|..| means Kannas brain is talking

The Bizzare Triangle of Love
By: Sniper Dread

Sumire walked towards her own room as she began to daydream to herself about her
own secret love. 'I know I only do this to you because I don't want to be obvious
but... the more I do this to you the more I fall in love with you. Gods, I can't
take it anymore!'. Her thoughts began to scream at her as she got to her room,
walked inside and locked it shut. she walked to her bed and let herself land on
the bed sighing.

"I love you Kanna!", she said in a small voice and began to kiss the pillow as if
it were the redhead's face. " She has got to be mine!"


Maria in the meantime was in the shooting range, practicing her focus as she shot
the far away target with deadly aim.

"I love her, I love her not, I love her, I love her not, I love her, I love her
not... I love her..." her almost inaudible sentence hanged when she had fired the
last bullet, her monotone face began to soften into a much warmer smile that showed
her beutiful features. It had been a long time since she had loved another, but now
she had started again to feel slowly the emotonal side that she had been lost since
the pain of her loss. This sign making the Russian more enlightend than before.

"How can one girl make me feel like this? She has been there for me through and
through and yet I do nothing? Kanna... I love you so much..so much and yet I do
nothing to resiprocate these feelings to you. I must make it a point to do so to
see results." and with those words Maria took her pistol, kept it under her heavy
fur coat and left the area with blissful thoughts.


Kanna decided to make herself a huge pot of ramen to go with the pork dumplings she
just brought from her afternoon jog around the city,she had prepaired the
ingredients and put the dumplings on a plate, also cooking the noodles in the
boiling water she prepaired earlier that noon. She was very hungry, after all
those miles around the area.. twice was bound to make her hungry after the
workout. She began to hear footsteps and saw Reni walking towards her.

"Hey there buddy, how are you doing today?"

"Nothing much really, I have decided to practice my lines and go for a nap after

The younger girl let the sentence hang as Kanna added the fresh ingredients to the
boiling noodles and put the ramen to a slow boil, Reni letting herself sit on the
chairs next to the dining table waiting for the martial artist to finnish. After
adding the sauce, Kanna mixed the meal and put the ramen on simmer, letting
herself sit with Reni and relax.

"So Reni, what did you want to talk about? You seem to be a little nervous there."
the silver-haired girl was surprised at Kanna's accurate observance making her
blush almost unoticibly. "Kanna... what is love?" the topic made the tall woman
nervousas she heared the question, 'Man, this child just had to bring up that
darned subject! Gods, how am I gonna say this??' Kanna gulped down an occuring
lump in her throat an stared at Reni for a while.

"Okay... what do you want to know?" she smiled with a nervous faint laugh.

"Is love really necesarry for the progression of our group?"

"Yes! Without this emotion we cannot even trust our commrades enough to let them
continue with this valuable component. Without this respect then how can we even
be cooperating with each other? Was that it?"

"Not exactly..." the look on Reni's face began to look serious, her real problem
was about to come out.

"It's about Iris.. she has begun to look at me in a way I have not seen before, it
seems as if she was trying to get my attention in a being in love state while
not trying to attract attention to any of the othe members. I have been noticing
this behavior and have also been playing along.. but I am starting to feel
attracted to her... what am I going to do Kanna?" a sigh came fron Reni's breath,
her eyes closing releaved that she was able to take away the bruden that had
been troubling her for al long time.

Kanna was very amazed at the events unfolding to her, had she heared that from
Reni? The kid with the soldier mentality?... she was so dead.. "Um, er..hmm...
how about asking her and stuff like that! Ha ha ha ha, that's it." laughing
aloud as she smiled nervously smled on,if she only knew how bad she is with
lovey-dovey thingies she was then the whole conversation would have been dodged..
but who was she to argue. She got back up and got two bowls of ramen plus the
plate of dumplings and made sure that Reni wanted some, the german agreed.
With that said the whole convesation was looked into.


Maria and Sumire began to walk to the kitchen for a late lunch, Sakura was with
Orihime and Oogami for a small chat in a restaurant while Kouran and Iris were
in the basement tuning the koubu and having a nice pic-nic lunch downstairs. The
Russian and the Japanese girl were discussing strategy and productions of past
plays when they both stoped at the entrance of the kitchen, inside were Kanna and Reni sitting down eating a bowl of piping hot ramen and having a hearty conversation, With an embarrased Kanna laughing out loud and a more serious Reni giggling along in the antics.

Sumire watched enchanted by the tall redhead's actions, Kanna was just so kind and sweet that even the hardend Reni was able to loosen up to her after only a few months being introduced in the troop.

Maria was internally blushing when she saw the martial artist impersonating her
with a very hot wild side, this was making the russian feel something unfamiliar
inside of herself.. wanting to pounce on Kanna right there and then some...

After a few more laughs Reni had begun to notice the two other troop members watching both of them in the middle of there laughfest.

"Ms. Tachibana, Ms. Kazaki! Please join us for lunch. Ms. Krishima made such good
ramen and also shared some of her pork dumplings with me. She is such a good cook!
Ms. Krishima please let them have some of your wonderful cooking!" the child
pleaded with Kanna.

"He he he... okay then, since you put it that way. I made such a big batch that I
have enough for seven people. Come on then, the meal is on me! Kanna laughed aloud
itching the back of neck, Kanna was getting nervous that both girls decided to go
together and eat with them.

'Oh God! Both of them here right now... Reni! Stop making that face at me! Maybe I shouln't have told her about it.. God... if she opens her mouth about it she is going to get in deep trouble with me!' Kanna thought to herself. It seems that
in the conversation when Kana and Reni were still alone, The silver-haired child
was able to get some very interesting facts from the martial artist. It seems that Kanna has an interest with the gun-slinging russian and the elegant petite japanese
woman, but having a dificulty trying to choose one from the other.. they both have
some good qualities, some bad but it did not interfere with the thought of a date
with both... still.. she didn't want to be some sort of a player with two girls
that would have killed her if they found out about an affair. She already had a
hard time telling both girls separately but Maria and Sumire in the same room..
this is too much!

Reni, being seated one chair away from Kanna had the opportunity to see the the
events unfold in front of her. She could see kanna in front of her sweating
with so much anxiety that she looked like a fountain in a beautiful garden..
this is going to be fun! Plus with Maria and Sumire around, she was going to
enjoy the Martial Artist breakdown in horror (God! this is going to be 'the'
experience to be!).

Maria and Sumire got a bowl and sat themselves next to Kanna, the blonde on the
right and the brunnette on the left. The four Flower Troupe members began to
converse in random topics given out. As time went on, the two members seated
on each side of the very tallest member of the troupe began to eye on the
prey like two cats eyeing a cute, defenseless mouse. Both Maria and Sumire have
noticed each other's actions and thus began the death stares and evil eye to each
other, Now rivals for Kanna's affections. Both knowing the situation at hand,
began ploting a way to win the redhead's heart.

Maria began to manuver her leg on Kanna's muscular one and began to caress it
slowly up and down.. making Kanna pause. 'What the hell is going on! Maria's
playing footsie with me! What the hell am I gonna do?? Oh no.. Oh no! Oh no!
What in the friggin' hell is Sumire doin' to me!'. Panic spread to her as she
slowly began to stare to her left, what she saw almost made her pass out.. Sumire
had been hugging her arm, kanna's sculpted arm were sandwiched by Sumire's clothed
breasts being ground in a begging rhythm.

A desperate look had been was being signal to Reni for help, the child began to
look at Kanna with so much rumor..' Well, I know it had to end sometime might as
well be useful somehow.' the silver-haired child sighed in regret, she wanted to
see so much more but it seems that Kanna had enough suffering for today.

" Ms. Krishima.. whould you please assist me to the training room so I may learn
some techniques from the famous Ryuu Kyuu Dojo?"

" Ok then Reni, I'll be glad to!! May I be excused Ladies??"

With those words Kanna took her bowl to the sink and excused herself with Reni,
brisk walking towards the exit and heading towards the traing hall.

After both girls left Maria began to stand up to rinse of her bowl. Sumire
staring evily to her russian rival.

" You know Sumire, she can not be yours right?"

" Like she'll be yours either, I mean how can she go for a dark-hearted girl like
you. I think I'm better suited for her anyway since I am pretier than you anyway."

With that Sumire left the kitchen to plan ahead for the battle of her heart wth
Kanna as prize. Maria was left to clean the dishes, after all she was the last one there. As she began to wash the bowls she stared out the window thinking about
that special Redhead with such beautiful eyes.

The Bizzare Triangle of love, Chapter Two


The sound of a force hitting a punching bag was heared from the training room, Kanna
had been hitting the thing since Reni and her got there after that affair in the kitchen..'Wow, Is it just me or is it getting hotter in here?' the redhead thought
as she gave the bag a harder beating. For her working out made things much easier
to grasp since the activity was a great stress reliever, being a martial artist
this activity was important to her well-being.

'Just a little more rounds then I'm ready for some action... yeah, some good ol'
hot, spicy, horny, in heat, down on the bed action... Where the in hell did that
come from?!?' Kanna stoped herself and stoped the bag to think about what she
just heared from her brain.

|For God's sake Kanna, why don't you just get both girls and get in on a little
action! I know how freaky you can get after that whole thing in the kitchen..
I know you wanted to pour some honey on Sumire's t-|

'What the fuck are you talkin' about! You saw how near I was into getting a heart
attack back there didn't you! I swear to God, what happend to those girls anyway?
Is this some sort of post-apocalyptic prophecy 'cause I feel this is going to get
to me later on, isn't it?'

|Suit yourself girl, all I know That maybe later on.. maybe I can get my groove on!|

"Shut Up"

Reni heared Kanna barking out in the corner still holding on to the punching bag,
the silver-haired child thought that the Okinawa native had gone a little insane
and was trying to hold herself back together again. Man, if it had happen to her
she could have gone crazy too! 'Thank you God for making Iris so naive!' she smiled
to herself with that thought.

Ms. Krishima, are you okay back there? You seem a little tense there." Reni asked
the martial artist. Kanna snaped back to reality looking at Reni with a distant
look in her face. " Yeah I'm o.k. Reni, I'm a little shaken though.." getting a
little sweaty from the 'heat' and the nervousness that's been bothering her. The
more she thought about the confrontation the more she seemed to sweat and the
more her brain gave her naughty things to think about the more she got hot. How
was she going to avoid both girls was the only thing she can reasonably think about
and she was trying not to give Reni to much attention about the new heights her
blood pressure was taking her.

"Ms. Krishima.. I think you need a bath now. your starting to sweat like crazy."

"..maybe I should, I feel so stressed out. Maybe a cold shower would wake me up
from this nightmare. Oh.. thanks for bailing me out there Reni, you saved my life
back there. I owe you big time for everything"

"That's okay Ms. Krishima, it was nothing. Although you should have been much calmer
about the situation so one could have been more 'alert' to the emergency."

"God it wasn't my fault, was it?! Either they both already knew or were playing some
sort of trick with me. I don't think I'm safe to even stay here in the theatre any

"Please stop over reacting and calm down Ms. Krishima. I think that was just some
sort of practical joke being played on you.. I think that you should take that
shower of yours because your starting to smell you know.."

Kanna turned her head from side to side sniffing the air surrounding her, she was
started to smell a little punjent. She had realized that Reni had pinched her nose
in the process, she looked at the child with a mock hurt expression. "Stop that! I don't smell that bad... Do I?" Reni laughed out lout as she saw the redhead pout
back at her, glad that Kanna had calmed down a little bit.

"Well, after that workout I really think you should go before you catch your death of cold."

"O.k. then it's settled, I'm taking a shower! As a matter o' fact, I'm going now!"

"Well then I will see you later Ms. Krishima, maybe you can actually 'train' me
with your famous techniques."

"Hahahahahahahahaa... I'm so sorry Reni, I promise I'll train with you later..
Heck I'll even teach you the sparring technique my Papa thought me!"

"Thank you very much, I can probably use the training later on for offensive
strategy. See you later."

With that exchange Reni left the Training Hall, leaving Kanna by herself. Looking
around her surroundings, she picked up an unused towel and left for the onsen.


Reni began to walk to the exit towards the garden, she decided to relax a little bit and enjoy the scenery and peace for a while before she did anything else for the
afternoon. As she walked out to meet the bright sunshine she was bumped back and
fell hard on the floor, suprised and winded from the hit she took. her head shooked a bit and started to look up to the person who had knocked her out from her destination. As she began to trail up she heard a small whimper that sounded quite familiar, she was right.. it was Iris.

Iris's eyes were shut tight as her arms held unto her Jean-Paul in an eye-poping
embrace, she opened her eyes to look into a pair of light blue ones.. it was Reni.
She blushed and looked down on the floor embarrased for not acting like a matured girl around the German girl, she wanted Reni to notice her more for her gracefulness and all things proper. "I'm sorry Reni, Iris should have been more careful.." a sad look flashed on her face.

Reni saw this and began to stand up, after dusting herself off she gave a hand toward the French girl. She held the hand extended to her and felt it pulling her in a fast speed, Iris's lips was a few centemeters near Reni's.. there eyes were staring into each other. It took a long time before both stared to notice began to look away, blushing as red as Sakura's ribbon.

"It's okay, I am sure it was not your fault anyway. Is it something urgent?"

"Not at all Reni. Iris was just about to get something in Iris's room so Iris decided to just run, and just as Iris got to open the door you were there and Iris crashed on to you. Where were you going anyway?"

"Outside, I decided to enjoy the simplicity of the garden and relax for a while.. would you want to come with me?"

"Yes definately!"

It had seemed that she forgot what she wanted to do and decided to walk with Reni all along.. that was all she wanted to do, to walk with the girl that had captivated her for the short period she had been there. Knowing she was the only little girl there, it comforted her that Reni was there because she needed someone to talk to as a young girl she just was. She Knew that Oogami was just a crush that she had gotten rid off the window after Reni came, As far as she's concered.. nobody should dare steal her new friend because she can raise all hell if she had to.

They both began to walk back outside, side by side..like a very cute couple.


'Where the hell is Kanna? If I don't find her in time Maria probably might have gotten to her and that is DEFINITELY not good!' Sumire fumed to herself. She was not going to let Kanna get away from her that easily.. She almost had her to.

She began to look in every room she had the chance to look into, but no Kanna. she was about to give up in her search and start on tommorow but she noticed something going on in the onsen, to her curiosity she silently went in to find out for herself.

Sumire's eyes almost poped out... in her sight was a very naked Kanna, scooping her clothes and putting it on bench so she can probably wash it later. The petite girl hid herself so as not to be seen, she was already getting hot in that thought of seeing the redhead without her clothes on. Kanna was so muscular and very defined, her eyes couldn't help looking at the sight that was being shown to her (thank you God!).

The martial artist went in the shower to scrub of the grime that had build up since this morning and was humming a tune from an old production they had played.. 'The Happy Prince' was the name that poped in her head, she loved that {Wahahahahaha} part because it kept her happy just to think about it. Her silouette hidden in a translucent curtain. After that she went out of the shower, dried herself up and diped in the big bath tub to soak in for a while.

She dipped a small towel in a bucket filled with cold water, wrung the thing a little bit, folded it in a small rectangle, and placed it on her head so she wouldn't overheat while relaxing in the tub by herself. Kanna began to let herself go and closed her eyes, dreaming about the beach and other tropical wonders she had missed since she left Okinawa.

|This is the life..*huhhmm*.. I wish we can stay longer.|

'You said it. Nothing like a relaxing bath to relieve your stress and your muscles. We can stay a little longer but I don't really want to have pruned skin either, lets stay for 5 minutes then have a snack.'

|Yes, lets.|

After a long sigh Kanna was now not going to pay anymore attention to anything her ears hear, letting herself go to meditate about home.

This was Sumire's big chance to get Kanna for herself, she took off her kimono and began to creep towards the bathtub trying hard to not make any sound and not get noticed. She was finally next to Kanna who was giggling slightly and went back to meditate silently. The younger girl slowly and carefully sliped in the water so she wouldn't step on kanna, she lowered herself in front of Kanna and began to smile seductively.


"Hrhmm?" The redhead was pulled out from her dream state, wondering who was calling her name. She slowly opened her eyes to meet a pair of dark brown ones, her own widend.

'Oh my God!'

|Oh yes!|

'Please go away!'

'Stay my pretty, stay!|

'Shut up!'


Kanna tried to get away but she got pined on the shoulders, then she noticed... Sumire wasn't wearing any thing at all. She began to have a light nosebleed.

|Va va voom!|

'Holy Shit!'

The tall girl started to protest and started to lightly strugle because the other part of her brain said so, until Sumire started to lower her head for a kiss... her chest being pressed against Sumire's. "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" she screamed and blushed as red as a tomato, she got out of the tub and wraped the towel around her and grabed her clothes away from the bench, running barefoot to get out of there.

"What did I do?" Sumire stared and pouted at the door Kanna went through.


Sakura and Orihime were talking about the fun time they had while going to the park with Oogami, giggling also because he sliped from the bridge they were crossing to get to the part where they had the wonderful Koi pond. As they chated and walked towards a hallway, they both saw a blur of red hair running towards the bedroom quarters. It was Kanna, obviously. In a towel, she ran holding her clothes on her left and holding on to secure her towel with the right hand.. a peice of folded cloth still hanged on for dear life on her head.

"What in the world is Kanna doing running around in a towel? What do you think Sakura?"

"Maybe a snake perhaps, you know how much she's so scared of those things. Oh well,
maybe a pipe busted the shower again and she got blasted with cold w-"

"Kanna wait!!!"

Sakura and Orihime's eyes widened when they saw Sumire running in the direction Kanna went to, her kimono slipping almost exposing her breasts (thank God she was able to catch it in time..) and was kind of looking upset.

Both girls stared at each other and shook there heads, weirded out after seeing what they thought was the most oddest thing they have seen in the history of the theatre. Sighing, they went back to there conversation thinking about what just happened.

The Bizzare Trangle of Love, Chapter Three

It was such nice weather today, bright sun and cloudy sky painted the heaven above
them.. them being the two youngest members of the Flower Troupe. walking around the
colorful garden while talking to each other about the general things in life, you
know.. family, friends, happy stuff, sad things, *crushes*... Iris could not just
stop talking about the crushes she had in France. The list was mostly all the cute
French boys she could remember, she switched every month or week depending on the
pretty boy's look.

Reni in her part was getting jealous with each passing name she heard, 'I swear, I
meet any of those punks mentioned.. I am going to *Pow!* and send them fliying out
of this place..' she huffed and made a light scowl. The blonde girl smiled to
herself, knowing she had gotten to her goal.

"Are you okay Reni?"

"Yes I am fine.."

"Then why are you like that then?"

"Like what?"

"Like you're jealous.."

"I am not jealous at all, why should I?"

A light giggle came from the French girl's lips, the sound was like a wave of bliss
to the Wunderkind soldier. Such a sound should be stored in a bottle and be given
to the bravest of soldiers to calm there souls and strenghten there spirit, what she
would give for that sound! But then... what was she to her anyway? A friend to her
only, what more.. with that another soft sigh came, she seemed lost in hope anyway
so what she to do? Reni was already sure that Iris was matched up with a more
suitable man to be with anyway.. she can't just try to barge in the parents' choices
like that. The silver-haired girl slumped forward and began to follow the girl in
front of her, very depresed at the situation at hand.

'This was not the reaction I was looking for! Reni, I'm so sorry if I hurt you!'
Iris thought as she looked back at Reni who still had her head down. She had always
thought of Reni as a very nice girl.. also 'handsome' in such ways. Reni had such
an expression that she thought was so puppy-like, a crown of silver hair that match
the contours of her face perfectly, eyes as blue as the ocean itself.. she could
have drowned in those pools of blue. The blonde blushed as she had more thoughts of
the soldier.. Reni had got to be much better than all those boys she met in France..
definately much better.

Reni had been staring at the floor for a few moments now, she could see those petite
blue shoes standing very still so suddenly turning into her direction. a little bit
surprised at what was happening she began to lift her head slowly, at the same time
that Iris was mooving closer towards her. The silver-haired girl finally got her head
at the proper position staring into purple eyes that had made all her will scamper
away. After a silent exchange of glances Iris smiled and slowly began her decend on
Reni's lips. lifting herself higher with the means of her toes, she closed her eyes
and slowly placed her lips upon Reni's own.

A few more seconds of this kiss was like bliss to both, like a never ending fairytale
to both their stories. After a few more seconds Iris reluctantly let go and got
herself back to her position on her feet, while Reni was blushing lightly and was
also shocked by Iris' actions.

"Reni, are you okay?" The blonde giggled

"U-u-u-u-u-u-uh-huh.." (^-^)

"Well, come on now! Do you wanna just stare the whole day? Let's go!"


At that, Iris had pulled Reni by the wrist running towards another part of the
garden. The silver-haired girl still blushing and a little off also.


"Kanna, Kanna where are you?" Sumire called out loudly, she had looked in every place
she knew Kanna would be but alas.. she couldn't find her. She finally gave up and
walked away, starting her search tommorow so she would have more time to think of a
better plan to get Kanna. As she left, a small part of red could be seen in a dark
shadowy parts of the hallway. It was Kanna alright, making sure that Sumire was out
of sight before heading towards her room. As she got there she made another check-up
on both left and right side of her and when she thought it was safe she quickly
opened the door and shut it without a banging sound and locked it securely.

Kanna was now begining to get a little paranoid after that incident with Sumire in
onsen, after all.. who wouldn't be, considering that she was the only person who
acts like a typhon when they both got into arguments. Getting a little cold, she got
to her dresser and began to get some clothing and droped her towel and falling on the
floor, covering her ankles. She dressed up quickly then looked at the mirror.

'God that was close! I thought I was gonna' loose it back there!'

|Why the hell did you have to leave you dumbass! Didn't you notice she was givin' on
you free?!|

'Hey! I'm not that type of girl! Why don't you just shut up 'cause I'm in the
controls here anyway!'

|I was about to get some action back there!! You fool, why did you have to leave?!|

'Like I said, I'm in controls.. if you don't want is so much then why don't leave or

|Man, I swear I will.. just you see.|

"Okay then." she had agreed with her brain and let the subject fall. She had spotted
the dried cloth on her head and tossed it on her bed, combing her hair with her own
hands. Kanna made sure she looked fine then wore her boots back on. She finally got
herself presentable even though inside she was already getting so insane-like in
her thinking mode. She then got out of her room to go to the salon, she needed a
drink pretty badly.


Maria had been in the salon for a while now, drinking a glass of something she had
concocted herself. The drink a little too strong for her since her face was a
little pink, but still.. she could damn take it. She had been thinking of Kanna since
this morning, she couldn't help it though -She was in love!- and it wasn't helping at
all that she was fantasising of Kanna either. That body was just so muscular yet oh
so soft.. she couldn't wait to get a peice of that ass (-_-;;;) that was just so
damn perfect.

After a few moments of quiet, silent footsteps anounce the arival of Kanna to the
salon. She paused as she saw Maria who still had her back at the martial artist,
Kanna was already having thoughts of getting out before anymore trouble begins, but
she decided against it and just went with the flow of her mood -to get a drink,
dammit, a drink- and relax. she stared at Maria and bashfully waited.

Maria all of a sudden felt a sensation in the room and turned towards Kanna's
direction, a happy feeling went through her like a lighting bolt from the heavens..
a sign perhaps that she can have the one she desired the most for herself, alone.

"Hello there Kanna, how has it been?"

"A little odd I guess..?"

"Well, come have a seat then. I'll fix you a drink so you can feel better."

Maria left her seat and went behind the bar, standing in silence a very good plan hit
her and she began to gather several bottles. She began to measure and mix several
liquids in a shaker then began to vigerously shake the container. Upon finishing,
she took a taste an showed a satisfied look. She took a glass an poured the
concoction in a mug and slid it towards Kanna, who in fact.. caught it.

The tan girl looked at the offered drink and at its owner then back at the drink, she
felt so guilty just taking a sip for it looked so magnificent with its colors
mixing together.. but then again that's why she went down anyway and took several
hearty gulps. The face of serenity with a little flush washed her face.

"Maria.. this is sooo good!"

"Thank you Kanna.." a faint blush darkend Maria's already flushed face.

"How do you know how to do this?"

"Since I worked as a bouncer in a club, the bartender would teach me some things
after closing time. He got some of his friends to taste my creations and also teach
me how to make other drinks in our free time."

It seems that Kanna could not get enough of the drink and asked Maria to make some
more, which she was happy to make. Unknown to the martial artist.. that recepe that
the blonde kept making was suppose to be only taken in three servings because it was
very potent in alcohol levels, its sweetness hiding its danger...

"Mariiaaahhh..*hic*..whyzzz threrrre twwwoo offff-"


With a very loud thump, Kanna had passed out on the floor as Maria looked at her with
a very seductive smile. "At last, my chance!" she quietly said as she slowly got out
of the bar and began to lift a very heavy and muscular (very) Kanna and slowly
started the long journey to her room.

The Bizzare Triangle of Love, Chapter Four

It has been almost an hour and she almost made it, Maria was now a few more doors
away from the safety of her room.. she was getting tired from dragging an
unconscious and very heavy Kanna up those stairs and all, she should at least have a
very striking pair of legs after this task, too bad she always seems to wear such
long skirts that no one will ever notice -Who cares as long as Kanna got to see them
when she got settled in the room and has waken her beauty up for a show- (@.@;;;).

Finally, she had reached her destination which was her room. Maria had proped Kanna
next to the door to open it and draged her friend -and soon to be lover- gently
until she had reached her bed and began the process of lifting the unconscious body
on the bed and closing the door quickly and quietly so as not to be suspicious. At
last she had Kanna where she wanted, there is no way that anything could come
between this moment and other things less important.. other than Sumire at least, who
she wished would just have a really big argument with Kanna so she can mend the
taller girl's resolution and they can both live hapilly ever after.

Maria was still staring at Kanna's unconscious form, which she couldn't help at all.
The martial artist looked like an angel sleeping so quietly on a cloud. With all
the things she had to do to get Kanna upstairs it was a miracle that the martial
artist was still not awake at all.



The blonde was still on the fifth step, she only had twelve to go after that another
round of dragging Kanna on the wooden floor and going through two turns towards the
safety of her solitude. She turned around to look at the redhead to see that she
was still not awake. Maria had accidently sliped her hold on Kanna as she began to
frantically get a hold of her love.


A gasp came from Maria as she saw Kanna back on the first floor of the theatre, she
quickly sped down the steps to see the martial artist's condition. To her surprise
and the growing sweatdrop on her head Kanna was still not awake at all, as a matter
of fact she did not make any sound of rousing pain or a small moan...

-End Flashback-

A blank stare was plastered on the blonde's face as she looked on the taller girl,
who she had changed positions on the bed to be a little more comfortable. A small
yawn escaped from Maria's lips as she also began to strech, she was just so tired
and just seeing Kanna there on her bed had made things more difficult. The blonde
had made the descision to take a nap and then get on with the festivities, Kanna
being in her room was a plus since she could make the martial artist her teddy bear
and cuddle for a few hours or so.

Getting her clothes off (she sleeps nude ya know..) the gun slinger got on her bed
and proceeded to cover Kanna and herself with her silk sheets. She scooched herself
closer to Kanna and hugged her in a cuddly way and began to drift into her own


Iris had dragged Reni near the benches that point to the direction of the city, a
sight she had adored since she had stayed in the confinements of the theatre. The
blonde had asked the soldier if she would want to sit with her for a while, Reni
obliged and sat next to Iris. A few moments went on by and all of a sudden Iris
stood up, eyes wide and with a shocked expression.

"Oh my goodness, Iris forgot!" the blonde began to search her pockets.

"Iris what is wrong?"

"Iris forgot to read the letter, it's been missing and Iris has been looking for it
and remembered that it was in Iris' pocket." with that sentence, she took out the
crumpled envelope that was addresed from France. The petite girl ripped the
container, took out the note, and began to read it to herself.

Chere Iris,

Bonjour! I have not seen my beutiful flower for a very long
time and have decided to visit you there in Japan, yes I
have been preparing for this trip and this is the last
letter that I have made before the voyage. I arrive to the
port at 14th of July and will be ariving at the theatre at
the 16th. I hope to see you there my love, I can not wait.

Jean Claude Pirouqoui

"Oh my God, he's comming here?!? Reni quick, what date is it?"

"The 16th, why are you-"

"Reni he's comming, oh my goodness! HE IS COMING!!"

"Iris calm down! Now, who is he?"

"He is Jean Pirouqoui, he is one of my suiters from the same town I live in. He is
just sooo handsome!"

"Please, Not this again! Iris!"

"Iris there's someone here who wants to see you!" Orihime yelled from the inside
of the theater. Iris began to run towards the back door.

"Iris is comming! Come on Reni let's go!" the blonde yelled out as she got in the
theatre, the silver haired girl still outside sighing.

"Well, there goes my chance as far as it goes." she sarcastically mumbled as she
slowly went back inside the theatre to catch up with Iris.


Kanna slowly opened her eyes and saw an unfamiliar lamp attached to the ceiling, she
knew that the lamp she was looking at was not the lamp from the salon. The red head
suddenly felt a surging pain all over her body that was accompanied with a huge
headache, it was like she fell of a building and split her skull (what a coingkidink
no?) and somehow was actually still alive. She needed an icepack and some hot
water bottles for her beat up body and had to get out of there now.

She got up very slowly to try not to injure herself even more, then she got to
realize where she actually was. Kanna noticed pillows around her and felt the solid
that she was on top of, which was a bed.. this place was obviously a room and by
what she was observing so far it was probably one of the girl's rooms. The
question on her mind was which one, and she was about to find out for herself

One clue was the sheets, which were silk and light. she had no idea who would have
such exquisite and expensive taste which leave her to three choices: Orihime,
Sumire, or Maria. Kanna began to look around and noticed a moving motion by her
side and saw something hidden by the sheets, it also had an up and down rhythm so
it must be 'someone' hidden under the blanket. The martial artist slowly reached
to the opposite side of the silk and pulled the sheet swiftly trying in vain to not
disturb the sleeping person, doing so exposing the person's body in the process.

Kanna's heart suddenly stoped beating in the sight of a nude Maria in front of
her, did she do something the time she passed out to be in this senario? the scene
seemed to have sparked her brain into talking again.

|Kanna, you bastard! where was I when this happened?!?|

'I don't know! I didn't do anything!'

|You sly dog! That must definatly been a good l-|

'Shut up! Great Gods, I swear I didn't do anything!'

|Yeah.. I'm sure you got drunk and all. Are you telling me nothing happened that
time when you were drunk?|

'Yes! I passed out remember, I could here you singing while slurring lyrics to a
number we were rehearsing for.'

|Oh yeah..|

As the two parts of Kanna's began to argue as quietly as they could, the rusling of
the sheets and bed began to slowly awake Maria from the most interesting dream of
her redhead adding wipped cream to her most interesting parts.... she then saw her
heart's desire next to her, the blonde slowly gave a seductive smile that made both
Kanna and her brain frozen beyond the extent of there normal functions.

"Hello there.. Kanna.." while licking her lips in the the most sugestive manner
that she could come up with.

A heart began going through cardio arrest

Kanna's brawn part began to panic and feel numb all over, this was the second time
today that she had been very near a nude girl today. Kanna's brain part began to
exite all over, this was the second time today that she had been very near a nude
girl today also. both strugling for control of dominance for escape and for a good
time, as Maria pinned the redhead and began to make the move...

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