Enter the Heart to See through the Eyes

By: Umisetsu Hibiki

AN~: This is my first attempt at a Hellsing story, and I should clear up a few things first. The characters are OOC for several reason. One being that this is indeed an alternate universe. Seras can eat, but it doesn't do anything for her. With that being said, I hope that you enjoy the first part of my story ^__^ Feedback is welcome and loved!



Integral sighed and leaned back in the large chair, not content with the way her day was going. Arucard and his pet police girl were out taking care of a few rouge freaks that had been recently reported, while Walter was working on newer weapons for the two. Seeing as how he was her only source of intelligent conversation for the moment, she wouldn’t want to disturb him while he was working. Integral shifted the various papers on her desk and sighed with frustration. With everyone gone or busy, and no work to be done at the moment, it was very boring indeed. The tall blonde looked around for a moment to try and get an idea. The motivational picture of the former ruler of the Hellsing organization stood looking down at her in an ominous way. Looking at it sometimes made the hard woman feel as though she were a girl once more. Her father could no longer take care of her though, she was her own person and couldn’t let things like childhood memories get in the way of her duty. She couldn’t say that she didn’t miss him, but she couldn’t dwell on the past. Moving on she stood to go look out of the Victorian styled window. The vast expanse of the Hellsing estate stood looking back at her, and this is when is struck her.

‘Inspect them.’ came the voice from the back of her head. The voice of someone she hadn’t heard in years.

“Father?” she said aloud.

Of course it couldn’t have been him. She was just being silly. Her father had been dead for quite a long time, of course she couldn’t still hear him. Of course, a good idea was still a good idea. Leaving the room, Integral found herself traveling down a well known path. She had no idea where to start, but since everyone was out she had quite a few places. The first door at the end of the hall holding the quarters belonged to someone whose name she did not know. It didn’t matter to her though, she reached in her pocket for her master key and unlocked the door. Pushing it open, she could say that she was almost shocked. It wasn’t the drawings that lined the walls, although it was hard to see Arucard’s face without his annoyingly cynical voice, but it was the mess. Clothing was strewn about, furniture was tipped over, and other random items where thrown carelessly about.

‘What in god’s name…?’ Integral thought.

Walking into the room, the stern commander wondered just what in the hell happened. She would have to make a note to put this nameless pawn in his place, and remind him of the standards that were to be upheld by those working for the Hellsing organization. Making a mental note of the room number, the blonde woman moved on to the next room. The next few went without incident, maintaining her standards of cleanliness. She had to admit, even if it was only to herself, the number of her men that were obsessed with Arucard was quite disturbing. It’s not as if he were alive, but he was an undead monster. What could they possibly want with him? Hopefully, it wasn’t what she thought. Moving on to the last room at the end of the dark corridor, she stood for a moment and looked at the door. For that moment, the face of it’s owner crossed her mind and she had to shake the smiling image out of her mind. Integral turned the knob on the door and pushed it open, walking into the room of one the resident vampires; Victoria Seras.




The inside of the room wasn’t like the others in only two ways. The first was the adjustable coffin styled canopy bed in the far right corner, and the second was the chilled B positive blood in the center of the table. This was just another reminder to the Hellsing ruler that the woman was indeed not alive. Integral walked further into the room and looked about. Nothing in particular looked out of place, with the exception of a small opened black book on the desk. She didn’t figure the sometimes ditzy police girl as one for reading the Holy Bible, so she decided to take a look and see. Integral gazed at the small book and realized that it was neat handwriting, not the kind of print in a regular book. Sitting down in the chair before the desk, Integral picked up the book and started at the top of the page.


Sept. 12

Today master and I were sent on another mission to “exterminate” rouge freaks. I know I should feel bad or something for killing my own kind, but whatever makes master’s master happy, makes him happy. By association, that makes me happy. We took out the first few, but then I tripped and one got away from me. If they carried that gun they would know how hard it is to run with it! Who in their right mind would run with something called an Anti Midans Cannon? Master has two smaller guns that look like pistols, and he also has that cool disappearing thing of his that I can’t do very well. It’s easier for him. Anyways, he got the guy but once we got back home Master’s master wasn’t to happy. She yelled at me again and told me I was a screw up. Well, those weren’t her exact words but that’s basically what she says every time. After that Master came and told me that I would do better next time. He’s been teaching me that disappearing thing to and it’s harder than it looks! He said that’s he’s been doing it so long he can without thinking, and it will come to me with time. I mean, I’m only 21 now, he’s 569. Until then, I’ll just have to practice. After all, practice make perfect. Oh well, I’ll do better tomorrow. G’night for now.

Much love,

Vicki S.


Integral didn’t see anything of particular interest in that entry, so she skipped down a few and found a more recent one. If she hadn’t had a particular dislike of them, she would have said that the hearts above the I’s were almost cute. The next entry had been written a few days before.


Sept. 22

I’m going to go crazy in here! I can’t have anything other than blood and I am really craving some cake right now! Oh well, what can I say. I’d choose life (Ha ha) over food any day. Anywho, we went out again today to get rid of some more rouge vamps and I did pretty good. Well, at least I thought I did. That was until I came back and Master’s master yelled at me again. It seems that everything I do isn’t good enough for her but I’m not perfect. I mean, I try really hard and Master says it’s good but she doesn’t. I wish that for once she would congratulate me. But enough of that, one thing I’ve learned as a police officer is that you can’t change people, you can only effect them. Oh yeah, I almost forgot! The other day I had a bit of a nightmare. That in itself isn’t weird but I swear for a moment when I woke up I heard my heart beat. Weird, isn’t it? Yeah, I know. I couldn’t believe it either. Well, off to bed now. We have shooting practice tomorrow and I don’t need another reason for Master’s master to yell at me. Hopefully I’ll have a nice dream about eating some cake…maybe even some pizza ^__^ G’night for now.

Love ya,

Vicki S. a.k.a. Police Girl


P.S. - I know it’s weird to call myself police girl but everyone calls me that so the name has grown on me.


Integral was about to move on to the next selection when she heard the signal announcing the return of her troops. She set the book down back in it’s place and got up from the chair. She pushed the chair back in, making sure not to leave any sign of her presence before leaving. The tall blonde made it back to her office and into her chair just in time to feel him.


It was a statement not a question.

“Been busy?”

“Don’t make assumptions.” Integral said coolly. She reached into her desk drawer for a moment and came out with a thin cigar in her slim hand. Grabbing a lighter off the desk she lit the tip and took a puff. Arucard let out his nerve destroying laugh and materialized in front of his master. What was the damn joke anyway?

“The mission was successful. Police girl got rid of them all on her own almost. Her accuracy has improved.” he said smiling.

“Perhaps she’s practicing for the shot that gets you.” Integral said half joking.

“No need to worry about that. I won’t be the first one she’s after.” he stated with a knowing look.

“I don’t worry.” the Hellsing heiress stated. Sometimes she had to wonder, what in the name of hell was so funny to him.

“Good.” he stated as he stood to go. Floating over to her fathers picture, Arucard started to slowly disappear.

“Oh yes. Try to smile a bit more Integral. Your looking more and more like your father everyday.” With a laugh, he was gone.

Integral swore she heard music with his departure, but she couldn’t be sure. Perhaps she was just tired. She took another puff of the burning cigar and put it out in the ashtray. The stern woman looked at the clock on the desk and realized it was way later than she thought. Leaving her office, she headed for her chamber. Seras’ words ran through her mind as she readied herself for sleeping.

‘I wonder why she cares so much about the way I treat her?’ was Integral’s last thought before sleep took her.



Integral looked around once then gave in to her guilty desire. She folded her arms in front of herself and laid her head on the desk. Yet again she found herself with no work and insanely bored. It was times like this that she wondered how her father did it. Perhaps another “inspection” was in order. She had to see if the junky soldier had cleaned up his act. She almost laughed at the pun, realizing how stupid it sounded.

“I really do need something to do.”

Integral once again found herself in a room full of filth and wondered where it all came from. That’s when she heard the noise. It sounded something like a light tapping at first, but then it grew louder. It became a pounding that demanded her attention and would not let her go. She inched closer and closer to the sound until at last she saw it. A man half dressed in an officer uniform and half covered in blood sat shivering in the corner. He was banging his head against the wall in what appeared to be an attempt to kill himself.

“The voices, his voice, they won’t leave! I keep trying but the queen tells me to be a good little boy and fetch her some water!” the soldier said. Integral had no idea how to handle a situation such as this one, so she tried to remain calm and find some way to help. Before she could get a word out the man spoke again.

“I know who you are, I know about you! You’re the one, the shining one. You’re the reason he won’t notice me. I’ve got news for you missy, I am the lord God and he will notice me for I am the true leader!”

Integral was trying to puzzle out who this “him” was until it struck her. He wanted Arucard. The drawings that covered the area like wallpaper where a dead give away. She was going to say something to him but his gaze met hers. Just then, all hell broke loose. The man jumped from his crouching position with a snarl. The tall woman had just enough time to move out of the way and prepare for the sweeping kick of his. She had just enough time to get her gun out and pull the trigger before he had another chance to strike. Integral let her hand fall to her side as she walked over to the man convulsing on the floor. She stared at him for a moment before realizing she still hadn’t learned his name. She supposed it didn’t matter, she had to get him out of there, and find out what had made him into a lunatic. The rest of inspections would have to wait, for now she had to talk to Walter.



The results of the tests done on the crazed soldier had come back unexpected.

“What do you mean he had a chip?!” Integral yelled.

Walter didn’t even flinch as he handed her the report. “It seems he had a chip implanted and it malfunctioned. There was nothing we could have done even if we had known.”

“What I want to know is how he got it, and why didn’t we know. He didn’t even have fangs like the rest of the freaks.”

“That’s the thing, it was part of the malfunction. We don’t know when it was implanted but it couldn’t have been long. His “fangs” weren’t fully developed.” the angel of darkness stated.

Integral could feel a string of curses about to pour forth from her mouth like a torrent but the phone began to ring. She almost thought she heard a sigh of relief from her faithful servant, but she had no time to think about it. Picking up the phone, she listened to a detailed explanation of how several rouge vampires had broken in and killed an innocent family. Integral gave and affirmative and hung up.

“Arucard,” she said into the air. “take your police girl and handle it.”

She heard his distinctive chuckle and couldn’t sense him anymore.

“Try harder to find out where he got the chip implanted. I want to know who did it and why.”

Walter nodded then turned and was gone. Having nothing else to do for the moment, Integral decided to do another search to see if anyone else had been like the unknown freak. The first few had been clean, and she had to admit that she was glad. She checked the second to last room at the end of the hall and again found nothing. Leaving the room, she once more found herself staring at the door to Seras Victoria’s room. Inserting the master key, she twisted the knob and it opened easily. Another bag of blood, AB in it’s type, sat on top of the table as it waited for it’s owner. Integral walked into the room a bit and found nothing to be out of the ordinary. That was of course, for the little black book sitting on the desk. Integral walked over and noted it was open yet again, as if inviting her to read.

‘Why not?’ she thought. She took a seat at the desk and started at the second most recent entry.


Sept. 30

Gah!!! Is it just me or are there a lot of rogue vampires lately? I mean, one or two is fine but this time we had to go up against way more than I expected! Master said they turned a private party into a gathering….it wasn’t funny at the time but now that I think about it, it was. Needless to say we took them out, not without trouble though. That’s it! Next time Walter is making weapons I’m requesting smaller ones instead of upgrades! I’ve always wondered how I’d look holding masters guns anyway. To get back on topic, when we got back I was expecting not to be blown up at but of course I was wrong. I almost thought that Master’s master was going to hit me but instead she just yelled. I wonder what I did wrong but it’s nothing worth worrying about. I’m always doing something wrong to her. Well, there’s not much else for me to say so goodnight!


A very confused Vicki S.


Integral reached the most recent entry which happened to be before everyone had gone out.

Oct. 1

I don’t know how I do it everyday! Seriously, you think you’d get used to not having a reflection but after a while it only makes you angry. How am I supposed to know how my hair looks when I can’t see myself? I asked master about it and he showed me a neat trick with the mirror. Did you know that even if you can’t see a reflection you can still see a shadow? He said just use the shadows to tell. I thought that was really cool. Enough random chatter though. The bells are going off and I actually have something serious to say for once (and it‘s not about food)! I’ve got to hurry. I know that recently I’ve talked about Master’s master on and on and think I’ve figured out why. I think….that I have feelings for her. I know that it’s the strangest thing, but when I’m around her I feel human again. She does yell at me a lot, but she only wants the best from me and I’m going to keep working on it until I can give her what she wants from me. It’s one way that I know I’m trying. She may not notice me in that way, but I’ll never know until I try. Ack! It’s time to go. I’ll write later, I promise. Seeya later.


A very rushed Victoria S.



Integral sat the small black book down in it’s proper place and stood up. She locked the door back on her way out and closed it. The blonde woman made her way back to her office and sat down in the chair that was so familiar to her. Once settled, she lit a cigar and took a puff. She had more thinking to do than she would have liked to admit.




Seras was more than a little jumpy; this was the part of the mission she always hated. It was always the same. Get orders, do the mission, come back from mission, get yelled at, go to sleep. She was expecting the same thing today, but she wasn’t prepared for what she saw when she entered the large office. Integral was standing in front of the broad window in the office with a Holstein Mark hanging from her lips. That in itself was normal, even though she wished the dominating blonde would give up on such a bad habit. The odd part was that it appeared she had the hint of a grin coloring her features. Clearly she mustn’t have heard Seras’ entrance.

“You called for me Integral sir?” she inquired gently. She didn’t really want to break the blondes train of thought, but she’d rather have gotten the yelling over with.

“Sit.” Came the commanding voice from the other side of the room. The vampire moved quickly, not scurrying, and sat in the chair across from the desk. Integral stood at the window for a few moments longer before moving to the desk. She took a seat and spent a few silent seconds looking Seras over.

The red eyed girl had to admit, she was baffled by Integrals actions. She was expecting to be yelled at and have that be it, but this was downright odd. She sat quietly, and a bit uncomfortably, waiting for her Master’s master to say something. When she was about to speak up and say something Integral cut her off.

“You’ve been doing well lately.” she said flatly.

Seras didn’t know what to say. Words escaped her at the moment. She didn’t know whether to be extremely happy or dumbfounded, or even say anything. Before she could formulate a reply that option was taken from her.

“In one hour you will report to my chamber. You will tell no one of this. You will also have eaten by then. Have I made myself clear?”

“Yes sir.” Seras agreed. She had no idea what Integral could have wanted with her in her chamber, but it must have been important.

“Good. Dismissed.” The stern commander stated once more before turning around to puff on her cigar.

Seras stood and left without question, knowing that it would make the tall blonde angry. She wondered why she had been met with decent words and the strange orders but it didn’t matter. She had only an hour left to write! She looked to make sure no one was coming, and bounded off in the direction of her room.



Seras knocked on the door gently even though she was a bit early. She heard shifting of clothing from the other side of the door and then the deep voice.


She twisted the knob and pushed the door open to reveal a place she could have never imagined. The high Victorian styled doors gave way to a sparsely, yet elegantly, decorated room. The windows where wide and arching, giving way to the balcony with an impressive view of the Hellsing estate and beyond. The large four post canopy bed was nothing like she expected, the silk look of the sheets and pillows were already making her mind spin. In the midst of it all was Integral, the male appearance gone and replaced by the beauty she usually kept hidden. Her long hair cascaded down her shoulders and over the silk-like robe to the tie fashioned about her waist. Gone were her glasses, giving the vampire a perfect view of the swirling ice blue depths she called eyes. To put it simply, she was stunning.

Had Seras been alive, she most likely would have described what she felt as have her heart beat a thousand miles per minute, but she settled for pure abject fear. What could her Master’s master had possibly wanted with her, and dressed like that? Then it all clicked. The clothes, the nicer tones. Integral definitely knew how she felt, and apparently wanted the same thing. She closed the door behind her and Integral got up to light a few candles on the dresser and night stand. Not so much as to set the mood, but more to add lighting to the delicate scenery. Integral turned to stare into Seras’ red eyes and for a moment the young woman felt a twinge in her chest. It couldn’t have been a heartbeat, could it? No. That was long ago and she should be over it by now. She couldn’t feel things that weren’t there she reminded herself. Taking another step into the room Seras’ gaze was transfixed on Integrals, and all fluent speech escaped her. No words were needed as the ex police officer closed the gap between the two and their lips met, their passions heightening by the moment. The younger woman found her hand roaming of their own free will, alternating between the firm buttocks of her partner, and length of her strong back. Integral broke the their kiss long enough to command the young officer.

“To the bed, now!” she said.

Using her grip on the blonde woman, Seras used some of the strength she kept hidden within her compact frame and lifted Integral, moving her to the bed and setting her down gently. There their lips met once again in a battle for dominance, and it seemed as though there would be no loser in this war. Seras’ hands found their way to the front of Integral’s robe and took hold of the sash. Her eyes searched the other woman’s for a moment to see if it was alright and instead of a verbal confirmation, the blonde woman placed one of her hands on Seras’ and pulled. The front of the robe came open and Seras realized that all of this was indeed real, and that Integral should have shown her body off more often. All this was thought in an instant, and everything else in the vampires mind disappeared. Nothing mattered more than this moment, and the woman in front of her. Seras sat back and looked at Integrals lean body. The powerful muscles where kept in good shape and the womanly curves where more than making themselves known. The soft stomach turned into a firm chest, the two pink rosebud nipples were standing at attention.

‘Just like her.’ thought Seras to herself.

Her gaze roamed the supple body until it rested on platinum blonde curls protruding from the white cotton panties. Seras smiled and gazed deeply into ice blue eyes, silently begging for permission. Finally, the nod came and Seras dove hungrily upon her prey. Her mouth attacked the hardened nipple to the right, while her hand attached itself to it’s left side companion. Integral moaned at the pleasant feelings she was receiving, but she had to have more.

“Bite me, and you damn well better leave a mark.” she commanded.

Seras, who couldn’t object to the other woman’s wishes, bit down. It wasn’t hard enough to hurt, but she scraped her fangs along the outside of the other woman’s breast and found it to be exhilarating. She left the desired mark in between the low valley that separated the mounds of Integrals chest and turned her ministrations on the opposite side. This time the older woman’s left breast was subject to the wonderful torture, and the small bits of pain from Seras’ teeth had only heightened the experience. The orange haired vampire could feel her bloodlust rising, and she wasn’t sure if she would be able to control herself. Integral felt the change almost as if she could read the younger woman’s thought’s, and decided to end them before they could begin. It was best to let her know that drawing blood was unacceptable, no matter what.

“If you take my blood I won’t hesitate to put a bullet through you. Don’t think, just do as I say! Concentrate damn you!” Integral half-yelled. She could feel her mind beginning to scatter, and she had to keep her control. A Hellsing never lost it, under any circumstances.

Seras could only nod and swirl her tongue around the rock hard nipple protruding from the older woman’s chest. She felt Integral’s body involuntarily shudder and she knew that it was time to move on. She placed her hand where her mouth was a moment ago and slowly made her decent downward into uncharted territory. Making sure to leave little marks here and there, Seras nipped and kissed her way down the taught stomach. She removed her hands from Integrals chest and ran them down her sides, over her ribs. She was startled greatly when she heard a cross between a laugh and a chuckle come from the stern commander. She looked up puzzlingly, her eyes searching for and explanation.

“I am ticklish there,” Integral stated simply, “any touching there is not permitted.”

Victoria was extremely tempted but she knew that the other woman wouldn’t hesitate to put a bullet through her head. Instead of saying anything in acknowledgment, she went back to the task at hand. Finally, she made her way to her ultimate destination and paused. She had to ask a question she didn’t want to hear from herself for she was afraid of the answer. She heard her own voice asking it anyway.

“Are you sure that this is what you want?” she said gently.

Integral’s look was her only answer. She couldn’t believe that the vampire had just asked such an inane question. This was the woman who was born ready, there was no way she couldn’t have known what it was she wanted. Seras took the look as a yes, suddenly relieved, and hooked her fingers around the edges of the soft material. She slowly pulled them down over the long, well toned legs and discarded them over her shoulder. They landed haphazardly in a heap next to the discarded robe. She kissed and licked her way back up to the blondes pleasure center and smiled inwardly. The curly blonde hairs that sat above her womanhood were neatly trimmed and it answered a question that Seras had wondered for years.

‘So she really is a natural blond!’ she thought, amazed.

She braced herself mentally and then spread the nether lips apart; the pink flesh glistened in the candle light. She took her tongue and stroked it’s length lovingly, and she felt Integral shudder as she let out a moan. Victoria took a moment to find the hardened nub that had long since come out of it’s sheath and she attached her mouth to it. Taking her free hand, she pushed a finger into the tight confines of the other woman, and wasn’t surprised at it’s tightness. She continued these ministrations, feeling Integral’s body start to respond automatically. The older woman’s back arched off the bed, giving the vampire better access to her. Victoria inserted another finger into the blonde, and began a slow thrusting motion. Integral’s body again responded, meeting the thrusting fingers in an exotic dance of sorts. Her breathing was getting heavier by the moment, and Seras sped up the pace.

“Faster, harder!” Integral chanted like a mantra. Seras didn’t need to be told more than once and she increased the speed of her thrusting. Her mouth was still clamped on the small nub, and she continued to give it her attention. Her thrusts where borderline hectic as Integral upped the speed yet again. Finally, the older woman’s body could take no more and her muscles locked up with the waves of pleasure that crashed through her. Integral could see stars behind her clenched eyelids as the orgasmic sensations lingered. She had never felt anything quite like that before and she wasn’t exactly sure how to handle it. Victoria finally felt Integrals inner muscles unclench her fingers and she pulled out of her new lover. The stern woman collapsed back onto the bed and took a deep breath, trying to steady her beating heart.

“That, was amazing.” Integral stated as Seras came to be beside her. The vampire police girl nodded and simply said, “I could feel.”

Finally the Hellsing heir caught the breath that had escaped her and she managed to turn and look at Seras. She felt the other woman reach up and wipe her sweat soaked hair from her face and Integral managed a small smile. She noticed how it took the action surprised the younger woman and she made a mental note to try and to it more often. She noticed how the light streaming from the large window and candles made the vampires red eyes glint mysteriously. Her gaze roamed from the mysterious eyes down to the ample chest. From there she went down the uniformed body to the short skirt, which gave a perfect view of the shapely legs and curvaceous body. She had managed to take off her boots at some point, deciding to leave the thigh high stockings on. Integral had to admit, the uniform looked damn good on the younger woman, but she would probably look better out of it. She took another moment to catch her breath, glad for Seras’ silence to let her do so, and the spoke.

“Thank you.”

Those weren’t the words that Seras was expecting, but she was happy to have them. She was going to say ‘Your welcome.’ but her Master’s master cut her off.

“Before you say anything, let me finish. No one has seen me this way, and I would thank you to keep it to yourself.” she felt the young vampire nod before continuing. “Just because I have invited you into my bed does not put you on special terms, at least, not in front of my men. I refuse to have them think less of me. Is this also understood?” another nod. “Good. Now, I believe that you haven’t been satisfied?” with that she rolled on top of the orange haired woman and tore her shirt open. Buttons flew in several directions but she didn’t care. Nothing could stop her from reaching her goal.

“Now it’s time to make you feel as good as I did.” she said forcefully.

Under the pleasant assault, Seras never stood a chance.


Integral awoke to something soft and cool beneath her head that didn’t feel like any of the large King sized pillows she was used to. It wasn’t unpleasant, just unfamiliar. She cracked an eye and took in her surroundings. Nothing seemed out of place, with the exception of her clothing. Then again, clothing was always optional when it came to Integrals sleep wear. She sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes, trying to get her bearings. She heard a soft sigh from the other side of the bed and she turned to see Seras, wearing nothing but a small smile and the covers around her body.

‘That explains that.’ the stern woman thought. She squinted in the darkness over to the clock on the nightstand and could curse herself for her stupidity. How could she have let the vampire stay the night, when Walter would be in in just under 5 minutes? It wasn’t the being naked that bothered her, it was the fact that she had a naked vampire in her bed. No wonder she hadn’t known what she was laying on at first. The younger woman wasn’t breathing, and that was no surprise to the Hellsing heiress. She had never seen the orange haired police girl sleep, but she just realized that she did breathe when she was awake. She supposed it was to make her feel more human, and she couldn’t hate her for that. In a moment of weakness she took her right hand and brushed some strands of hair from Seras’ face. The other woman muttered incoherently in her sleep and cuddled closer to the warm hand touching her. Integral actually did admit that this gesture was cute, but all thoughts where broken off as the doorknob jiggled and twisted before the door was casually pushed open.

“Sir Integral, I have your--oh my.” Walter said as he walked into the room. The sight of Integral lovingly caressing the resident vampire in training wasn’t something one saw everyday.

Integral pulled her hand back as if it had been stung and debated if she should have pretended to fool the butler. Before she could, the decision was taken out of her hands. Walter walked over to the nightstand and placed the tray consisting of tea, the morning paper, and a plate of various breakfast foods. He smiled his crooked grin and turned to leave silently. Before he reached the door however, he turned and stated to Integral simply, “You Hellsing’s are all alike. You remind me so much of your father more and more each day.” with that, he disappeared into the hall and closed the door behind him.

Integral couldn’t help but sit in stunned silence. What was that supposed to imply? She supposed she shouldn’t let it bother her, there were more important things she had to deal with at the moment. She reached over and retrieved the tray from it’s resting position and turned on the small lamp next to her side of the bed. Picking up the paper, she unfolded it and took a sip of tea.

“Where’s mine, love?” came a sluggish voice from Integral’s side. She turned to see sleepy red eyes gazing at her questioningly, and she couldn’t hold her anger.

‘Your supposed to be softer now Integral! At least to her. It’s early, and she doesn’t know what she’s saying. Try Hellsing, try.’

“Walter didn’t cook for two this morning, but I could have him bring something if you like.”

‘There, that wasn’t so bad was it?’ her inner voice asked. It wasn’t really, but she just wasn’t used to letting her guard down in front of people other than Walter and Arucard, and she still didn’t let them see this side of herself.

“Ish o.k.,” the young woman slurred sleepily, “I can take some o’f yours.” she reached over and onto the tray from her laying position and picked off a grape. Pulling back, she popped the small item in her mouth and swallowed, giving her commander and bedmate a sleep filled grin. Integral couldn’t help but laugh at the scene, the young police officer looked entirely to silly.

Seras wasn’t that asleep. She realized that something special had just happened, yet her sleep filled mind couldn’t compute what. Had her Master’s master just laughed? She propped herself up enough to look past Integral and she couldn’t believe what it told her. The small red numbers glared back at her, defiantly stating that it was indeed 5:32 a.m. and there was nothing she could do about it. She flopped down in disbelief, almost upsetting Integrals tray.

“Do ya’ always ge’ up this early love?” Seras questioned.

Integral was going to answer, it was getting harder for her to be nicer to the younger vampire without reverting to her normal self, but the alarm clock rang. Seras nearly jumped out of the bed at the sound until the stern commander reach over and gently tapped it off.

“Yes, I am always up this early.” she said simply. Integral placed the tray on the nightstand once more and stood.

“I must take a shower and dress, feel free to stay until I finish.” with that, Integral headed in the direction of the bathroom. Alone in the large room, Seras felt a little bit uncomfortable. She heard the sounds of Integral padding about the bathroom and then the shower turning on. Fully awake now, she sat back and let her mind travel back to last night. She hadn’t been fully asleep, but she swore she felt the other woman kiss her head gently and murmur softly to her. She couldn’t have been sure, but she was certain that this was the first time in a long time the older woman had done such a thing. Something inside her told the vampire that Integral felt the same way she did, but she didn’t think the older woman would admit to it just now. For the moment, she would wait and see what would happen. Hearing the shower slow to a stop, she thought it would be best to gather her scattered clothes and return to her room. It wouldn’t look good for her Master’s master if she was seen leaving her room in the various states of disarray she was in.



Integral sat behind the large desk as she did everyday, a Holstein Mark cigar hanging from her lip. Yet unlike every other day, she had a small smile curling the corner of her lips. She was enjoying the relative quiet of her office and the crack of the cigar as it burned, until she felt him.

“Yes, Arucard?” she stated coolly.

She was in for one hell of a shock, because where Arucard would normally appear, was her father. He smiled kindly, his expression far different from that of his portrait, and leaned forward.

“Wrong Wendy dear.” He stated kindly and smiled at her.

It was at that moment that Integral Fairbrook Windgates Hellsing was certain she had lost her sanity. Had that horrible nickname come from anyone else, she would have exploded in a fit of anger, but this person--being?--person, had used it as her father had. There was no way that this could have been real, her father had been dead for an eternity. Yet, there he was, sitting in front of her looking much like his picture.

“You know why I’m here Integral. I don’t approve of what your doing.”

She hadn’t expected that. Hell, she hadn’t expected any of this. She looked her father in the eye and said something she didn’t think she’d ever say if she had the chance.

“It is not your decision to make.” she said in clipped tones. Her father stood abruptly and slammed his hands on her desk. Now that he was closer, she could see that he was transparent.

“Integral! You are now the commander of the Hellsing organization. I thought I taught you better than to go off and bed some undead thing!” he seethed. The apparition of her father glared angrily at her as he waited for a reply in her defense. The stern blonde took her cigar out and placed it as casually as she could into the ashtray. She was not about to let the ghost of someone who’d been dead for a good deal of her life try and sway decisions she made for herself.

“I do as I please, and you have not commanded the Hellsing organization in longer than I care to remember. I did not forget, some things do change. It is silly of me to listen to an apparition of someone who’s approval I no longer need.” she stated coolly. Her fathers figure flared angrily, yet she stood her ground. He was about to let forth another negative burst in her direction, but there was a knock at the door and the knob jiggled gently.

“You know where I stand.” her fathers voice faded.



Authors notes: Well, that's all for now so please check back for more updates soon! I know a few of the characters weren't themselves, but this is my first attempt at this kind of story, so please bear with me.


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