This was an idea I came up with the other night. I'm a huge fan of Marmalade Boy and I adore Meiko. I've always thought her and Miki would be cute together, but it's very clear that they each have someone else and wouldn't think that way..At least not until I get a hold of them. ^-^ And for the standard disclaimer..I don't own them, don't sue me. >.< Oh, and there are spoilers in this so if you haven't seen all of it and don't want to know what goes on towards the end of the series, I recomend you don't read this.

One Night

By Chibi Nuriko

Meiko was looking through old photo albums at pictures of her loved Na-chan one night after the two made up. She was so thankful that Miki helped get them back together and knew she owed her friend so much. Finally she had her life back, but just as her world fell into place, Miki's shattered.

Yuu had finally left for America and Miki was very depressed without him. She did her best to hide it, but Meiko could see through her. She knew best after all, it was the same thing she did when Na-chan left her. As she came across a picture of her and her best friend she stopped to admire her friends cute face. "Don't worry Miki, I'm still here for you." Meiko said absently to the picture as if Miki could actually hear. She closed the photo album and turned off her lights getting ready to climb into bed when she heard a faint knock on the door.

"Meiko-san are you still awake?" A soft voice called through the door. Meiko recognized it as the so called 'maids' voice that her parents had hired to keep the house standing while they were busy cheating on each other.

"I'm awake," Meiko called out wondering why she was being interrupted so late at night.

"I'm sorry to bother you but Koishikawa-san is downstairs and she seems really upset and.." the maid didn't get to finish as Meiko hopped out of her bed and ran past her. As Meiko looked down the long staircase she saw Miki looking at her trying to hold back her sobs.

"Miki," Meiko softly said her friends name as she reached the bottom of the stairs. It really broke her heart to see the usually cheerful Miki in such a state. Meiko didn't even have to ask what was wrong, she knew exactly what it was and instead of talking she wrapped her arms around Miki.

"I'm sorry for coming over so late. I just couldn't sleep and I have no one else now. Your the only one that I can come to." Miki started crying again as she held onto Meiko.

"Let's go upstairs ne? We can talk up there." Meiko said as she led Miki up to her bedroom. Once inside Miki sat on Meiko's bed with her head in her hands crying.

"I miss him too much. I can't go on like this." Miki stopped crying to look up at her friend who was now sitting next to her. Meiko put her arm around Miki's shoulders and tried to think of something to do to comfort her friend.

"I know what your going through, and I know how hard it is. But thanks to you I can finally be happy again so I promise I'll do all I can to make you happy as well."

For the first time in days Miki actually smiled for real. She knew coming to Meiko's was the right thing to do. "Arigatou Meiko. Your the best friend I could ask for."

"And the same goes for you Miki. Now why don't we lay down and try to get some sleep?" Meiko got up and found something in her room for Miki to sleep in. Miki's eyes trailed to Meiko's nightstand where there were several framed pictures. The biggest being on of her and Na-chan. Another of the two of them, and finally one of the whole group..including Yuu.

Miki felt ridiculous wanting to cry over such a small thing as a picture but she couldn't help it. She remembered that day so fondly. When the group went skiing and Yuu came and saved her. Tears started to flow from Miki's eyes before she could stop herself.

"Here sleep in this," Meiko said as she turned around and saw Miki crying once again.

"Every little thing makes me think of him. It's pathetic."

"No it's not pathetic. It just shows how much you love him. Now go on and change and we'll try to get some sleep." Meiko turned around to find another pillow for Miki to use while she got dressed. Finally a few minutes passed and the two girls were laying quietly in bed.

"Why do I cry so much Meiko? It won't do any good." Miki asked as she got her eyes to focus on her friend in the darkend room.

"Well what do you think will do you some good?" Meiko knew whatever Miki's answer would be she'd go for it if Miki thought it would help.

"I want to be held. I miss being in his arms so much and, well I just miss the physical contact." Miki laughed at herself thinking she must sound silly.

"Well I know I'm not as big as him but you can pretend right?" With that said Meiko wrapped her arms around Miki and held her close. Trying to lighten the mood Meiko made her voice as deep as she could, trying to imitate Yuu and simply said, "I love you Miki."

They both started laughing at that and Miki advised Meiko that it's a good thing she's a girl because if any guy ever had that silly of a voice he'd never get a date.

"You know I'm sexy," Meiko teased back at Miki using her 'deep' voice again.

"You wish," Miki said as she propped herself up on one elbow to look down at Meiko. She felt happy for the first time since Yuu left her and she owed it all to Meiko.

"Maybe I do," Meiko said almost inaudibly after a few seconds had passed.

"Meiko?" Miki wondered if Meiko really meant that.

"I'm sorry, I don't know where that came from." Meiko felt as if she couldn't breathe. She really had no clue why she said that but when she felt Miki's lips pressed to hers she didn't question a thing. She wrapped her arms around Miki and pulled her body down on top of hers. Both girls were very lonely from being so far away from their lovers and the physical contact definatly felt good to both of them.

Finally they broke apart and once again Meiko told Miki that she loved her, only this time she was serious. "I love you too Meiko. I'm glad I have such a good friend that I can turn too. I miss Yuu a lot but with you around it won't seem so bad."

They knew from now on their relationship would be different but in a good way. It's not everyday two best friends discover such a thing but they both found they were attracted to the other. Yes, they still loved their boyfriends very much but they also loved each other in a way more than friendship.

"Thank you for giving me a reason to not miss Yuu so much," Miki told Meiko as she layed back down in her arms. She thought for a moment she shouuld feel akward about this but then quickly dismissed the thought. Her and Meiko now had an even stronger tie to one another. One that no one else, not even their lovers could take away from them. And she knew she could never ask for more than that..