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  Currant Bread


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Currant Bread

The Raisin Bread I baked a couple of days ago was delicious and was gone in no time. I made more of it with a twist. This time round, I made it NYT style but without using the claypot of course. I made more loaves because I wanted to give them away to friends but sometimes I am a little apprehensive about doing that. The breads are in their usual La Brea style ie. a little on the dark side and the raisins on the skin are burnt. Personally, I do not mind these burnt ones as I just pick them off. However, when I give to friends, I wonder what they will think. Will they mind these burnt raisins? It is always these nagging thoughts about the bread being a little less than perfect that made me feel inhibited about giving excess breads to friends sometimes. Inevitably, these breads end up in the trash if I do not give them away by the next day especially when there is no one else in the family to help finish them off quickly enough. It's a little problem that I have yet to solve.

I bake many loaves for practice each time and I can't possibly freeze so many loaves and yet I am terrified of people wondering if I had given away the loaves because they were sub-standard. Perhaps I should follow the philosophy of Richard Feynman. After all, he has a book "What Do You Care About What Other People Think?"



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