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Multigrain with Chinese wolfberries and fig

Experimental Ingredients from the Chinese Herbal Store

I spotted some Chinese wolfberries and dried figs in the fridge. Since my fridge is stuffed full, I decided to use what I have in there so that my wife will stop complaining about the lack of space. I decided to continue with the 5 Grain Levain from last weeks bake and modified the recipe with added dried Chinese Wolfberries and Californian dried figs. Wolfberries are rich in Vitamin A. Instead of the organic wholewheat, I used Indian Atta from the grocery store in Yishun. I discovered that they carry 5 kg  stoneground Pilsbury whole wheat Atta at very reasonable prices. I am still trying to ascertain if Atta is durum. I have been trying to source for fine ground durum flour but what I can get here is only semolina. Some sources say that Atta is actually finely ground whole wheat durum. In that case, it may not be suitable for the Pain Sicilian that I am attempting. This bread calls for fine ground endosperm of durum.

The grains that I used were brown rice which I cooked first. The rice water turned a rich red color to which I added oats and flaxseed. The wheatgerm was added with the flour. The wolfberries were soaked in orange juice while the figs were blanched in hot water to soften it.

The oven spring was disappointing and the loaf was dense. The taste was nothing to rave about and it is probably the wolfberry. I think I will stop and not play with this for some time.

















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