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~~~ means change of scene in the same time frame of the last ***.

> < means shared thoughts

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Rose Petal Juri: Dear Diary

By: MSTenoh14

Juri threw her head back, she groaned as she moved back and forth faster, the need to feel connected to someone, or something, was driving her in a primal fashion. She looked down, but the form beneath her, the other girl was solid black… The two fingers pushed ever deeper into her canal hitting the lithe orange haired girls most sensitive regions driving her ever closer towards oblivion. Suddenly a flood of passion filtered through Juri’s system, she held her head back and closed her eyes, spastically dancing over the other girls’ body.

She opened her eyes and in a hazy view she saw the face of her lover…

Two stunningly blue eyes shimmering full of love and devotion smiled at her. >This isn’t Shihori-sempai< thought Juri. >This is something more< The pink haired form under her withdrew from inside, and pulled her into a gentle kiss.

A kiss

A light

A soft

A warm

A loving


Utena pulled the cover over them that had been long knocked over during their strenuous lovemaking. >Lovemaking?< thought Juri >I made love! Do I love her? What about Shihori-san<

Finally she realized Utena was saying something, knocked out of her thoughts she focused on the younger girl.

“Earth to Juri, Juri please come in” giggled Utena using a voice that sounded distorted by static.

“Sorry sempai. I just got caught up in my thoughts.”

Utena smiled warmly “Penny?”

“Oh, it was nothing.” Juri dismissed the offer to listen and buried her face in the hollow of Utena’s neck. Savoring the smell of love and memorizing the safe feeling that had alluded her for years, now found lying in bed with Tenjou Utena.


Juri was knocked out of the dream by the alarm clocks annoying sounds. She slapped her hand down on the clock to shut it off. It was time for her 5 a.m. jog. Juri sighed wishing she could hold on to that dream forever. She finally went to the bathroom; some days you just wish you woke up at 6.


Utena yawned and looked over the edge of the top bunk.

“Hmmm I wonder where Anthy could have gone off to?”

Utena jumped off the bed and looked at the clock >5 a.m.<

“Anthy where are you?” the athletic pink haired girl called out.

“Tenjou-san I am in the kitchen.” Was the soft reply from the dark skinned, purple haired girl. Utena couldn’t help but to think of how much she loved Anthys’ deep green eyes. Utena shook her head... >It must be too early<

“Good morning Tenjou-san…”

“Call me Utena”


“Would you like something to eat?”

“I’m fine.”

Anthy set out a plate and then went to the fridge and took out a fruit salad bowl.

Anthy smiled at Utena “I’m pleased to see you awake at such an hour.”

As if on schedule Utena yawned “I guess it’s because I went to bed early.”

Anthy started to eat and looked up. “You can accompany me to the rose garden if you’d like. I’m going early so Chu-Chu and I can pull some weeds.”

Utena thought for a moment and decided. “Nah. I think I’ll go for a jog or something.”

Anthy lowered her head, “As you wish Tenjou-san.” and went back to eating.

Utena looked at Chu-Chu sleeping on the counter next to the toaster, the furry animal looked like a cross between a mouse and monkey. Never the less he was Anthy’s best friend. She was sure the he’d be awake soon to keep Anthy company. The tall blued eyed girl stuck her hand in the salad bowl and shoved a hand full of fruit in her mouth and went to the shower, smiling at the half amused half disgusted face Anthy was making.



Juri rounded the bend as she turned up the volume on her Walkman. The national fencing champions long usually curly hair was done in a ponytail and she only wore a sports bra and sweat pants. Most people wouldn’t even believe it was her if they had seen her. But, some things you couldn’t change, her tall slender yet muscular frame was proudly on display, the lean torso leading up to a very firm and generous chest. And of course her, orange and fire tinted hair always gave her away…

Not noticing her surroundings she collided with someone.

“Ouch!” Utena yelped as she ungracefully hit the ground.

Juri looked over to Utena and stood. Juri offered Utena her hand and helped her up.

“I am sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

“It’s all right neither was I.” Commented the younger girl.

“You know what Juri?”

“What?” asked Juri slightly puzzled.

“You look nice like that, like a normal girl… I think you look prettier with straight hair. Sorta’ like a normal girl you know. Not that any one would want you to be normal ,because your great now, even if you are mean some times.” Then Utena realized she was rambling.

Juri felt her face grow hot as she blushed deeply. Utena’s eyes grew wide as cold as ice Arisugawa Juri was turning beet red over a comment she had made.

“T-t-thanks.” Juri said growing uncomfortable with her lack of control.

She still didn’t know whether to be upset at Utena for making her blush or to be happy she thought she was pretty.

“Got anywhere to be Tenjou-san?”

“No, I’m just on a run.”

“Do you want to join me?” she didn’t wait for an answer she just jogged ahead, hoping to gain some control.

Soon Utena had fallen in step keeping up with Juri, a feat that even student council president Kiryuu Touga could not manage. They jogged in a pleasant silence for a bit then Juri pulled off her headphones.


“Yeah?” Utena noted that Juri was making an effort to say her name instead of the formal Tenjou-san.

"What do you think the revolution is? What are we fighting for?"

>That was surprising< thought Utena with a thoughtful expression on her face.

"Well... I don't know about the revolution. I just want Anthy to be normal like everyone else."

"Is that all?" questioned Juri,"What of your prince?"

Utena blushed. She knew most of the End of the World fighters were aware of her quest to find her prince, but it sounded different coming from Juri. Almost as if she was searching too....

Juri looked at Utena's reddening face and then at the ground.

She spoke in a whisper, "I-it's okay if you don't want to talk about it with me after how I've treated you. I know I'm not-"

Utena cut her off, "No, it's o.k. it's just that it's strange you ask, your so different today. Like something or someone has changed you. I think I like this you better."

It was Juri's turn to blush.

"My prince. I know I will find him. What will happen after that is what I wonder about. What will I do with Anthy? If I am her prince will I leave her? Will she..." Utena stopped, realizing she was telling her inner most thoughts to a girl that she barely knew.

>beep beep beep beep<

Utena looked at her watch. "Class starts in a hour. I need to get back home and change."

"It would be quicker to just change in the girls locker room, I'm sure you have a spare uniform there...everyone does."

"Yeah your right it would be quicker." Utena gave Juri a friendly shove.

"Race you slow poke!" laughed the younger girl as she ran ahead with Juri on her tail.


The gyms changing room was empty, as the two girls entered not even the coaches were anywhere to be seen. Utena looked confused "Umm, why isn't anyone in here Juri?"

"The first sports practice doesn't start until seven and I only have the key because I'm on the student council."

Utena nodded, "I see, do you have a key to everything around Ohtori?"

Juri walked to her locker and got a towel and uniform out, "The council members each have a skeleton key."

Utena nodded >Hey, shouldn't I have one...I'm not on the council but I am a duelist< "My locker is over here"

Utena stood in front of the locker and gathered a towel and fresh uniform >I'm lucky Anthy put a spare in here last week<, she thought as she closed the locker door.

The pair walked to the showers taking an empty bench next to the first stall.

"Looks like they took out the dividers..."

Utena blushed, "Yeah, I think I'll wait until your done."

Juri was almost excited to see Utena nude; "Is the brave, fearless duelist Tenjou Utena afraid to step into a shower unguarded?"

Utena sweat dropped and stuck her tongue out at Juri "Of course not I just thought you might be shy!"

Juri laughed until she turned a deep shade of red,” Sure Tenj- Utena"

Juri stood up and pulled down her sweat pants revealing a pair of close fitting, low cut, Hanes panties made to look like men’s briefs. Utena couldn't help but to look; almost as if she was willed to. The pink haired girl couldn't stop; Juri smiled, and then pouted "No fair Utena! If I showed mine you show yours."

"Well you see...” Utena said as she put her arm behind her head in jester of discomfort.


"I just kind of left today. I didn't put any on"

Blood spurted out of Juri’s nose, "Well then I suppose it's on me again." She hooked her slim fingers around the edges of her underwear and slowly slid them down to her feet and kicked them off. Utena’s eyes were two saucers, wide open; she never imagined that Juri would do that. The flame haired beauty was indeed orange all over, Juri’s closely shaven pubic hairs matched her hair color perfectly. Utena was still staring lost in thought. >Oh shit, damn it, damn it. Juri is hot! Is she hitting on me? Or is this just how Juri is? How will I explain this to Anthy<, the pink haired girl thoughts were jumbling together.

"Utena?" Juri snapped her fingers.

"Utena are you there?”, she said as she waved her hand in front of the other girl.

"Oh, what? Huh? Oh, yeah."

"If it is too much for you I can put my panties back on."

"No!" shouted Utena accidentally, "I mean no, it's okay.", she said in almost a whisper.

>I think she likes this<, thought Juri.

"Your turn Utena" Juri looked over Utena’s body.

Utena slowly stood and slid off her track pants revealing a closely shaven mound of pink hairs. Juri tried to clam her rapidly beating heart, she knew this was wrong but she couldn't help, but to stare at the trim hairs and vanilla skin.

>I can't believe we are doing this.<

Utena stepped forward and reached behind Juri’s back.

"Wha---" was all Juri got out as Utena pulled the sports bra over her head. Their midsections were so close together if either girl would have moved forward they'd touch; Utena stepped back and took in the sight of Juri’s naked body. Her nipples were a beautiful dusty pink color and her breasts were deliciously round; the smaller girl unconsciously licked her lips. Juri stepped forward and took off Utena’s shirt and next her bra...

Both girls hearts were beating fast, and so loudly they couldn't hear their own heavy breathing. Juri looked down at the smaller yet, proportioned chest of Utena. Her breasts were pert and her nipples were a shade lighter then her own, Utena’s nipples were hardened which made them look plump. >I wish I could taste them< Juri caught were the thought was going, >...this is so wrong.<

Juri backed away and grabbed her wash towel, "We should get in the shower, and you will be late for your study hall."

Utena snapped back to reality, "Yeah." she grabbed her towel and followed the exiting Juri into to showers.


Juri turned the nozzle of the shower and the two were being sprayed by nice warm water.

Utena looked around and grabbed a soap off the rack in front of their shower and she washed her body, keeping her eyes off of Juri who was doing the same.

>Too much has happened and the day hasn't even started< sighed Utena at she thought. Juri went over to the rack and put up the soap and grabbed some shampoo, she squeezed some into her palm and was going to put it in her hair until she got a better idea. The tall tenth grader turned towards Utena and came and stood behind the pink haired athlete, then started to wash her hair. Juri enjoyed playing with the soft locks, turning the usual shampoo in to a massage, slowly running her finger through Utena’s hair.

Utena was tense and afraid at first then she relaxed and let herself fall against Juri’s muscular frame as Juri ran her fingers all over her head. >Kami, Juri can give a massage. I wonder what her hand would feel like...< Utena could feel Juri’s body melded against hers. Her nipples were hard, and touching Utena’s back and her mid-section was on Utena’s bottom; it was as if they were built to fit together.

Utena willed herself to turn around and face Juri, "My turn."

Utena got some shampoo and reached up to Juri, the other girl bent her head down, "No I want to see you."

Juri nodded and stood erect again, Utena stood at the tips of her toes and gently put the shampoo into Juri’s hair pushing it back. Suddenly Utena giggled and Juri opened her eyes.


Utena covered her mouth and giggled some more. "It's just that I never knew our ears were so pointy."

Utena was now openly laughing, "They are always covered by your hair."

Juri frowned,"I do it on purpose, I hate them. When I was a kid the other children called me Keebler."

Utena smiled at Juri,"Well, I like them. They suit you." The younger girl pulled Juri down and kissed her right ear.

Juri blushed and Utena wrapped her in a strong embrace; way too strong for someone of her age, and led Juri back directly under the showerhead. The two washed the shampoo out of their hair, and then went to get dressed with no more conversation.


Wakaba stood under a secluded tree waiting for Utena, the two usually shared a bento and it was her favorite part of the day.

"Utena! My darling, Utena. Where are you?"

Wakaba looked around yet another time, "5 minutes late! I will get you Tenjou Utena"

The Greek girl went in to the cafeteria to ask if anyone had seen her 'boyfriend'.


Utena was running through the halls trying to make it to the tree she usually met Wakaba at.

"Stupid teacher, now I'm late. Wakaba will never stop bothering me about it."

Utena stopped running and looked down from the second floor and saw Juri leaning against one of the pillars across the courtyard. The student council president Kiryuu Touga was walking over to her.


Touga walked over to the pillar and stood in front of Juri.

"Do you want something Kiryuu?"

Juri looked him in the eyes and he grinned.

"Enjoy your shower this morning?"

"What do you mean?"

"You and Tenjou." Touga was actually impressed Juri could pull off such a feat and more than a little jealous; he did want Tenjou for himself.

"I believe that is none of your business Touga." Juri’s voice was cold and deep leaving no room for misunderstanding; to her the discussion was closed.

Touga used his usual soft playboy tone, "Oh, come now. I hear you two were very..." he paused and smiled "...close."

Juri was ready to end the conversation >That jerk, how does he know?<

As if he could read her thoughts Touga commented, "I have my ways Arisugawa...If you help me win the Rose Bride, Utena will be free and you can have her all to yourself."

Juri’s eyes clouded and she glared at him "You are despicable, I will have no part of that. I do not wish to possess Utena, she is no ones property!"

"Despicable? Am I really? Why all I want is for you to be happy and to revolutionize the world."

Juri was rapidly transforming back in to the her former icy self, "Don't you ever assume anything like that with me again. I will never be one of your pawns like Kyouichi."

Touga ran his hand through his long red hair and gave a gentle laugh " I did not mean to offend you-" He grabbed her hand and kissed it "-I apologize, sincerely."

Juri pulled her hand back forcefully, "As you should be."

Touga turned and walked away front the younger girl. >Damn, I thought I had her. Next time Arisugawa you will be a pawn.<


Utena walked over to Juri after Touga left, she had come down to the courtyard after seeing Touga walking up to Juri.

"Lets take a walk."

Juri gazed at Utena and then nodded.

"What is Touga up to now? I heard him talking about..."

Juri frowned and said, "Never mind that. I dealt with him."

The pair walked around Ohtori until they reached some cabin Utena had never seen before.

"Umm, I will be late for class." Utena tried to turn and head back toward the main building as she heard the bells sound to end first lunch.

Juri caught her hand "No it's okay I will excuse you for the day. I want you to see this."

Utena looked at her skeptically "As long as it can be excused."

Juri took her key and opened the cabin door; she led Utena inside of the two-room construction.

"Wow, it is nice in here." Utena said as she admired the giant rose pattern on the ceiling of the cabin.

"It is, I found this place four years ago and never stopped coming here. Only two other people know where this is, it was abandoned when I found it."

Juri gestured towards the couch in the living area and the two girls sat. In the small living room there was a fireplace and a desk in the corner, the next room had a bed and small chest for clothes.

"So who are the others who know where this cabin is?" Utena questioned innocently, unknowing to the pain it would cause the other girl.

Juri looked down at her locket and gave a mirthless laugh, "Just Shihori and Ruka."

Utena felt sorry she asked the question Juri had went from friendly to looking like heart-breaking sadness. The pink haired girl could see tears forming in the girls’ eyes; Juri suddenly stood and ripped the locket from around her neck. Utena wanted to say or do something to help her new friend ,but had no idea of what was going on. Juri opened the locket to look at a picture of her with Ruka and Shihori. The tears splashed down on to the picture leaving streaks on the small glass.

"Juri?" Utena said walking over to the girl and embracing her "Wanna talk about it?"

Juri let Utena pull her down on the couch and laid on top of the smaller girl, taking comfort in the embrace and the safe feeling it gave her. >Just like my dream.<

"I have never. I’m sorry it's just you-"

Utena ran her hands through Juri’s hair "It's okay you don't have to."

"No, I want to so, it will be over."

Utena nodded pretending to understand. Juri handed the locket to Utena and began to explain...

"That was Shihori, Ruka, and I three years ago; we were the best of friends, always inseparable. We did everything together, even learning to fence. But, I was young I didn't understand that depending on your friends could be so dangerous, if they are everything to you it would hurt more if they betrayed you. I never thought anything of it Shihori and I had been friends since childhood and somewhere down the line I had fallen deeply in love with her."

Utenas' eyebrows did their best to crawl off her forehead.

"I would do anything for my best friends...." Juri paused and breathed in deeply, "Until one day I came in to the fencing room to put up some equipment and saw them, together. Ruka knew I was in love with her, in fact I had told him too many times to count."

Juri wanted to sink into Utena.

"They knew I was there, but they didn't stop in fact they went at it harder. Later on Shihori told me that they had set it up, it killed me and made my belief in angels and miracles disappear. I thought she was my angel, my miracle gift sent from Kami...but she wasn't."

Utena was so angry she wanted to go find Shihori and beat her senseless for hurting poor Juri.

"And the worst part is I let her.." Juri trailed off, losing her will to speak.

"Let her what?" Asked Utena

"I-I I still let her string me on and hurt me, but I just couldn't stop loving her. That is why I seem so cold, I just don't want it to happen again."

Utena held her even tighter >That unbelievable bitch! How dare she! Juri is so... Why would anyone purposely hurt a great girl like her?!<

Utena didn't want to ask, but had to.

"Why me?"

Juri lifted her head to look at Utena,"What?"

"Why are you trusting me and telling me this. Before today I thought you hated Himamiya and I."

Juri sighed "I'm sorry it wasn't you or Anthy it's just that you and Anthy both have a purpose. A reason to fight, I on the other hand am just empty, their is no chick to breath the worlds shell."

Utena couldn't believe how much pain Juri had endured at the hands of Shihori. >I will have to talk with Shihori later.<

Juri cried for sometime and Utena stroked her hair, whispering reassuring words.

"And you. Because..."


"It's silly really." Juri said whipping away her tears.

"I won't laugh,” promised Utena.

"Well, I had my first...ugh dream where I uggghhh...was with someone. And I always thought it'd be Shihori, but it was you."

Utena had a sudden nosebleed, as her eyes grew wide.


Juri put her head back on Utenas' shoulder and blushed, "And in my whole life I have never even been kissed, so thinking of us doing that together was a lot for me to-"

Utena played with Juri’s pointy ear, “I understand. So you've never been kissed?"

Juri shook her head no.

Utena smiled, "Up."

Juri didn't want to move, but respected Utena’s wishes and stood. Utena also stood; she reached her hand out and bowed in front of Juri.

"Would you do me the pleasure of giving me this dance?"

Juri giggled and her gloomy face brightened and she spoke in a small country voice, "Why, I do believe you are trying to charm me Prince Tenjou."

Utena couldn’t help, but to giggle also "Then I believe you are correct.” said Utena and gave Juri a wink.

Juri took Utena’s hand and the pair began to waltz to a tune Utena was humming, it wasn't the prettiest dance Juri had ever done, but it was the most special. Utena guided her around the small living area, dipping and twirling her; never losing her tune. Juri was laughing and smiling like she was once again the girl of the past; the only signs of her former discontent were her slightly red and puffy eyes. Utena enjoyed the sound of a real laugh from Juri; it wasn’t half hearted like the others before. It was like something she lost came back to her.

>I'm glad I was the one to give it to her.< thought the eighth grader.

Finally, Utena slowed the tune down and the pair stood together slowly rocking to the slow ending of the tune. Utena quit the rocking motions and they stood together un-moving. The taller girl still had her head rested on Utena’s shoulder; Utena brought her hand to Juri’s chin and raised her head up. Both girls breathing were once again heavy.

>I hope...<

Utena rose up and Juri leaned down, the pairs lips met half way in a gentle, chastise kiss. Utena moved away first and smiled at Juri,"Now you have been kissed."

Juri was blushing furiously. >That was perfect.< ,she thought.

The two girls were still in an embrace while looking in each other’s eyes...searching. Then Juri quickly leaned down and caught Utena’s mouth opening it and sliding her tongue in to the warm cavern. Utena was shocked, but couldn't fight it...she didn't want to. Juri was a quick study; she was moving her tongue around the younger girls.

>So warm< Juri thought as her tongue played with Utena’s.

Utena loved the texture of Juri so soft, like silk, Juri even tasted like peaches. Juri loved how Utenas' mouth was soft, yet firm and the taste of fresh strawberry.

Juri didn't want to separate, but had to or she'd pass out from too little oxygen. After they separated they both stood, panting and wondering what was happening to their relationship. They had only really known each other for one day and had already been nude together and French kissing.

>Are we together?< it was the question on both their minds ,but neither dared ask...afraid of both possible answers.

The two girls sat on opposite ends of the couch, to be sure something like that didn't happen again, trying to find words.

Juri spoke first, "Are you in love with Anthy?"

Utena looked far off in to the corner thinking of what to say. After some moments she spoke," I can't answer that question completely yet. I mean I do have feelings for Anthy a need to protect her because no one else will, but I wonder is that just all it is. She is my friend and I love her for that, but am I in love with her...no, I am in love with the Anthy she could be. The free, happy, smiling, silly, girl that isn't the Rose Bride. It is possible for me to love her if this were all over."

Juri nodded, "So your not in love with her, but are waiting to see if you could be."

"I know it's weird."

"Nothing is weird at Ohtori." Commented Juri.

Utena smiled, happy that Juri understood her. That was something she rarely got from anyone, not even Anthy understood her. She just kind of went along with whatever Utena said or wanted.

Juri stood up, "I'm sorry, but all this emotional out pouring has made me tired...it's not something I do often."

Utena smiled,” Sweet dreams, I'll be here on the couch if you need anything."

Juri went to the other room and took off her white student council uniform and neatly folded it. Utena looked over her shoulder and asked,” Why are you doing that?” She could see Juri since there was no door closing the room off.

Juri called back, “So they won’t get wrinkled.”

Utena slapped her forehead and flopped back on the soft couch cushions, “Oh.”

Juri lied down on the bed and tried to sleep, but she couldn’t let her mind rest. She couldn’t stop thinking about the events from past years >How could they?…< Juri turned again and started to cry. Juri shifted her head around the pillow for the twentieth time and began to let out all of her pent up anguish from the past. Utena who was still laying on the couch couldn’t ignore the older girls sobs any longer ,got up and leaned on the entrance way to the bedroom.

“Is everything okay?” ,asked the blue eyed eighth grader ;though she already knew the answer.

Juri just sat and silently and sobbed unready to ask for the comfort she knew Utena was so ready to give, she couldn’t find it in herself to ask. >Hold me Utena.<

Utena didn’t know what to do >I want to help her through this.< The rose champion stripped of her uniform and got in the bed, spooning the taller girl. There were no words, in truth there was nothing more to say, Utena silently comforted a heartbroken Juri until they both fell asleep.


Shihori grabbed her boyfriend of the weeks hand and dragged him away from the basketball court.

“I brought the camera.” ,she said with a wicked grin.

Tsuyoshi smiled and held his girlfriends hand as they walk off to some secret spot of hers, guaranteed to be private. They had gone out together for three days and he hadn’t scored yet, unlike his best friend Koichi who had been with her for two days before he had gotten some. But, Tsuyoshi was one step above everyone he was going to get a private show and pictures! >I can’t wait to show all the boys in the judo club< All the time they were walking Shihori was rambling on about something or the other ,but Tsuyoshi didn’t care his thoughts were on something else, all he did was utter an answer here and there to make her happy.

>Oh man!!!!! I will be all the guys envy.<

After walking down a small hill Shihori announced “We’re here.”

Tsuyoshi was practically rubbing his hands together in glee, he was so close to scoring!

“I don’t have the key anymore so we will have to climb through the window.”

Tsuyoshi started walking to the window, “Okay.”

Shihori lifted the unlocked window and slid inside soon followed by Tsuyoshi. The couple were heading to the bedroom when Shihori noticed the two girls sleeping on the bed.


Anthy sat on the edge of the huge metal framed bench in the rose garden swinging her legs and talking to her little companion Chu-Chu.

“Yes, Chu-Chu your right the red roses are prettier this year.”

The little creature jumped in the palm of her hand and squeaked.

“Your right Utena was supposed to come by for tea.”

Chu-Chu’s eyes turned to little black dots as a frown appeared on his face and the little creature silently begged.

Anthy pushed her glasses up to her nose and she agreed “Yes, Chu-Chu we can have our tea now.”

Anthy took the thermos out of her school bag and grabbed two rose shaped cups ,so she could serve the tea to Chu-Chu and herself when someone entered the garden. Wakaba had never been inside the garden where Anthy spent all her time. In fact she thought it was really weird ,but she had to talk to the strange dark skinned girl to find out where her darling Utena had been hiding all day. >I hope she isn’t going to act weird< Wakaba stood by as Anthy didn’t even seem to take notice of her and served tea to the little monkey-whatever.

“Ugh, hi Anthy I was wondering have you seen Utena?” stated Wakaba in a nervous voice.

Anthy looked down at Chu-Chu and spoke with a very serious voice, “Aren’t you going to greet our guest?”

The little animal immediately jumped up and bowed to Wakaba squeaking out “Chu-Chu Chu.”

Anthy smiled at her best friend while patting his head, ”Chu-Chu.”

Wakaba watched the display and suddenly felt guilty that she hadn’t taken the time to get to know Anthy, the girl obviously had no other friends.

“So have you umm…”

Anthy tilted her head and spoke, “Utena? No, I haven’t seen her since this morning. I’m afraid she will have to miss out on our tea.”

Wakaba looked around for a second, “Do you mind if I shared you tea with you then?”

For a brief moment Anthy’s green eyes were wide and surprise splayed across her face; no one ever wanted to talk to her.

The small girl handed Wakaba a cup, “Of course, just as long as Chu-Chu agrees.”

The little animal squeaked approval and the three sat on the bench to drink their tea.

They sat in silence for some moments the normally over-talkative Greek girl couldn’t find anything to say. >Come on Wakaba! Utena can talk to her so can you!<

Wakaba jumped up into a victory pose, Anthy covered her mouth and unsuccessfully tried to stop her oncoming giggling fit. A huge sweat drop appeared on Wakaba’s face and she fell back on to the bench. Anthy was now laughing so hard she was beet red and holding her sides.

“Aww, come on! It wasn’t that funny.” Wakaba said feigning embarrassment.

Chu-Chu used the opportunity to run away with a butter cookie he had stolen from the plate Anthy laid out for Wakaba.

While Anthy was pulling herself together Wakaba took the opportunity to chase the little critter around.

“Waaaaaaahhhhh! Gimme back my cookie. Anthy set it out for me you little kaijuu!”

Anthy watch the wild antics of the pair and laughed even harder >I wonder if this is what it’s like to have a friend.< the thought made Anthy grow quiet. Wakaba dropped the creature she had scooped up and put it on the bench as she sat.

“What’s wrong Anthy? You look sad….you always look sad.” ,said the tanned Onion Princess.

Anthy once again gave an empty smile and held her feeling to herself ,”I am happy as long as my suitor is happy.”

Wakaba wasn’t convinced ,but knew it wasn’t her place to push the other girl >I will figure you out Himamiya Anthy. It’s my duty as Utena’s best friend.<



Juri and Utena woke up and put on their clothes.

“Thank you, Utena I-”

Utena went over to Juri and put her finger over the taller girls lips to silence her. “You don’t need words for some things.”

Juri couldn’t help herself, she found it all too easy to pull Utena into another kiss. Utena surrendered to the sweet feeling and returned Juri’s kiss more passionately. Juri let her hand roam over the eighth graders body stopping at the firm breast and caressing them. She pulled back to look in Utena’s eyes and found no sign of disapproval, Juri smiled and continued the kiss reviling in the strawberry taste, the taste she knew she couldn’t go without anymore. Utena started to unbutton the top of Juri’s uniform as Juri did the same to hers. Utena pushed Juri back down on to the bed. The pink haired eighth grade was now sitting on Juri’s midsection and becoming painfully aware of how good this felt.

“Is something wrong?” ,Juri said looking up at Utena whose eyes were wide.

“No.” Utena answered breathlessly, “I want- I--”

Utena undid the bra Juri was wearing and threw it aside, Juri pulled Utena down and resumed the kiss this time letting all the emotions she wanted to express come through. The orange haired girl caressed Utenas back and unsnapped her bra and threw it to the side. The result was electric, throwing the two already hormonal teenagers into over-drive. The two girls hardened nipples rubbed against each other increasing the moisture between their legs. Juri had never been so close to another person and it was wonderful, she was so happy to share this with Utena.

“Oh god, you feel so great.” moaned Juri.

Utena kissed a trail down the long neck and found her way to Juri’s nipples >I have been waiting for this<, Utena thought wickedly. Utena put her warm mouth on the plump pink nipple and Juri arched upwards into her.

“Oh!” ,cried out Juri she was convinced that the moist heat from Utena’s mouth was the greatest thing she had ever felt in her life. Utena sucked and tugged at the hardened right nipple while rolling the other between two of her fingers. Utena could tell Juri was loving it as much as she was, the other girl kept arching up with every pinch or hard suck on her rock hard nipple.

Utena pulled away for a moment and breathlessly said, “I like that.”

Understanding Juri started to push upward with her midsection causing a rocking motion between her and Utena. Taking some initiative Juri reached for the young athletes neglected nipples and pinched and rolled them with her fingers. Utena felt electricity flow from the spot Juri was touching to her midsection, causing her to suck harder on Juri. The rocking motion increased and both girls were ready for more, their insides were liquefying waiting for the special touch of a lover.

Juri flipped Utena over and mounted her taking the same position as Utena was in a moment ago. Juri reached down an kneaded the pert breast and teased the nipples. Utena’s face was red from arousal, she wanted this so bad her insides were tingling.

“Juri I want to.”

Juri blushed “I-I want it too, but I don’t know how…”

Utena leaned up and kissed Juri pulling her down into a laying position on top of her.

“Neither do I”, admitted the younger girl after they had stopped kissing.

Utena moved her hands down Juri’s pants and-

>I can’t<, the thought hit Utena like lightning bolt.

Juri felt Utena’s had fall to the bed and wonder what happened.

“I’m sorry I’m not good at this ,did I do something wr-”

“No it’s my fault Juri forgive me I can’t. It’s Anthy. I just realized I couldn’t. Oh god forgive I’m-”

Juri got off of Utena and the bed, “No don’t be it was my fault. I know you are waiting for Anthy and I just took advantage of your kindness.”

“Juri it’s not like that at all. You didn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to do. I’m confused just give me some time to think.”

The two girls got dressed again for the fourth time that day and finally headed back to Ohtori, thinking their own separate thoughts about the other.



Shihori's evil mind was working double time as she spread the Utena/Juri rumor through the school accompanied with picture that all the boys just love.

Groups of student stood together whispering in the halls as Anthy and Wakaba entered.

"What's going on?" ,asked the Greek girl, she was never on to resist the latest bit of gossip.

Anthy didn't really care ,but she didn't want to risk making her new friend think ill of her. "I don't know, Wakaba why don't you ask one of the other students?"

Wakaba grabbed Anthy and dragged her through the throng of the crowd until they reached Nanami standing with her usual group.

"Nonami what is going on? I haven't seen this many people standing around since they found Akio."

The blonde haired girl looked at Wakaba in disgust, "What are you doing with that freak?"

Anthy blushed and started to turn away. >I want to go<

Wakaba picked up on Anthys discomfort and turned to leave >I'll talk to Nonami later. < The girl thought grimly.

As they again passed through the crowd Wakaba saw another familiar face

>She has lots of friends<, thought the hermit-like Anthy.


“Oh, hello Wakaba, is what they are saying about Juri and Utena true?”

“Anno…I don’t know what your talking about.”, said the Onion girl.

Anthy looked at Miki and wondered how could Utena be causing such uproar again.

Miki looked and Anthy and then put his head down ,in a quiet voice he said, “They say Arisugawa-sempai and Utena are… sleeping together. Shihori passed around the pictures those kids are looking at.”

Anthy walked over and took the picture handed to her by a girl. She handed it to Wakaba and the three looked at it.

“AAhhhhhhhh!!!!!!”, scream the tanned onion girl.

Anthy’s eyes grew wide and she turned to run away…


Student Council President Touga Kiryuu laid on his bed wearing nothing more than his smug smile, today was one of the easiest perceived victories he had ever had.

>At the rate things are going Arisugawa will destroy her image and bring down that insipid child with her…and The Rose Bride will be all mine.< Touga leaned his head back and gave a mirthless laugh.

>I really should send that Taketsuki a thank you letter.<

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