Peaceful Kingdom

By Ashko

// //= blushing.
*--*= thoughts.
(--)= author's notes.
@-@= character is confused.
{--}= flashback or daydream.
~--~= song lyrics.

Disclaimer: I do not own Shoujo Kakumei Utena or anything related to it. 'Wake Up and Smell the Coffee' and its lyrics are sung by The Cranberries and don't belong to me.

Rated PG-13 for light yuri, lime

Warning: I'm sorry but I think some Utena may be a little uncharacteristically hyper sometimes.

Note: Please tell me about any errors!!

Time Period: Before Utena meets Akio, after she duels Juri for the first time.

Relaxing on her bed, the bunk bed, Utena finally got a chance to reflect on the relationship between her and Anthy. *That's just it, there is no relationship. No physical one anyways. Man..I gotta put some spice into it, but how?* She sighed at the thought of the reaction Anthy would give her if she ever tried anything, the other girl would probably...Utena opened her eyes, what _would_ Anthy do?

{Utena tried to get closer to Anthy on the bottom bunk but the other girl just scooted away until she saw the look in Utena's eyes, reminiscent of the look Saionji used to give but with a certain softness to it. *This must be what Miss Utena wants.* Anthy took hold of Utena and kissed her passionately, surprising yet pleasing the girl. They eventually broke the kiss and then Anthy asked, "Was that satisfactory, Miss Utena?" Utena= sweatdrop.}

Chuchu's moving around on Anthy's bed awoke Utena out of her daydream, her head picked up and her eyes snapped open. She looked around the room and then the prince painfully smiled. *That sounds like something she would do, just try and do what I want her to do...I've got it!* Utena shot up and hit the ceiling, muttering swear words at the pain. She jumped off the bed and struck a chivalric pose, pointing to the sky. "I must use my princely powers of seduction!"

Utena turned to the bed to see Chuchu looking at her with unhidden pity, she hated to say it but...even she didn't have a clue when it came to 'that' kind of stuff. *I bet Juri-san knows how to seduce young women, she's probably a pro!* That thought prevented her from busting out of the East Dormitories to find Juri, what if she _herself_ would be Juri's next victim? *Victim? That's silly! There _is_ a line between business and pleasure.* (Most of the time.)

With herself in check, Utena took off on her journey of knowledge. (Heheh..) Anthy watched her quizzically from the front door, seeing Utena walk with fervor and with a look of determination on the girl's face.

Utena was a bit hesitant as she walked into a near-dark large room of the academy, knowing that the captain of the fencing team was most likely lurking about somewhere. She stopped near a large window and looked around her. "Juri-san?" The taller, older teenager seemed to materialize from the shadows wearing her student council getup. From behind, Juri stood until Utena saw the girl's shadow. "Eek!" Utena squeaked and stepped back. Juri= sweatdrop.

Juri put her hands on her hips and spoke in the way that made others feel inferior to her,"_What_ do you want?" Utena almost lost her composure but she gathered her courage to ask, "I need help seducing Anthy." The other girl almost fell over at Utena's straightforwardness, Juri cleared her throat and said, "You're right to the point, aren't you?"

"It's an emergency! We've lost that lovin' feelin'!" Utena jumped up and down, knowing that there was no feeling in the first place. Juri, not exactly caring, looked at Utena like she had lost it again. "And, how does this concern me, pray tell?" She had a guess, it didn't sound like something she would waste her time on. "Teach me the art of love! I want Anthy to _want_ me."

"Seduction? I'm sorry, Utena, but you aren't sophisticated enough for _that_. You couldn't seduce me even if you tried," Juri stated, flipping her hair in a manner of superiority. The other girl moved closer, Juri stepped back and Utena hurriedly exclaimed, "Just kidding!" Utena backed away with puppy dog eyes, "Pretty please? I' you...somehow. Anthy and I just aren't as close as I'd like us to be-" Juri interrupted her with, "Oh, you mean you two don't make crazy love until all hours of the night?" Utena= // // + sweatdrop.

"Now _that_ was to the point," Utena commented, still red but slowly returning to her original color. Juri sighed knowing that Utena would be stubborn and persistent as usual if she didn't get her way, Juri decided to cooperate. "How _will_ you pay me? I see no value in _your_ money." No money huh? A favor then? "I'll find a way." The two girls stayed silent for a moment until Juri tilted her head and inspected Utena. "Okay, first, straighten up. Chin up, shoulders back, _chest_ thrust out!" Utena almost fell over.

"Shouldn't I just be myself?" Utena asked, looking like a soldier. Juri huffed, "Where exactly has that gotten you so far? Touga? _Don't_ get me started...Just follow my instructions and you'll have Anthy melt like butter in your arms by tonight." Utena glanced away.

{As Anthy and Utena embraced, the prince felt her bride go weak in the knees and hold onto her for support. Utena nuzzled her nose into Anthy's neck and whispered sweet nothings into the other girl's ears, causing the other girl to turn red (_if_ you could tell) and lose herself to Utena's will.}

Juri tapped Utena on the shoulder and sighed, "Now, I like a girl who holds herself straight. It shows you have a strong back." Utena nodded. "What else?" The other girl thought a moment for something else, "Move around." Utena began walking around, Juri noted her movements and stopped her. "You have your hips a little when you walk, be agile like a cat..." Utena rose an eyebrow, "But wait, I don't want to be like a slut. I want to be like..a pimp." Juri stepped back, Utena corrected herself. "No, not like that. I don't want to be all girly for Anthy, I want to a prince."

Juri cringed. Utena and her silly prince obsession, didn't she ever hear about when the prince was seduced by the evil sorceress? "Heh.." Juri almost laughed, thinking of making Utena hers. It couldn't happen...She watched Utena walk across the room and then back to her, gazing at the prince's magnificent, smaller figure. "..." Utena gave her a nervous smile. "Will that work?"

Juri nodded and stepped closer to Utena, gazing into the girl's eyes. "Do you know how to kiss?" Utena= // //. Was Juri putting the moves on _her_? Was it working?! Over and over again, Juri had heard of Utena's first 'kiss' from her prince but that was so long ago..and from the rumors, it wasn't a kiss on the lips either. *I wonder what it would be like...* Both girls thought the same.

Utena slowly shook her head, remembering the question asked by Juri. Didn't she _love_ Anthy? Would she let Juri destroy that? "Just follow my instructions..." There seemed to be a slight change in Juri's voice, impossible to pinpoint. Something along the lines of a barely audible cry to be loved. Juri stepped forward again, inches next to Utena. "First..establish eye contact." Utena= // //. Was Juri going to use the two of them for a demonstration...? (No duh..)

Juri looked down into Utena's sapphire eyes filled with emotion. "Juri-san...?" Utena weakly asked. Why did Juri make her feel that way? Was she _trying_ to? "It's only for your lesson, Utena. Don't take it seriously." The words stung for some 'strange' reason, Utena closed her eyes. Did she was to take it seriously? "I said, establish eye contact," Juri repeated. *Silly easily manipulated...she's like dough in my hands..*

Utena's eyes snapped open as Juri placed her hands around the girl's hips, not being able to wait anymore. *Let me taste your kiss..* She placed a hand on Utena's cheek, closed her eyes, and then moved in to kiss Utena. (What?!) Utena wasn't quite sure what to do, she stood helpless and weak. Juri broke the kiss and rose an eyebrow. "You know, Utena, most kisses _are_ a two-person affair. Unless you don't plan to do this with Anthy, I suggest you kiss me." Oh well...

Utena wrapped her arms around Juri, she wasn't quite sure what she was doing was right but _at_ _least_ she could get some experience. Juri and Utena met in a passionate kiss that took the younger girl's breath away, Utena _almost_ allowed it to go further than a kiss but it was then that she realized she was due back at the dormitory. They pulled apart and stood as their eyes slowly opened to meet each other, Juri smiled, "You're a natural." With that said, the fencer turned a and disappeared back into the shadows. Utena= @-@.

Utena then turned to the door and walked out with Juri still watching her. *We'll have to finish this sometime...*

Utena arrived at the East Dormitories right on time, the sun was beginning to set and Anthy had dinner out. It was fettuccini alfredo. A silence settled over the two of them until Utena remembered why she went to Juri in the first place, Juri wasn't even all that helpful even if she almost managed to seduce her. She quietly decided to make her move that night, Utena would have to be inconspicuous in luring Anthy into her arms.

After the dinner, Utena tried out her ‘cat’ walk leaving the table, noting Anthy’s eyes following her movements. Anthy= sweat drop. "Miss Utena, is something wrong with your leg?" Utena almost fell over and then walked to Anthy’s seat, a little peeved. "No, I’m fine." With that said, Utena left to their room, adding, "I’ll be waiting for you."

Anthy was left confused in the dining room, still wanting to know where her prince had gone earlier that day. She then began to clean up after dinner, her usual routine. It was a good thing that Utena didn’t know that Anthy had gone to receive love advice from Miki, he didn’t exactly help either since he had never kissed…never been in a romantic relationship. Miki told her that their lack of physical activity was caused by Utena’s belief that Anthy only did what Utena wanted her to do which stopped Utena from trying anything all together.

{Miki and Anthy sat on a bench outside the academy. "See, Miss Anthy, show her that you love her. If she still doesn’t understand then, maybe you need to find someone who loves you." He said the last part a little quieter. "But, we’re engaged, I have to stay with her," Anthy protested. Miki rolled his eyes, "Are you going to let a silly engagement stop you from receiving the love you deserve?"}

*Tonight is the night.* Anthy turned off the kitchen light and headed upstairs.

~she’s only got one reason to live
this is your life
she’s only got one message to give
give it tonight~

Anthy opened their door and saw Utena, leaning against the bed, still wearing her boy’s uniform. There would be no better time, Utena opened her eyes and whispered, "Anthy.." Was Utena also planning her own show of love? Anthy walked to the bed. "Miss Utena, I…" Utena lifted Anthy’s chin with a hand so both of their eyes met, sparkling azure with glistening green eyes. "You what..?" Their voices were whispers as both of them became entranced by the other. Anthy= // //.

Utena wrapped an arm around Anthy’s middle and pulled her closer, their bodies against each other. Utena= // //. Anthy could feel her own temperature rising, she wrapped her arms around Utena and rested her head on the girl’s chest. "I love you…." Finally, Utena had heard those three words and it seemed as though Anthy said them under her own free will. It wasn’t the words, it was the meaning, it was the way that they sounded coming from Anthy’s mouth. Utena felt like she could die and all would be right in the world right then but Anthy kept her there.

Anthy took her hands off Utena and brought them to her hair, letting the purple waves all down along her back. Utena ran a hand through the lavender hair and then gently kissed Anthy, letting a barely audible moan escape as she deepened the kiss. It was like a small fire that grew as Anthy kissed back and pressed Utena against the bed. Later that night, it transformed into an inferno of love between two young women….

The End.

(Yeah, I ended it rather abruptly, didn't I? That's 'cos I'm no good at lemons and this is supposed to be PG-13.)

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