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  Walnut Raisin Fennel Bread


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Walnut Raisin Fennel Bread

I decided to bake some bread for a friend and what better bread than one which is chockful of flavor and goodness. Actually, its just an excuse to try out my new homemade Brotform. The Brotform worked like a charm and a tinge of regret came over me as I had already made an order over the internet. Anyway, my lust for Brotforms is over since I now have unlimited supplies of it, depending on my diligence. I am even considering making them for sale during my retirement :). Anyway, this episode taught me something about desire. For ages, I have been eyeing these Brotforms but was deterred by the stiff prices. Eventually, I found the will to make one myself and yet in the middle of it, I sort of gave up and made an order for them over the internet. After that, I persevered and finally succeeded in making one. Now that I have unlimited supplies of it, that initial lust for it seemed so pointless. I guess Buddha was right about desire and contentment once again.













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