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Bread Gallery


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Basic Sourdough White  




Pain Au Levain


Walnut Blue-cheese


Pain a l'Ancienne


Walnut Cranberry


5 Grain Levain


Multigrain Wolfberry Fig




Pain Sur Poolish




Ciabatta with Pesto


Golden Raisin Walnut

Local herb Ciabatta Pesto

Vermont Sourdough

Jackfruit bread

Roasted Garlic-Laksa Sourdough

Semolina Fennel Raisin Bread

Semolina Rosemary Bread

Sourdough White-Revived Starter

Rustic Bread

Walnut Bread


Daily Bread


Walnut Raisin Fennel Bread


Laksa Herb Bread

Sourdough rustic

Sourdough Walnut Raisin Bread



Herb Bread

Sourdough Herb Bread

Walnut Levain Bread

Bread Explosion

Jeffrey Hamelman's 70% rye

Hamelman Sourdough Walnut Raisin

Sunflower Whole-wheat Bread

Sunflower Raisin Fennel Bread

Sourdough Rye Walnut Raisin

Light Rye Bread

Claypot bread

Garlic Ciabatta

Claypot Bread Round II

Walnut Raisin Bread

Hamelman Country Loaf

Muesli Bread

Thom Leonard's French Country

100% whole wheat

100% Whole wheat with milk

Raisin Bread

Currant Bread

Raisin Bread Take III



Unfortunately, things that come free has limited storage space. I had no choice but to document my bread adventures my new galleries

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