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  Jeffrey Hamelman 70% Rye Bread


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Jeffrey Hamelman 70% Rye Bread

I felt that it was time for me to work on another flour type. After baking with wheat flour for a while, I felt that I have the confidence to tackle rye flour. Rye breads have their own challenges and I decided to learn the intricacies of the Detmolder 3 stage system. This method takes about 35 hours to prepare the starter and is designed to optimize the characteristics of the micro-organisms to suit the characteristics of the rye flour. The method requires careful temperature control and some planning.

Fortunately, I have found a source of reasonably priced organic rye flour. I prefer to bake with ingredients which are abundant and inexpensive. This way, I can be assured of a plentiful supply of my favorite baked breads. Spelt is sold at $7 a kilo and that is way too expensive for me.

The 2 rye loaves were part of my weekend baking marathon

I'll have to wait for another 24 hours before I can check the crumb.


















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