Do you have a website? Want to join a webring?

I have started up a webring here at Weird USA for sites in North America. Please follow the guidlines below, and if your site fits, join up!

  1. Site must be centered on North America (Canada, USA). It may include stories from off the continent, but the main focus must be on at least one part on North America.
  2. Stories and pictures must be real to the best of your knowledge. Take a look around this website for an idea.
  3. Stories must be about one or all of the following: ghosts, ghost hunting, ghost literature (books or authors, non-fiction), weird landmarks, asylumns, abandoned places, ect. Anything along those lines. Again, take a look at this site for more ideas.
  4. You must display the navigation bar on your site, and it must be easily accessed. You may put it on a seperate page for webrings, but it must be easily found. If the navbar is not on your site or I can't find it, you will not be approved.
  5. Site must be rated no more than R. No porn sites! Keep foul language to a minimum if present at all.
  6. Your site must be a not for can ask for donations, but no section should be closed to the general surfer who is not paying you.
  7. Take a chance...unless your site is completely off topic, I'll probably accept you. I'm laid back like that.

The navbar, as it will appear on your site:

This site is a member of WebRing.
To browse visit Here.

To join, Click Here!

Contact me here.

Do not ask to be submitted to the ring via e-mail! You must go to the site and fill in the info! If you ask via e-mail, you will not be submitted.