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  Herb Bread


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Herb Bread

I was visited by a fellow baker and we had a pleasant afternoon talking about our pet topic. She left with some starter flakes which I made from Carl Griffith's sourdough starter. She is the second person to get the starter from me and I was glad that I was able to contribute this little in Carl's memory. She brought along a Semolina Bread and brought home some of the Sourdough Walnut Raisin Bread which I baked earlier. However, I felt a little bad as I thought that the raisins were too sour and marred the flavor of the bread. To heal myself from the sourness, I decided to bake something light but since plain bread was just too plain, I had to add in some excitement. What's plentiful, aromatic and goes well with bread? Certainly not Rosemary or Thyme here in the tropics since I cannot afford to eat gold. Well, it's got to be Daun Laksa again.

My shaping this time was bad and when I saw the bottom seam on the batards were open slightly, I did not bother to close them up again and as a result, they blew open at the bottom. I must add that I love the brotforms. The cloth on the colander method was messy as the flour scattered all over the kitchen floor. With these new brotforms, there was minimal flour mess during the transfer to the peel.

The beauties baking in the oven.











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