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Men's yard at the Home for the Insane, 1927.

Of all the things here at Weird USA, Byberry is by far the most popular. For some visitors, I believe they may think it is a Byberry site. It's not, but Byberry is one of our pride and joys.

So, I have decided to give Byberry it's own page on the site. For those interested in things other than Byberry, please click here and see what else we have to offer.

The Archives:

The Home for the Insane known as "Byberry" was opened in 1906 in the northeastern part of the city. By transferring to "Byberry" those patients suffering from insanity, Philadelphia Hospital was able to relieve some of its overcrowded conditions. The Home was run by the Department of Public Health from 1919 until 1938, when it was transferred to the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare. From Here's to Your Health.

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