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It's your turn to decide what's going on. Every so often, a new image will be added to this section, and your job is to decide if it is real or fake.

What to do:

  1. Look at all of the available information closely; images, interviews, stories, ect. Make sure you read all of the available information so you know what you are looking at!
  2. Try to find flaws in all of the information.
  3. Decide what about it makes it real or fake.
  4. A form is available at the bottom. Tell me your verdict, real or fake, and what you think makes it real or fake.
  5. I will post up the top verdict and what the clues were that were most noticed.

It's a pretty simple task. Have fun with it! No awards will be handed out, let's just see if everyone can tell the real from the fake and why.

Note: Most of what is posted here, I am not even sure about. So no answers are right or wrong. This is just a vote to see what the majority of the readers think.

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    Case 7

    Type: photos

    From: Philadelphia Ghost Hunters Alliance

    Take a look at the photos and what the website had to say about them. These were taken at TREVOSE FIREHOUSE in Philadelphia, Pa.

    From the site: These photos were taken by former PGHA member Jen J. during our 10/28 investigation of Trevose Firehouse/Twining Hall. Several member experiences were associated with the balcony you see in the photos. It's no wonder most of our anomalous pics were taken of or from the balcony.

    What do you think? Real or fake?

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