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  Bread Tips


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Here are some tips to enjoy that loaf of bread.

Bread is best served refreshed from the oven for 15minutes at 175C. If the bread was frozen, it must be thawed for about 2 hours before refreshing in an oven. Do not store bread in the refrigerator as it will stale faster. Staling is not the dehydration of the bread.

Here is some information about bread staling

......" Staling, not molding, is at issue. Staling is NOT a dehydration process,
but essentially a form of crystallization--it happens faster at refrigerator
temperatures. In fact, the higher the temp the slower the staling (of
course, then you increase the likelihood of molding).  In fact, heat can
temporarily reverse the staling process which is why you can refresh bread
by reheating it in the oven (and note the stale bread toasted is, if you
pay attention to the interior, de-staled).  There are of course limits on
this reversibility.  Restaurants have misled people into thinking that
bread should be served warm; this enables them to serve bread that would
otherwise be stale. ".....David Auerbach  


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