The internet is a great way to find stories of experiences other people have had, or things they have seen, plus legends, tales, and other weird and/or ghostly topics. However, a lot of great books have been written on these subjects, and a lot of great magazines are also in circulation with these subjects. Here are a few that I recommend, and, of course, the list will be growing as I read more [and as I find the books I have already read]. If you have any books you would like to share, e-mail the title and the author, and a brief description, to me here.

Note: not all these books and magazines are about ghosts. There is other stuff here, too. I basically included anything I thought you, as the reader, would enjoy.

Latest submissions/reviews at bottom of each list.

  1. I Never Believed in Ghosts Until... (100 Real- Life Encounters) Author: Collected by the Editors of USA Weekend - I am still working on this one myself, but being just about done with it I can tell you this is a really excellent book. The stories are short and detailed, which makes this book a page turner. Sometimes creepy and somewhat hair-raising, other times tear-jerking and heart touching, stories are broken down into chapters with titles such as Tales for a Stormy Night, Lost Souls, Help From Beyond, Love That Cannot Die, and The Shadow of Death, plus more.
  2. True Hauntings: Spirits With a Purpose Author: Hazel M. Denning, Ph.D - Quote from book description (since it does a damn good job of explaining the book) "Do spirits feel and think? Does death automatically promote them to a paradise - or as some believe, a hell? Real-life ghostbuster Dr. Hazel M. Denning reveals the answers through case histories of the friendly and hostile earthbound spirits she has encountered." This book is written "from the perspective of the spirits themselves." Again, this is another page turner and fast read.
  3. Vampires Among Us Author: Rosemary Ellen Guiley - You heard right, this is a vampire book. But it deals with Ms. Guiley's study of the living, breathing vampires all over the earth, with her explanations and detailed findings, as well as interviews with actual vampires and a few victims. This book can be a little slow and is not a real fast read, but it is obvious that a lot of work was done in the preperation of this book. It leaves you to make your own conclusion as to whether vampires are real or not.
  4. The Dictionary of Omens and Superstitions Author: Philippa Waring - Exactly what it says. This book contains omens and superstitions from all over the world, plus the differences in these superstitions in other cultures. Not in novel form. For an example of what can be found here, visit (in new window) The House That Spooky Built's Omens and Superstitions section.
  5. ESP, Hauntings, and Poltergeists: A Parapsychologist's Handbook Author: Loyd Auerbach, Parapsychological Consultant - this book is a lesson in all things paranormal and how to tell the difference between the disguises that psychic occurrences can take. Contains a list of other books, surveys you can take, plenty of information for anyone, and much more.
  6. Light up Your Haunted House Author: Sue Sikking - this book can read a little like a self help book, but it is honestly there to make you less afraid of the beyond. It explains what things are and how to deal with them, mainly by getting used to it.
  7. Classic American Ghost Stories Edited by Deborah L. Downer - A collection of stories and legends from all over the United States. There is nothing in this book that really states that these stories are true, it is only stated as lure. However, the book is highly entertaining, with the same qualities as the first book of this list...crying, laughing, heart ache, and heart-touched.
  8. A Soul's Journey Author: Peter Richelieu - This is the story of what one man learned from astral projection about dreams, life and death, karma and ego. The author goes through many meeting with the "dead," including one with his own brother, that show him how irrational it is to fear death. If nothing else, this book is entertaining, and it may force you to think about your own beliefs. Not a religious book.
  9. Ghost Hunt Author: Hans Holzer - I admit, I have not yet read this book all the way through. I just re-found the book tonight, so I am going to have to re-read the entire book from the beginning. But from leafing through it quickly, it looks pretty decent. Anyway, a quote from the books description: "We guarantee you'll have a shuddering good time. You'll find your accommodations a little eerie. And your companions may not exactly be the life of the party. But once you get into the spirit of things - you'll have a devilish good time!"
  10. Celtic Legends of the Beyond: A Celtic Book of the Dead Author: Translated by Derek Bryce from the original French by Anatole Le Braz - a book about the beliefs and traditions of the Celtic culture, with stories of premonitions, omens, burials, magic books, strange rites, ghosts, exorcisms, lost souls, and creatures of unearthly origin. Very entertaining and morbidly educational.
  11. Weird NJ - magazine. Published in New Jersey, this magazine features ghosts, abandoned places, weird sites, strange roads, stranger people, etc. of New Jersey. Makes me wonder why I haven't moved away from Jersey yet! For more information, visit them on the web, here.
  12. Tar Heel Ghosts Author: John Harden - Ghost tales of North Carolina. This book is good for the ghost enthusiast and historian alike. History is melded nicely to set off the stories, so don't be surprised if you actually learn something from this book! A little confusing in places and reads slightly like fiction, but very entertaining.
  13. Haunted America Author: Michael Norman & Beth Scott - If you enjoy reading the stories on this site and enjoy reading about what is going on all over North America instead of just in your home state, this is the book for you. This inclueds all 50 states and parts of Canada, and has at least one story for each place. It's a fairly thick book, but well worth it.
  14. Face to Face with the Unknown Author: Sherry Hansen Steiger - This books covers all parts of the unknown, including ghosts, angels, UFOs, ect. It includes stories and information on all the topics as well. It's a small book, but interesting, and there is something for everyone between it's green covers.
  15. Grave's End: A True Ghost Story Author: Elaine Mercado, R.N. - This is a novel type book of a "true" ghost story. So far, this is the forst one story book listed on the site. Pretty good, and detailed, with dialogue, ect. A pretty decent 174 pages.
  16. Fortean Times - Magazine. This is a monthly magazine dedicated to strange phenomena. It covers weird news clippings, odd deaths, "This Month in History" news, bits and pieces of strange history facts you never heard in school, full articles on the weird, ect. It is, I believe, a UK magazine, but it covers the entire world (and has a special form for people who want to order a subscription who don't live in the UK...although in America the subscription is $60 a year). This magazine is more than worth a trip to Barnes and Noble to buy (located in the Science section of the magazines). You can check them out on-line here in a seperate window.
  17. The Astrologer Looks at Murder Author: Barbara H. Watters - This is a small, cheap book. It explains in the first chapter all you need to know about Astrology so you understand this book. The rest of the chapters are about murderers and their crimes, as well as the explanation given by the author.
  18. Haunted Gettysburgh; Eyewitness Accounts of the Supernatural Author: Jack Bochar & Bob Wasel - Stories of soldiers left behind and the people who glanced them briefly. This is a creepy book, full of stories from different areas of the battle field. It's worth a read.

Readers Suggested Books and Magazines

  1. Philadelphia Ghost Stories: My first which was a gift that had been given to me and how I came to know this series. I found it puzzling that of these 5 books this was the only one that had the website anywhere in or on the book. I have had plenty of trouble getting to the site though! A very good book!
  2. Bucks County Ghost Stories: My second book which I found more intriguing than my first! Atleast partly due to the fact that I know more ppl that live in Bucks County that were astounded at what was in the book....compared to all the ppl that I know that live in Philly and there response to Philadelphia Ghost Stories. Also this book has the story of "The Christmas Eve Ghost...of Pen Ryn Mansion" where it all started for me! I found it odd though that it says in the book that the mansion was built in 1744. I have been throughout the mansion and the property and although for me its been...15 years, I remember seeing the stone on the outside of the mansion that says "1750".
  3. Cape May Ghost Stories books 1 & 2: My third and forth installments to the 5 that I have. I found them very interesting! It was a shame though bc less than 2 weeks before I bought them both I had visited South Jersey spending the largest portions of my time in Cape May and if I had known what was there....damn! If I only had atleast read through the books,..even if I was not to have them w/ me...
  4. Montgomery County Ghost Stories: I found more in-depth w/ more complexity than any of the other 4. There seemed to be more here in this book than in the other 4 combined! I know some ppl who live out this way and they were afraid to touch this book, let alone pick it up and read it! You should've already have guessed that Pitcairn is nowhere to be found in this bc although Pitcairn is a spooky place its not known for its ghost's. So its entirely likely that any ghosts that Pitcairn does have were completely overlooked!

Submitted by: Spookey Ruben What Spookey Ruben has to say: As far as I know Charles J. Adams III has written and along w/ Exeter House Books published atleast 17 other books all of them specifically consisting of the stories from their respective area's....and its spread out pretty wide and far throughout Pennsylvania and seems to touch on New York. They are listed in the Montgomery County Ghost Stories which is the most recently published. I'd say give them all a read, but as I have only read the one's that I have underlined above, I can honestly only vouch for those 5.

  1. The Jersey Devil Author: James F. McCloy and Ray Miller Jr. - This book tells one legend of the Devil's birth, and briefly mentions one or two other accounts. The best part of this book it the tales from "Phenomial Week". This is the most indepth part of the book and contains many eyewitness accounts of the Devil. The book also talks about hoaxs that were perpitrated for the sake of money.
  2. The Phantom of the Pines Author: James F. McCloy and Ray Miller Jr. - This book contains a few things that were mentioned in "The Jersey Devil" but in less detail.

    What it does provide it a more up to date look at the legend of the Jersey Devil, mostly things that happened after the first book was published. It also contains a more indepth look at the causes of the Devil's birth, a timeline of events, and some poetry about the devil.

Submitted by: RLunaticHigh




BY: Michael Connelly

Be prepared to be frightened when you pick up this 128-page volume of true ghost stories. Readers will be breathless as they discover the inhabitants of Philmont Scout Ranch.

- "Mike Connelly does for the famed Philmont Scout Ranch what Stephen King does for Maine: make it both fascinating and scary." Smiley Anders, Baton Rouge Advocate

- "I find Michael Connelly's writing to be outstanding! His well-researched stories keep the reader on the edge of their seat!" Theresa F. Jorday, author and Master of Science in Parapsychic Research

- "Michael Connelly is a great story teller" Mick Abed, WYNK Radio, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Purported to be the most haunted place in the world, Philmont Scout Ranch is a 287,000 acre ranch belonging to the Boy Scouts of America in northeaster New Mexico. Over 20,000 scouts and adult leaders backpack at the ranch each summer and there are over 300,000 Philmont alumni. Now, for the first time the stories that have thrilled scouts and visitors for years have now been compiled into this exciting book.

The book retails for $12 with a discount of 20% for multiple orders, 30% for orders of ten or more and 50% for case price (approximately 100 books). To place an order contact Sandy at Merril Press - (425) 454-7009 or FAX: (425) 451-3959

Don't miss this exciting book!

Submitted by: Michael Connelly

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