I don't know" says Anshi trying to be naive.

"You really know. You tried to do it with me after I beat Saionji." says Utena trying not to loser her temper.

Anshi laughs and smiled at her lover, "Of course I know, it was a joke. It's nice when you make love to me" says Anshi.

"And viceversa" says Utena

"So, who will it be this time?" Anshi asks with a eager look in her face.

"Me. You did last time" Utena says as she nestles her head on Anshi's shoulder.


The two look at the stars with the hope that the decision they made to face the real world together and their love will be like the stars: shining and eternal.

The End

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