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Raising Bread Take III


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Raisin Bread Take III

I made one more round of NYT style raisin bread. The chief reason being that the bread I made for my lunch buddy never got to him. The poor fellow fell sick that day and did not come for our get-together. Since we were both invited to a wedding dinner, I decided to make one for him as promised.

Another reason is that I couldn't get enough of it and ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Moreover, my original NYT style raisin bread was a little on the dark side and I wanted to correct that this time round.

I used 60 oz of flour and made a pre-ferment with 1/8 tsp of yeast. By the next day, it was already fully risen. As I had a little accident with the coffee during breakfast, I made the bread later than anticipated, This meant that the pre-ferment took about 18 hours, the bulk of which was spent in the fridge. The hydration was 75% as usual.



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