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  Bread making equipment


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I chose an oven that allows me to bake baguettes. It has convection mode only and it took me a while to get used to it.

Baking stone on the oven floor

A very important baking supply that the baker cannot do without. Non-stick baking parchment for transferring the loaves onto the baking stone.

2 Peels made with Pine wood planks from IKEA. I use the long peel for baguettes. A new baguette peel to load the baguettes horizontally.

A lame for slashing the dough made with my favorite material: Bamboo

Homemade Bamboo banneton

Chopping board from IKEA used for kneading

I thought a mixer was needed in making bread. I was wrong. It is now my wife's toy for her kitchen playtime.

Carl Griffith starter and Homegrown starter side by side

Active starter ready for bread making

Homemade Brotform

Commercial brotforms

My new toy. Ever since the New York Times came up with that Kneadless bread in a pot, these have become indispensable


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