Tonight and Forever

By: MSTenoh14

Kanna knocked on the door to Sumire’s room ,but got no answer, the tall red haired woman sighed and pushed the door back. Sumire was aware of the knock ,but didn’t want to acknowledge it, she knew Kanna would be coming to see her… a moment she had always awaited and a moment she always feared was coming… Slowly the red haired woman edged into the other girls room, it was pitch black only illuminated by the moonlight flowing through the slightly opened curtains.

“Sumire?” whispered the giant of a woman surprising herself with how soft it came out.

No reply.

“Sumire? Please I just want to-” Kanna said scanning the dark room she only stopped speaking when she saw the figure huddled in the corner of the room. Sumire sat with her knees drawn up and with her arms locked around them, the usually larger than life girl appeared small and fragile in the dim moonlight.

Sumire spoke for the first time “What do you want, you oversized baboon!”

The insult did not affect the red haired giant as it usually would, it made her feel even worse at the unintentional hurt she had caused this beautiful woman.

“No games Sumire, I just wanted to talk to you-” Kanna blushed ,but thankfully the lights were off she hated how it made her look.

“Well, I-I” The brown haired girl sobbed out the rest of the sentence “don’t want to t-talk with you!” and then convulsed into body shaking sobs. Kanna crossed the room in two giant steps and immediately threw her long arms around the other girls body; drawing her close.

Kanna rocked the crying girl, “What have I done?” thought the lanky red head.

Kanna stroked the short brown main looking at Sumire “What is it? Please Sumire you can tell me…” she trailed off.

Kanna suddenly picked the smaller girl up and deposited her on the bed, Sumire’s quietness was scaring her. The only sounds were her quiet sobs and ragged breathing.

“It’s you.”

“Huh?” Kanna said with a now visible perplexed face.

“You- I umm.. It’s you” whispered Sumire laying on her bed gazing up at the other Hanagumi.

“I don’t understand you.” Kanna said as she turned her face away from the intense stare.

“Your heart is so open no matter what happens to you ,your so pleasant and it makes me feel special just watching you-” the smaller girl paused “And that is why I hate you! I hate you with all of my being sometimes. I hate you because I am cold, I hate you because I got everything I wanted as a child, I hate you because no one ever hurt me, and I hate you because no one ever gave me a chance to experience life like you have.”

Kanna’s eyes grew large as she listened ,yet she made no effort to move or speak. Sumire kept speaking.

“But, most of all, more than any of that I love you! I love everything about you, so I fight myself and fight myself and I’m losing to my heart Kanna. Your warmth is a gift and I need it to keep my cold heart alive. It hurts me..” Sumire sat up and touched the violet eyed martial artists cheek and Kanna unconsciously leaned into the touch.

“It hurts to be so close to your love, showered by it everyday knowing you don’t mean it as I do. I’m sorry for dumping this all on you , I know you’ll think I’m some sort of hentai, but I do love you… even if you are a woman.” Now the tears were flowing down her face like a uncontrollable torrent of emotional pain and Kanna was at a complete loss.

“Sumire.” Kanna took her hand and continued “I don’t think you’re a hentai I would never think that.”

Sumire smiled through her tears it was a better reaction than she thought she would get.

“I’m flattered that you think of me like you do, but-” Sumire’s face fell “-I honestly don’t know what to say about loving me. All I can tell you is that I understand why you hate me, but it’s not easy for me all the time and my life wasn’t as pretty as you might think it was… All I have had in my life was Ryuu Kyuu my karate was everything.”

Sumire looked down at the bed sheets “Kanna I know all about what happened with your father and I know it wasn’t easy for you. What I mean is all my life I have been sheltered and protected. No one ever told me a real opinion; only what I wanted to hear. And nobody ever loved me, just suitors who wanted my families wealth or name.”

“Sumire I don’t think I’m the one you want.”

Sumire rushed forward and grabbed Kanna “You are the one I want. You may not love me ,but can you honestly say you don’t want to at least try…”

Kanna pulled Sumire back a little and slowly began to descend towards her full lips, the small Tokyo girl felt like her heart was going to burst! Kanna was going to kiss her. “Oh Kami-sama..” Sumire’s thoughts trailed off as their lips connected in a chastise kiss.

Kanna’s doubts were set aside in the moment their lips touched, Sumire pulled her close and slowly started to slip her warm tongue into the other girls mouth. The brown haired woman took charge and pulled Kanna down on top of her while falling to the bed, the kiss was amazing. Kanna had never even had a real kiss before and now… “Sumire is so warm” was her only conscious thought.

Sumire parted her thighs and let Kanna’s delicious weight rest between them, though Kanna wasn’t grinding her larger frame made it feel as if she was. Kanna’s eyes opened wide as Sumire bucked upwards into her, the violet eyed girl jumped up out of the bed and ran out of the room as if she had seen a ghost.

Sumire sunk into her pillow and tried not to cry.


The solid Russian figure was turning the corner to her room when she saw Kanna run out of Sumire’s room.

“Kanna?” said the blonde as she felt the air rush by her body from when the older girl had passed by. The taller woman didn’t even look her way as she rushed up the stairs, Maria shrugged it off and went to her room figuring it was just another one of their usual spats.

The tall blonde sat down on her bed and started to strip off her thick black jacket, it wasn’t cold in Tokyo, unlike New York or Russia ;but that jacket had become her security blanket over the years. Under the overcoat was her old military uniform; a white shirt and a pair of black pants along with red shoes and her own favorite gloves. Maria’s body showed through shirt exposing her well endowed chest that no one would of guessed was there. The black pants had two gun holsters at the thigh which held her .45s, the two guns did nothing to subtract from her well rounded hips and slim muscular legs. Maria faced the mirror and sighed.

“Aaayy, this has been a long day. I cannot let them go on like this forever. I am a assistant commander…” her distinct Russian tones made the works seem dragged out and slow.

Maria pushed her hair back to get a full view of her face and once again she found herself reminiscing about old times.

“All these things remind me… I thought I said goodbye to my memories” unconsciously she clutched the locket with the picture of her slain lover, friend, and commander…the most important person she had ever known. “This has got to stop.” she whispered to herself “I’ll never be half the leader you were, my love.”

Maria stripped down in front of the mirror, watching herself, she rarely ever looked at herself, but today was the kind of day where you needed to use a different routine. Once out of her clothes she sat the .45s on her dresser and slipped on a long black night slip with a pair of silk panties. “So Maria we are all dressed up, who will be with us in our dreams?” thought the Russian. As a final night ritual she took off her gloves reveling her scared hands; the blonde couldn’t stand to look at them for long. She slipped under the covers and blew out the candles, eliminating all the light that illuminated her room. “I have got to stop talking to my-” her thought was cut off by a loud thump coming from somewhere above her.

“What’s that? A burglar?” she spoke out loud. The green eyed beauty rolled out of bed while grabbing her gun in one smooth motion. She checked to see if it was loaded as she walked out of the door and into the hall, slowly she edged up the stairs and nudged open the door. The formally trained girl held her gun stiff armed and straight in front of her. Her lithe form was tightened like a coil ready to spring into action. Maria side stepped around the back of the roof alert and examining the rooftop expecting to see a burglar or criminal of some sort delinquent then out of the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of the unwanted visitor. Kanna heard a noise that sounded like a footstep and was getting up to check it out ,but Maria moved so quickly Kanna had no time to react. Suddenly she was knocked back down on to her back, the impact was very hard causing the karate champions air to be knocked out of her chest audio ably. Kanna looked up and Maria was sitting on top of her midsection in a ridden up night slip and holding a .45 caliber weapon to her head!


Tachibana looked down and realized what happened “Oh my Kanna! Don’t you ever scare me like that again, I could of seriously hurt you.” ,said Maria as she laid the gun to the side of Kanna.

“Scare you! I’m the one fighting for breath here.” Kanna made a goofy heart attack face and Maria laughed.

“What are you doing out here? I heard a large thump and I thought it was a criminal of some sort.”

Kanna thought for a second recalling her incident with Sumire, she decided it was best not to tell the younger commander of it.

“Aww, I wasn’t doing anything really. I just didn’t want to be inside.”

Maria frowned, Kanna was a honest person so it was very easy to tell she was lying, but the co-commander let it go. “If she lies, then she has her reasons.” thought Tachibana.

Kanna’s face grew into a bright red when she finally realized what Maria was wearing and her current position. The green eyed Russian caught the change in her expressions “She is so cute” thought the blonde. Realizing the awkward position and ashamed at her thoughts she stood up quickly.

“I am sorry!” exclaimed Maria as she extended her hand down to Kanna to help her up. The tall karate champion reached for her hand and gasped “Maria your hand…”

The blonde woman’s eyes grew as she realized she had forgotten to put her gloves on in her excited state. “I..I have to go!”

Tachibana turned and fled ,but before she reached the door the violet eyed woman caught her hand. “Maria, you don’t have to run. I’m sorry if you thought that I thought it was ugly, I was just shocked.”

Maria turned to look up at two warm and caring eyes. “It is just that I don’t like to look at them either, I never take my gloves off.”

Kanna tilted her head and started think, this was after all the first time she had seen Maria in anything other then her on stage clothes, a kimono, or the large black overcoat and gloves. “Is that a bullet hole?” whispered Kanna.

“Yes. I got it- I’m sorry I can’t talk about this now.” Maria turned around and went through the door leading back down stairs. Kanna sighed and went to her room not liking how the night was turning out. “All these happenings with women! Grrr… I never thought I’d end up a girl magnet.”, thought the red head with a sigh.

Back in her room Maria flopped down on to her bed, her mind was working overtime. “I can’t believe that I went out with out my gloves. Kanna has seen how disgusting they are…” Maria gazed up at the ceiling and blew the hair off of her left eye “Kanna…” ,Maria whispered out loud. The Russian blonde smiled thinking of the tall violet eyed woman and how gently she touched her hands. A small blush crept up her face as the worry she felt turned in to desire for the other woman.

“Kanna…” again the one word popped into her mind. Along with the thought a warm feeling grasped her midsection, the feeling she had from being on top of the Japanese woman’s midsection for so long came back to hit her full force. Tachibana rose and locked her door, she was about to lay back on her bed when she thought the better of it. Instead she went to her closet and pulled open a shoe box, inside of it were all the pictures and play programs she had saved. She sifted through them until she found it, a picture of her red haired lust object laying on the poolside in a very tight bikini; she was sure Kanna never knew that it was taken, she herself had confiscated it from Lt. General Yoneda and reprimanded him for looking at one of his troop in such a inappropriate manner.

Once again she went over to her bed, picture in hand. Slowly she stepped out of the night slip and lied on the bed gazing at the picture acutely aware of her nipples which were now two hardened buds. Maria grasped her right breast and palmed the dusty pink nipple and rubbed her hand back and forth across it.

“Ohhh” she moaned. “It has been so long I forgot how good it felt.” thought the young green eyed woman. She took her pointer finger and thumb and began rolling the hardened bud between them. The shock sent a jolt of electricity to her moistening center.

“Kanna..” she thought again.

She dropped the picture out of her other hand and did the same to the other nipple, the gunwoman was now rolling her hips which were begging for intimate contact she reluctantly let her hand leave the still hardened nipple and let it slowly trail down her slim well muscled stomach. Resting it on her panties line just before her crotch with the other hand still working her nipple the torture was exquisite, Maria moaned and slipped out of her undergarment. Now laying completely nude she once again continued her attention on her nipples.

“Ahhh…I- need..”

Tachibana trailed her right hand down to her crotch and spread the wet outer lips with her pointer and ring finger and used her middle finger to slide up and down her insides, causing delicious friction against the little bundle of nerves peeking out of it’s hood. The moans increased and she was bucking her hips up again. Maria now used her other hand to push two fingers in to her tight love channel, she pushed them in and out slowly at first but with increasing need she went faster, harder and deeper. Unconsciously she opened her legs wider allowing her hand better access, the left hand pressed hard against her clit and her other hand kept the hammering motion inside of her.

“Ohhhh god” ,she breathed out raggedly. Her usually pale body was red from the building desire. She pinched her clit and felt her body shake, ready for a big release, the blonde turned her head and looked at the picture of the tall girl taking in the site of all her muscles and curves. And that was it she gave her clit another little squeeze and fell over the edge into sweet release. Maria’s body went into spasms and her legs shook, her fingers were clamped by her insides, stuck between her legs. The blonde barely registered the soaking wetness that flew from between her legs.

Maria’s thoughts had degraded to just Russian passion curses and “Ooohh Kanna.”

Finally the girl got her senses back and was again looking at the ceiling “That was the most amazing orgasm I have ever had.” never had she felt anything like that not even from her former lover and commander. She looked at her hands and smiled picking up Kanna’s picture. “I guess we are in for yet another round.”

Maria sat up and spread her legs.

Sumire rolled around for the hundredth time that night she just couldn't fall asleep.

“Watakushi teito no top star.” whispered the brown haired beauty “I can’t be in love with that gargantuan oaf! She is stupid and wants to fight all time… she is loyal and beautiful-” Sumire groaned and hit her fists against the bed. Sumire rolled out of the bed and decided to go for a walk… “It’s not like I’ll get any sleep tonight.”, thought the brown eyed girl.

The hall was dark as she moved to go down the stairs heading towards the theaters stage room.

Sorry again! This one isn't finished either!!! Gomen nasai no updates an unfinished fiction... but real life is killing Umi and I :-(  well I can always use feedback to make me happy!!! I'm


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