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get this gear!

I Don't See Dead People!

I have been in almost every building in Seaview including the main big one across the street, I have yet to find a morge!! I found the tunnels that connects all the buildings but no morge? Is it possible that it doesn't have one? Can someone please tell me if there is one and where I can find it??

Submitted by: Chrissy

Get me to That Cry Baby!

I need directions to this bridge, if you could please help me out and send them to me here.

Submitted by: Anthony

Interesting, But Wrong

you're story of crybaby is indeed interesting, but it's completely wrong. The story goes way beyond your dates, it goes back when the british were here trying to force all of the people to basically worship the king over seas, they didnt like the idea of us having freedom. So they came across a patriots house and he hung the entire family on the bridge including the baby so that other soldiers would be scared and intimidated and then continue praising the king. The crying is not of a woman but of a baby.. Just letting you know that your facts are incorrect!

Submitted by: Jacqueline

Needs Help With Seaview

aight basically im posting this because me and my friends have been to the farm colonies and nothing there even remotely resembled what i had seen in pics so i was wonderin where the hell we can go to see the terra cotta murals that still stand in the old asylum if any one has directions or stories that they can share with me you can email me here any feed back would be mint.

Submitted by: Sackster

Another Different Story

ive heard the story about cry baby bridge only a little differant she was unmarried but she was preg by a colored man which in that time wasnt right so the towns people chased her to the bridge where she jumped in and killed her and the children. anyway i know exactly where the bridge is and i had an experiance there that i would like to share with you. one night about a year ago my friends and i were looking for something to do when one of them mentioned going to cry baby bridge ive heard the stories but didnt believe them so we got into his truck and left. We drove to the center of the bridge where they said you can hear the crying baby well about 20min went by and nothing at about 100 we were all sitting around in the bridge talking when we heard what sounded like someone running and crying we all looked at each other we then heard what sounded like crying from a baby we didnt stick around long enough to see what would happen. when we drove out of the bridge there was no one in sight so who did the footsteps belong? so thats my story.

Submitted by: Kittyluvchuck

Cry Baby Bridge in Iowa

I live in Ottumwa , Iowa and about 5mile's away from me still in Ottumwa their is a bridge called cry baby bridge and the story is the same as you had told that this lady was pregnant will twin's and she had no support of a father to them and so soon after they had been born she dumped them and her self into the little stream/river and every time you walk over it you can hear babie's cry ,but i have learned if you know something like that has happend your going to imagine it.

Submitted by: iowa_chick_69

Note from the editor: That last point is a good one. I believe in Cry Baby Bridge less and less each day. So far, there is a Cry Baby Bridge with the same or similar story in 6 US states and one somewhere in Canada. Folks, I need to declare Cry Baby Bridge officially an Urban Legend.

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