Disclaimer: I didn't create Evangleion, and I in no way lay claim to the rights to it. This is strictly a fan
fiction. GAINAX is responsible for the series Neon Genesis Evangelion, and is credited for the original
character design. I am but a fan. This fan fic contains yuri (female to female relationships). If, for some
reason, the contents offends you, then don't read this fan fic. Thank you, very much.

Summary/Notes: This story pairs ReixAsuka. How original, I know. But, I promise you it gets better! I had
an epiphany one night; I realized Rei and Asuka are more alike than they are different. So many otakus
concentrate completely on how loud Asuka is and how quite Rei is that they fail to apply logic to see just
how similar they truly are. The purpose of this fin fic is to take their similarities and weave a beautiful love
story out of them. I hope you enjoy it. ^-^; Fan fics are to be fun and enjoyable, so I decided not to make
this too much of a novel. Oh yes... This obviously does take place before Asuka goes insane. ::nod::

Pologue: A Simple Girl's Silence

by Ancient Rime

Rei Ayanami did not consider herself beautiful, nor did she believe that she was the best at anything. She had spent most of her time in silence, saying no more and no less than what was completely necessary. She was oblivious at times that she was actually unaware that no one could quite relate to her. And, so she stood, staring outside the window. Things of nature often calmed her, most specifically water. She considered it to be "agreeable."

Tugging uncomfortably on her bandages, Rei paid little attention to the aging history teacher at the head of the class rambling on about the 2nd Impact. No, the thoughts of Rei Ayanami were elsewhere, somewhere searching the endless blue sky for answers to her questions. She wanted to understand her dreams, but who could she talk to really? There was Major Katsuragi, but she was an adult. Could she really understand Rei? Her mind wandered to the image of Shinji, who seemed caught up in his own inner turmoil, suffering and weak. No, he might understand, but he could not help. Rei needed someone strong, someone brave. Commander Ikari, he was too busy to be bothered. He could not understand his own son, so Rei assumed that there was no hope of him understanding her. Indeed, she had abandoned that fantasy long ago. She barely knew Dr. Akagi. That left only one person to her knowledge; the pilot of Unit 02, Auska Langley Soryu.

Rei had shocked herself. How could Asuka, of all people, understand her? What had even drawn her attention to her in the first place? Rei had always seemed to harbor some sort of affection for Asuka, no matter how loud, unkind and cruel the redheaded German was to her. She had often taken time to wonder why Asuka insisted upon being as brassy as her hair, but she had never made an issue of it and never would. She had her own questions to answer, she had no time to consider Asuka any longer. At least, that's what she would have liked to assume. Rei needed Asuka now. How in the name of God was she to explain that to her? That thought was disturbed. The bell rang, and Class A headed for the gym lockers.

It took Rei little time to change. She paused, looking at her pale reflection in the mirror pinned up in her locker. She could faintly see the reflection of someone else who was not quite her, and yet was. She combed her hand through her light blue hair, and blinked her almost red eyes. For a fleeting moment, she found herself possibly attractive. Her content gaze was interrupted by the sudden loud chattering that deluged the once silent girls locker room. Over all of those voice, Rei could hear Asuka's the loudest.

"So, Hikari, How about that party next week? Who are ya bring? Hm?"

"No one. Do I really need to bring anyone, Asuka?"

"Well, I'm bringing Kaji!"

There could be a sweet whimsical sigh heard from Asuka, who was on the other side of the lockers with Hikari. Oh boy, here we go again. Rei tried her hardest to stare into the mirror and not hear Auska at all. Hearing Asuka ramble on and on into infinity about how incredible Kaji was upset Rei, for reasons she couldn't understand.

"I think I'm gonna drag Ayanami along. How about it? Is that okay Hikari?"

A long pause ensued. Hikari could not believe her very ears. Had Asuka actually said something nice about the alleged "Wonder Girl"?

"No, not at all! I'd love to have her come with us. She needs to open up. I bet she's very nice! But... Why do you care about her so much all of a sudden Asuka?" "It's not so much that I care Hikari..." It was possible to hear Asuka sigh, and pause before she reluctantly continued.

"Look, I can't explain it okay? Can we drop the whole thing?"

"Yea... I guess so Asuka."

The entire gym period went by so slowly that Rei sometimes questioned whether she was moving at the speed of light, or time was just sluggish these days. Finally, the dismisal bells rang, and Rei went on her way. She paid little attention to anything, and was more caught up in her thoughts than usual. School troubled her, and not because of the work; but because it often forced her to interact with others, bring about more questions. Rei was away from the school now. She traveled to the most isolated edges of Tokyo 3, those parts of it that weren't scraped by fire. There were no lights, no disturbing noise. Rei had time to think now. She watched the sun setting. It painted the sky red; the color that she hated.