Weird USA's Privacy Procedure

  1. All submitters are given the option to include their email address with their submission so others may contact them. You do so at your own risk. I am not responsible for the people who contact you. Although I am willing to help as best I can with problems.

  2. If you opt to not include your address with your submission, people may contact me to get your info. I will not give it to them without passing it through you first. I will contact you to let you know someone wants to chat. You have the right to refuse their invitation. If you do, I will will not give them your info.

  3. Your email information is safe with me. I will not sell your information, and I will not contact you further. If you wish to be contacted, join the list or alert me to your wanting to be contacted by me further. Email addresses placed on Weird USA are coded with anti-spider code, so you should not recieve SPAM from it being on my site. If you do, however, please contact me with the information on the SPAMer. You must have sufficient evidance that it was a result of being on my site. I get enough SPAM of my own, I don't want you sending me all of your SPAM.

  4. Your email address will not be added to the site with your submission unless you say clearly that you want it added. Once your entry has been added to the site, I will not go back to the site and add your address later. Make up your mind before submitting.

  5. If you are being contacted by someone who said they got your address from me (and your address is not on the site), please contact me with the proper information on said person. As I said, your address will not be handed out without you knowing first. You must approve it first. If I never contacted you about this person and you never approved it, I didn't give them your address.

  6. If you are being harrassed, whether your address is on the site or not, I am willing to help as best I can. I take that sort of thing very seriously. However, if you were sent a worm, ect., don't contact me until it's off your computer! I beg of you! I have contracted enough viruses and worms in the past three months, I don't need more!

Feel free to email me with questions and/or comments here.