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If you would like to add your report, please go to our submissions page and add your encounter.

Encounter Submitted by - Amber Dancin       
Place : Bandera, Texas, United States  
Event Date : February, 1991  
Time : 11:30 PM  
Sound : The sound coming from the craft sounded like a collective heartbeat.  
Distinguishing Characteristics : The craft appeared to be like a Forth of July Sparkler.  
Appearence : The craft appeared to be Chevron shaped.  
Number of craft seen :  1
Encounter Event :
My encounter occurred in Bandera, Texas - a tiny little town in the hill country, Feb. of 1991. The meeting in which I had presented documentation of my research concerning health related material ended & I proceeded to my living quarters next door. Once outside on the deck I spotted what at first appeared to be a very large star, yet it was 3 to 4 times larger than any other stars in the entire sky & flashing different colors. Not twinkling like a star, but actually changing colors from red to green to white then blue.

After watching it for about 15 to 20 minutes I returned to the group, asking if they would like to come observe it. There were 7 others at the meeting & we all watch the object for about an hour & half. Every one agreed that it had to be a craft, as the other stars were moving across the horizon while this one was stationary. The sky was clear, the air crisp, eventually every one returned to the warmth indoors & prepared for their journeys home. I went to my cabin & watched my favorite evening program - Northern Exposure which was over at 10:00 PM. Duri ng that hour I periodically gaze out the picture window to confirm that the light was still there. When my program was over the light was in the exact same place it had been since 7:45 PM. Intrigued I went out on my little porch & observed it once again, this time speaking to it as though it could hear me, inviting who ever was aboard to come down for a visit. By that time the temperature was very chilly so I didn't stay out long. Once inside I moved a rocking chair in front of the big living room picture window & sat with lights off watching it.

It couldn't have been more than 15 - 20 minutes later when I became aware of a strange unidentifiable sound emanating all around me. I checked the refrigerator, not it - checked the water heater, not that - I even checked the water pipes under the cabin & it wasn't that either. As the sound grew louder it began to feel as though it were inside of me & that's when I realized it was like hundreds of hearts collectively beating in unison. At this point I wasn't really frightened so I went out side again to determine whether it was as loud out there. To my astonishment it was only audible inside the cabin. This sound grew to be as loud as the # 4 stereo volume setting & for a while I persistently tried to locate it's source. However, realizing the search was futile, a little after 11:00 I decided to lay down on the sofa under the picture window & read another chapter in Mary Summer Rain's book.

I had read 3 or 4 pages when, through the window from the corner of my eye movement captured my attention. The sofa was positioned against the picture window which was almost as long as the sofa & extended down just below the sofa's back. At first I couldn't look because what I could see peripherally of several grayish colored smooth objects, literally scared my stiff as I clutched the book with both hands like a vice grip. Finally when I was able to roll my eyes toward the window, there were 3 figures standing with faces all but pressed to the glass looking in at me. Our bodies were less than two foot a part. Judging by the height of the sofa back & that they were visible from the shoulders up through the window, I approximate them to have been around 4 - 4 & 1/2 foot tall. They were the color of slightly boiled beef with a bluish tint, smooth skin, large hairless heads, almond solid dark eyes, no distinguishable ears, tiny noses & a sliver of a mouth. They appeared very thin & frail, with skin colored/fitting garments.

All that I was able to do was Pray like crazy & finally reaching up to pull on the cord that lowered the blinds & pretend it wasn't happening by returning to my book & falling asleep. When I awoke the next morning it felt as if a dream. That is until I went outside. Earlier the day before I had potted some flowers, in the process spilling soil under that picture window. In that soil were several child size foot prints. Immediate survey of the perimeter revealed another foot print at the back northern corner of the cabin. This one was amazingly detailed as it was in a grass less indentation made by run off from the roof two days prior during a soaking rain. The print was very small, I guesstimate the size of a child 10 to 12 years of age. There was absolutely NO design what's so ever in the impression, it was completely smooth - about 1/8 inch deep.

Shortly after I asked my neighbor if she heard or saw any thing unusual that evening & she replied, only that her little dog had jumped up on the bed upset & whining several times during the night. Sadly enough, we neglected to collect any evidence of that visit or the one that followed. The second one occurred while I was away from the cabin, in which just one foot print was left behind.

I learned a Valuable lesson that night; Be Careful What You Ask For, It May Not Be Any Thing At All Like You Expected.

Paranormal experiences are literally a normal way of life to me, with so many accounts it's dizzying. To list a few, 2 probable abduction scenarios in the 1950s, one in which my brother was involved. A Creature contact which my brother again was involved & 1 VERY close up Huge Triangular fly over in 1997. Maybe tomorrow or the next day I will add those.

In closing, I would like to add - my research indicates that feeling & intensely focusing as much Love as possible directly toward the culprit ETs will deter an abduction. I don't know how well or even if this works, but any things worth a try. Sincerely, Amber Dancin.

Submission added: 2003-10-29

Encounter Submitted by - Geraint Davies         
Place : Pantbach Rd., Birchgrove, Cardiff, cf23 7bb, United Kingdom  
Event Date : N/A  
Time : I experienced the event at Nightime.  
Sound : I didn't hear any sound during the event.  
Distinguishing Characteristics : The craft appeared to be shown as red or orange. The object changed color.  
Appearence : The shape of the UFO was not on your list.  
Number of craft seen :  One
Encounter Event :
I was looking at the stars with binoculars, it was a very clear night no clouds. I was looking up without the binoculars and saw this object coming into view from over the roof tops.

There was no sound at all the object was boomerang in shape and was red yellow and orange in color. It was like a fire in color, but was not on fire,

I called my son out to have a look and he caught sight of the object as it streaked away he was 10 years old at the time and still remembers it vividly. I watched the object until it went out of sight in the distance. I tried to judge the objects speed by timing a 747 coming in and out of sight at 600m.p.h. And from this I worked out the object was traveling at about 6000 M.P.H.

I have seen ufos before but nothing as close or as clear as this object and would love to know what exactly it was?
While looking at the stars I have seen satellites, bits of space debris burning up while entering earth atmosphere and many other objects but nothing like this.

Submission added: 2003-11-02

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DISCLAIMER:  Aliens111 has not verified the validity of every UFO report published within; all reports are added to the database as they are received. The sighting reports posted have many possible explanations, including stars, airplanes, planets, etc. We leave it up to the individual viewer to judge the report based upon the content of the report. As investigations occur that information will be notated on the individual report.     Thank You Webmaster

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