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  Bread Explosion


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Bread Explosion !!

This week-end was a marathon after I borrowed a book which came with a DVD. It is titled Dough by Richard Bertinet. I was inspired to try out the fougasse and epi after watching the DVD. At the same time, I was experimenting with the Detmolder 3 stage system of sourdough bread making. The Demolder 3 stage method  requires a temperature controlled regimen over 30 hours and needless to say, the scheduling was tricky enough without the complication of another batch of bread. However, I needed to practice my shaping. I ended up with a fougasse, 2 epis, 1 baguette and a batard and 2 of Jeffrey Hamelman's 70% rye breads using the Detmold 3 stage system.

I did not follow the recipe given in the book. Instead, I used a 75% hydration formula with an overnight retard. From the results, I definitely need more practice with the shaping. Part of the problem was in the proofing. Trying to juggle too many bread was a problem. The epis were over-proofed by the time I loaded them into the oven.

As there are too many pictures, Jeffrey Hamelman's 70% rye is located here.

Results of my baking marathon

The fougasse

Two epis

The baguette

The usual batard

The crumb of the baguette

The crumb of the epi




















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