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  Carl Griffith Sourdough


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Carl Griffith Oregon Trail Sourdough

My Oregon Trail Sourdough starter has deteriorated in recent months as a result of my neglect. I made a mistake of feeding it with Atta which had been in my fridge for some time and it deteriorated  badly. Fortunately for me, I had kept some of the original starter flakes I received from the kind folks from Carl Friends'. It took no time to revive them even though they had been in the freezer for ages. After the starter was revived, I decided to make more starter flakes as a backup. I have enough to spare so I'd be glad to give some of it to anyone who is interested in learning Sourdough baking.

The revived starter was very active and I baked 3 simple sourdough white breads with these. Considering that Cedele, Breadtalk is selling the same loaves for S$8/- per loaf, it makes sense to bake your own bread if you are a die-hard bread aficionado.

These were 70% hydration bread and the aroma was great.























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