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LATEST UFO NEWS - FILLER FILES - APRIL 5TH, 2006     Print this Page!  Printer Friendly Version

MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
Webmaster Chuck Warren
George Filer:

James Bond Johnson the Roswell Photographer Dies

This week the Files cover: In honor of James Bond Johnson's Passing, January 2006, UFO Weather Map, Mars Crater with Water and Structures, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Unidentified Flying Objects were spotted over California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, and Texas UFOs were seen in Argentina, Australia, Canada, and Peru.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week, many represent alien craft. The United States Air Force Blue Book Project conducted a worldwide investigation of UFOs from 1947 until December 1969, when it disbanded its investigative team. We are continuing the investigation and make the assumption we are not alone in the universe. Sacred ancient writings and our earliest structures such as the pyramids, and artifacts on the Moon and Mars point to alien intelligence. I observed an alien UFO on my radar and London Control had us intercept the UFO over England.

GENERAL DOUGLAS MAC ARTHUR, stated in 1955," The nations of the world will have to unite for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of Earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets"

Let us look for some of the other evidence.

James Bond Johnson the Roswell Photographer Dies

I'm sorry to report the passing of James Bond Johnson on March 25, 2006, in Long Beach, California due to cancer.
He was born in Ft. Worth and finished high school in Texas during World War II, when he entered pilot training. When the war ended, he was hired as a full-time police reporter by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and photographed possible alien wreckage from Roswell. He obtained his degree in journalism and later earned both a masters and doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology. During the Korean War, Johnson was commissioned as a public information officer with the US Marines. During Vietnam, he was commissioned in the Army as a psycho-political officer and retired after 33 years as a Colonel. Later, he got his Divinity degree and started four churches and founded a home for emotionally disturbed teenagers. He has been a licensed clinical psychologist since 1960 and spent many years as Pastor of the First United Methodist Church of San Pedro, California. He was a great man of high character.

Neil Morris and James Bond Johnson

In May of 1998, I phoned Colonel James Bond Johnson, USA-Ret., to voice my interest in the Roswell debris photos that he had taken in Brig. General. Roger Ramey's office in 1947. Copies of his original photos were now available at Texas University. I told him I also had discussions with Mrs. Ramey, the general's widow, who had expressed concerns over what she described as unfair treatment of her late husband who was quite upset about the Roswell situation. Her husband had always been truthful and was a honorable man, and would not lie unless ordered to do so. At issue is whether the general had lied in his radio broadcast that the object first identified officially by the then Army Air Forces as a "captured flying saucer" was in fact "only a weather balloon and radar device. Mrs. Ramey denied any knowledge of a crashed alien disc, but indicated they had become good friends with President Truman and often had dinner with him. This friendship seemed to be tied to the Roswell debris incident.

Apparently, in early July 1947, flying saucer wreckage was recovered from a ranch near Corona, NM by Major Jesse Marcel, intelligence officer of the 509th Bombardment Group, at Roswell.

The recovery was announced in the news worldwide and Marcel was ordered to courier the debris to General Ramey's office for examination. A special B-29 flight flew Marcel to Fort Worth and he was directly to the General's office carrying meat wrapper paper packages which held the debris. Johnson told me he worked for Fort Worth Star Telegram and was assigned on the afternoon of July 8, 1947, to take photos of General Ramey and two other officers in the general's 8th Air Force HQ offices. Bond told me, "He was ushered into the General's office and the debris was still wrapped, so he helped unwrap the debris and displayed it so photos could be taken.

Both Johnson and Marcel felt the debris material was unusual and smelled like it had been burned in a crash. The general was away from his office but expected to return shortly. Johnson first assisted with the debris unpacking and then "posed" Marcel with what later was described by the major as some of the "less impressive pieces" of the wreckage. When General Ramey returned to his office holding a piece of paper, Johnson photographed him alone examining the pieces of wreckage and then he was joined in other shots by Colonel Thomas J. DuBose. Johnson felt he photographed very unusual debris, which was not a weather balloon since they do not burn when landing.

In 1998, after my call to Johnson obtained copies of the photos and noticed anomalous objects and symbols in the debris. He felt the debris was treated in a very special way, indicating it was unlikely to be a simple weather balloon. Johnson contacted two members of the MUFON Orange County to show them his findings. He formed the Roswell Photo Interpretation Team (RPIT) to study the photographs with the new computer technology. RPIT members included Ronald Regehr, Marilyn Ruben, Neil Morris of the UK (photo above) Dave Rudiac, and others who feel the debris is not a Mogul balloon or its radar reflector.

Obviously, it is difficult to determine the exact identity of the debris, but it does not appear to be any known standard aviation type wreckage.

The beams seem to have writing or symbols similar to symbols found on Mars. Last week multiple Ys were found on Mars

The message in General Ramey's hand confirms that a disc crashed with victims. Further the debris wreckage was being shipped to Fort Worth.

To: Vandenburg

1)**************************************NEAR OPERATION AT THE

Signed Ramey

Close up of Ramey's message.

EDITORS NOTE: Again I wish to thank those research groups, Dave Rudiak, Tom Carey and Don Schmitt, Don Burleson, Neil Morris and the Roswell Photo Interpretation Team that are making new evidence available to us

The Teams findings concluded that none of the several Air Force explanations as to the details of the Roswell Event could not have been correct. Reporter James Bond Johnson photographs provide the sole photo coverage of what has proved to be the "Story of the Century!" The wreckage has not been seen in over fifty years. The RPIT initial discoveries also included the debris had foil like material that is covered by organized symbols or glyphs such as would be utilized in writings similar to ancient Egyptian glyphs. The beams have very prominent organized symbols or glyphs embossed in bas relief and appear to be hollow and fabricated from some type of possibly ceramic material, but NOT balsa wood as used in a Mogul train! We send our condolences to his family and friends.

January 2006 UFO 'Weather Map

Steve Reichmuth writes, "Does the UFO Phenomenon 'fly south for the winter or just their human witnesses do who report them?" January 2006 level of sighting activity overall was 'moderate' compared to previous months. However from the two data bases used (MUFON CMS, and Peter Davenport's NUFORC data base) shows an interesting pattern - a broad general sweep of activity from Southern California across the southern states to Florida, making a graceful turn north up the Eastern Seaboard of the United States to New Brunswick, Canada. Why? There was an airborne private pilot sighting over Sunrise Beach, Texas on-Jan. 24, 2006. ).

There were three landing Reports Jan 4, 2006, in Columbus, Montana, On Jan. 29, 2006 in Amboy, California and on Jan. 30, 2006, in Kingsport, Tennessee. There were four Entity Reports: On Jan. 10, 2006 in Plymouth, Minnesota. On Jan. 15, 2006, Waterloo, New York On Jan. 21, 2006, in Fairborn, Ohio a 3 foot tall 'humanoid' seen on back porch. On Jan. 30, 2006,in Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada an 8 hour experience with a tall pale human like figure, glowing eyes, seen running across driveway.

Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee continues with activity from December 2005. Eastern Pennsylvania looks very active too, along with New Jersey. Maryland along the Potomac River. Also Orlando, Florida and Southern coasts of Florida have activity. Michigan was very active in November 2005, but sightings have ebbed. Chicago, hot with activity in September/October 2005 is very quiet, except for a report over Evanston, and O'Hare airport. There were several reports along the Mexico/Texas border.

Investigators, look closely in your areas for possible collaborative sightings between both data bases on the same dates. Examples I point out on the January 2006 map plot are: Oklahoma (Jan.22), Midland, Texas (Jan 23), and Northern California (Jan. 24). Los Angeles, and surrounding counties have the highest concentration of sighting reports this month. There was also a sighting report in Panama (Jan 1, 2006), and in Bermuda (Jan.22, 2006). Reports are from Peter Davenport's NUFORC, and the MUFON CMS (Case Management System). Thanks to Steve Reichmuth, MUFON - Northern California SSD

Mars Crater with Water and Structures

ESA's Mars Express obtained this perspective view on 2 February 2005, during orbit 1343 with a ground resolution of approximately 15 meters per pixel. It shows an unnamed impact crater located on Vastitas Borealis, a broad plain that covers much of Mars's far northern latitudes, at approximately 70.5� North and 103� East. The crater is 35 kilometers wide and has a maximum depth of approximately 2 kilometers beneath the crater rim. The circular patch of bright material located at the center of the crater is residual water ice. The colors are very close to natural, but the vertical relief is exaggerated three times. The view is looking east.

Image by European Space Agency's Mars Express: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G. Neukum).
Dead Sea War Scroll

During a Television program with the Disclosure Project, I was introduced by Astronaut Edgar Mitchell who told the audience to listen to what I had to say about UFOs. After the show we were talking and I asked, "If he had seen UFOs on the Moon. He said, I can't say I did, but many of my friends have seen them. I asked what documents would he recommend for me to study to learn the secrets of UFOs? He told me to study the Dead Sea Scrolls. I asked if he was referring to the Wars between the Sons of Light and Darkness. He shook his head and smiled and said, :"Yes."

The War Scroll describes the final battle in gory detail as righteousness are victorious and evil is destroyed forever. This vivid account gives us insight into how, at about the time of Jesus, some Jews conceived of Armageddon. The first lines of the scroll lay the framework for a three-stage conflict between the Sons of Light-and the Sons of Darkness. The first battle finds the adversaries led by the Kittim of Assyria, (archetypical bad guys.") The Kittim of Asshur come in alliance with the biblical enemies Edom, Moab, Ammon, and Philistia. Cooperating with this unholy alliance are the "violators of the covenant": The second stage expands the war's influence to the Kittim who dwelt in Egypt, and then finally to the Kings of the North.

Although this war is said to extend over forty years, the writer of the scroll was particularly concerned with the details of the very final day of battle. After six bloody engagements during this last battle, the Sons of Light and Sons of Darkness are deadlocked in a 3-3 tie. In the seventh and final confrontation "the great hand of God shall overcome Belial and all the angels of his dominion, and all the men of his forces shall be destroyed forever" Along the way, in true apocalyptic fashion, the scroll goes into elaborate detail concerning the battle trumpets, banners, and operational matters. Finally, the seven savage engagements of the final day of battle are detailed, culminating in a ceremony of thanksgiving on the day following the victory. UFO report.

California Very Bright Lights and Circle

Campbell -- While sitting on my patio I looked towards the western sky on March 25, 2006, at 9:05 PM I saw a very bright orange light which looked like a very bright star, but orange. Then I noticed that it was moving slowing towards the southern sky. It slowed down, then it seemed to stop for a few seconds. Moving again, it then moved slightly to the left, then to the right, almost stopping again then it continued to move in a S to SW direction until it became very small, then disappeared. The entire sighting lasted about 1.5 minutes. The color was very orange. Movement was slow, like that of a satellite. Sounds a bit like the sighting in Perth this February. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Whittier -- On March 10, 2006, at 9 PM I asked my son to come to the store. When we stepped outside I saw it again, near the same location as before, so I called my room mate. She took one look and ran inside. I knocked on my neighbor's door and she came out and saw it too. A light came from it and went strait down. I then called another person on my cell phone to hurry and come and see, who lives down stairs. The light came out, and disappeared. We saw a total of three lights this time. After that it flew towards the east slowly and faded away. After that it would blink off and on from time to time till it completely went away. Two other people saw it also as they came out of their apartment. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Georgia Very Bright Red Glowing Object

Doraville -- On March 30, 2006, at 7: 20 PM, I was closing the blinds looking outside and saw a huge red and white blinking orb moving across the tree line. I watched and called my son to look, but it was gone. I went to my back porch, we looked but it never returned. Thanks to Hq CMS (Case Management System).

Hawaii Silver Disc 250 Yards Away

Haleiwa -- My partner and I were riding our Harley Motorcycles just after breakfast on March 14, 2006, when I noticed a bright reflection over a small swamp. I looked to see a hovering silver disc, and told my partner to look up.

Disc similar to one shot over Utah 1996

The disc was only 200 yards away and about 500 feet up, so we got a good look it. We pulled over right away and shut off our engines to see if we could hear anything and stood there motionless for a few seconds. There was no noise and no obstructions to our view. We were both staring at it, when it suddenly disappeared before our eyes at 8:30 AM. I have been back there ten times since it happened. I am not in the least surprised as I have believed in other life forms since I was 9 years old. My riding partner told me he saw a 30 foot silver disc just as I did. Thanks to Hq

Illinois Two White Luminescent Orbs

St. Charles -- I was seven in autumn of 1972, and my brother and I shared a bedroom where we could easily see out of both windows from our beds. About 2:30 AM, I awoke suddenly and extremely coherent and completely lucid, and I felt, "I was being monitored." My eyes opened and were in perfect focus. I saw two white luminescent orbs that appeared to be less than a mile in the sky or about a 1/2 mile away. It was a clear night and the orbs were easily distinguishable from the stars by both their size and brightness. The two orbs were about an inch apart, a line of light, like a laser, encircled the orbs. The oval ring formed in about 5/10ths of a second in a counter clock-wise direction starting from the top of right orb.

The body of the oval then filled with light and shot up into the night sky with great speed. I felt they were surprised I woke up and knew I was being "monitored". Now, fast-forward about ten years. I was walking home from a friend's house that was near the field/forest area I mentioned earlier. It was about 1 AM, and the walk home would take maybe ten minutes, but I walked in my door at about 5:10 AM. I had four hours of missing time. I remember thinking, "this field is where I saw that UFO." A month later the missing time scenario happened again, but this time I became extremely tired and sleepy as I passed this area. Even though I was only less than three minutes from home, I "decided" to lay down off the side of the road that was the entrance to the field/forest area and take a nap. Again, I walked in the door around four hours later at 5:25 AM.

This area was prime real estate, close to Highway 25, but no one had developed the farmland. The silo was painted in a bright orangish color, which was odd. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

See diagram.

Indiana Bright Lights Stacked Up

North Judson -- My son was working on in his car outside on March 21, 2006, when he came in the house at 9:20 PM, and said, "You have to see this!" I followed him outside and he was pointing at two bright orange balls, when two more lit up, then two more for a total of six. Then they all shut off together. Ten minutes later, He yells, "There they are a row of six bright orange balls lit up again. Then six more lit up that were closer and brighter for nine seconds and then turned off together. On March 22, I got home about 9:15 PM, and I saw only a few of them again.

Lafayette -- On Wednesday, March 22, 2006, about 9:15 PM, I was out walking my dog and saw a tracer bullet race across the sky, stop, and race six more times. The round bright lights ended up stacked on top of each other in northeastern sky. There were seven circles or lights that blinked off once, then came on again, then blinked off and were gone. These lights were bright, brighter than any star, and the tracers were quicker than anything I have ever seen. A diagram can be viewed at

Kokomo – On March 29, 2006, two witnesses saw bright points of amber, orange light that separate like an accordion and then disappear after five seconds. I saw five of these tonight to the west with later sightings moving slowly north. Once we saw two sets of three lights simultaneously. My sister-in-law also saw one appearance. The sightings started at about 9:19 and lasted until 9:38 PM.

Marion/Sweetset -- We were driving home on a back country road on March 29, 2006, around 9:15 PM, I looked through the windshield to see two orange colored lights that were close together, and one other light that was half mile away. We were going about 35 mph at the time. I pointed them out to my husband and he saw them. We passed a clump of trees and the lights disappeared. We got to our apartment complex ten minutes later, and stood outside talking and saw three brightly colored orange lights very close together about 20 feet apart from each other. They blinked on one at a time, stayed lit for about ten seconds, and then completely blinked off. Further to the right were three more lights that lit up for ten seconds and then turn off.

They were a half a mile from each other at 100 feet altitude. We jumped into the van and chased these lights south down he back country roads. Three lights lit up to the left of our vehicle, and stayed three quarters of a mile ahead of us as we continued to follow. We saw it light up again on the right side of our vehicle flying at about 45 mph. It stayed just barely in front of us with the same sequence of action. The last time we saw it light up, there was a set of three lights, with two additional lights ahead of them. They all stayed about 100 feet off the ground, but there were numerous lights in too many different positions. After an hour, we came to a dead end and could not follow them anymore. The next night at 9:15 PM, my Husband, Stepson, and I, saw twelve orange lights come on with sparks shooting from behind them. Then, more lights started to turn on. Thanks to Brian Vike /

Massachusetts Black Triangular Craft

Franklin -- On March 30, 2006, the witness and his girlfriend spotted a Flying Black Triangle at 7:18 PM. Just after it flew over at the speed of a normal jet, they called Brian Vike to tell him the craft was totally silent and they could see a solid object traveling northeast at a low altitude. It had pinpoint dim lights around the back edge of the craft . They saw it for eight seconds. At arm's length, it was the size of an American quarter in a clear sky. Thanks to Brian Vike

Michigan A White Fuzzy Ball/Object

Hazel Park -- At 10:15 AM, I was outside playing with my dog on March 27, 2006, and saw a white fuzzy ball going north between 20-30 thousand feet altitude. I had my Hi 8 Sony Handicam 990, so I filmed it for twenty seconds. It does not seem to be an aircraft, but cannot tell what it is. HBCC requested the footage from the witness. Thanks to Brian Vike

Missouri Triangle Shoots Beam of Light

Raytown -- I was on East 66th Street and stopped my car for a sign at 9:15 PM, on March 10, 2006, when two lights in the sky caught my attention. I turned left and sped down Harris Street to follow, then onto 63rd Street to get almost underneath a triangular craft with one red, one blue, and one white light. It was moving extremely slow and low flying at tree top level. All of a sudden, it picked up speed and I followed until it stopped, and hovered over a house about five feet above the roof top. There was no sound and a car behind me was moving very slow. I stopped, and the craft shot a beam of white light from its underside into the house's backyard.

The beam of white light then moved in front, then onto my car. The light was incredibly blinding, brighter than looking at the sun. I had to immediately look away, and when I looked back up the light was gone, it circled around twice really fast and took off in the blink of an eye. That is when I started crying because I had no idea what I had just experienced. I made a phone call to a relative who told me I saw a stealth bomber. This was not the shape of a stealth bomber, it was a solid triangle with three lights on each corner (red, blue, and white). The next day, I went back to the house, and a couple was in the backyard cleaning up a lot of tree brush. Thanks to Brian Vike

Editor's Note: Witnesses often report damage to trees under the spot where the craft are hovering.

North Carolina Photo

Photo of Disc like object taken March 27, 2006,

The Carolina Group Project has not been able to acquire many good quality new UFO photos in the Carolinas, lately, but we are hoping things will pick up soon. We are working on a new web site, currently. This photo sequence will be but a small sample of visual material to be viewed on the web site. I will inform Filers Files when the Carolina Group UFO Project gets on line. In the meantime, we really appreciate Filers Files. Thanks so much for your hard work. Alan Caviness

New Hampshire Strange Lights

Wolfeboro --On March 31, 2006, my Mother first saw strange lights out of her bedroom window around 8 PM. At first, I thought it was the moon, but it kept flashing brilliantly. It might have been two objects in tandem as it flared up in brilliance at least twice and then faded out so that it almost disappeared. We have spotted these strange lights off and on for years. It was not scary just very interesting. Thanks to MUFON Hq. CMS (Case Management System).

New Jersey Ghost Mothership's

Park Ridge – The witness states, I was lucky and saw this object three times between February 27, and March 12, 2006. I never smoke inside, for this reason I spend ten minutes outside multiple times during the evening hoping to see a UFO. I saw that cluster of nine stars moving from NW to SE past the stars. It was one object 1 - 2 meters in diameter, like a ghost ellipse, only weak lights around its edges, but it was solid and huge. It was an impressive Mothership with more than the speed of jet plane that I viewed for 15 seconds, due to the trees in my backyard. I told my wife that I saw a UFO.

One week later around 8 PM, I saw the same Ghost ship, at the same speed and altitude, moving SE to NW. It produced a flash of light of 0.5 meter for half second. It was like a falling meteorite that made me blind for a second and after twelve seconds, it went beyond my view. One week later, again at 8 PM, I saw the same object moving with great speed from NW to SE. I have credentials as you can visit my web page .Thanks to Ilya.

Ohio Video of UFOs

FOSTORIA – George Ritter continues to video tape UFOs and has sent this photo taken from a video tape. From March 30, 2006, at 5:22 PM. The object is moving fro right to left. (south to north) at an estimated speed of 2000 mph.

He sets up the cameras and video tapes for several hours. He then examines each frame. He can film on a scientific repeatable basis and invites scientific visitors to conduct research of his work. Thanks to George Ritter for his donation to these files.

Oklahoma Entire Sky Lights Up

Stillwater -- On March 26 2006, I was driving down Highway 51 with three friends at 4:30 AM, when I noticed the sky was lightening up and got as bright as day for literally ten seconds. It was like the sun rising in seconds. I saw a giant circular object with a hint of red flame behind it streamed in the sky from the back of the car towards the front. It appeared to slip back and forth through the clouds and then disappeared behind the clouds and it faded to night again. The whole sky lit up as far as I could see. One friend saw the object but the other two just noticed the brightening. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Oregon Ten Red Lights

Phoenix -- Jim Doerter writes , I was returning home from the store at 10 PM, on March 21, 2006, when I saw two bright lights approaching from over the Siskiyou Mountains heading NNE in the normal air traffic pattern for the Medford, Oregon airport. The two white lights continued flying as I drove south between Medford and Phoenix in light traffic. The white light got closer and disappeared into horizontal string of seven to ten red lights. I pulled off the road, and the red lights were almost to my position and became an octagon pattern of bright green lights. My footing was unsure in a deep dark pitted parking area, and I lost it. I estimate the object may have been 1000 to 1500 feet above me and the green lights might have spanned three inches at arm's length. The green lights were on the wrong side (west) of the highway to be the normal landing pattern to the airport.

I called Erickson Helicopters, the Medford airport, Oregon National Air Guard at Kingsley Field in Klamath Falls, the tower rep in Medford, local police, and sheriff departments but no one else reported seeing the lights. Thanks to Jim Doerter.

Tennessee UFO Photographed

Warrior Paths Park -- I was on a hike with my Boy Scout Troop on April 1, 2006, and we stopped on a cliff to have lunch, so I took some pictures. I didn't notice the UFO until I came home and was looking at them. I thought maybe it could be a bird. Thanks to MUFON Hq.

Texas Daylight Disc Filmed

Lake O' The Pines -- I live in the Northeastern part of Texas, and I go out several times a week looking for unexplained aerial phenomena. This afternoon, March 26, 2006, at 4:02 PM, I took a series of pictures of some clouds in the sky just outside of my home, and in three of these a disc showed up in my Canon Powershot S2 IS with a 1.5X teleconverter lens. These pictures were taken at 5Mp and 18X optical zoom. I would prefer to actually see the object that I'm taking pictures of, but they're usually too distant for my LCD viewfinder to pick up. These are the best to date that I've taken, and the fact that the structure of this daylight disc is clearly visible really made my day. Thanks to Brian Vike

Argentina Huge Light in the Sky

CIUFOS-LA PAMPA reports, "On March 18, 2006, six witnesses saw a large light for several minutes at Adolfo Ziegenfhu's property located in Parera, Province. Ruben Ariel Lara, 37, Roberto Fernandez, 53, and four minors witnessed a light "three to four times the size of the full moon. They were trapping armadillos at 22:30 hours when a light appeared over the field, ascending to a considerable height before descending, and engaging in maneuvers." Fernandez added that "it was round, spun on its vertical axis while emitting some very distinctive red, green, blue, orange, yellow and silver lights." The witnesses were frightened by the sighting left the area. Mutilated animals were found at this location in July 2005, and a huge "Australian-type" water tank containing 70,000 liters of water was found completely drained during the evening Thanks to S. Corrales, IHU. Translation (c) 2006.

Australia Photo

Adelaide -- Kathy writes, "This picture was taken at my beach house in October 2005." The sun had gone down but the sky still retained brightness. I did not see this object which seemed to be traveling in a downward trajectory towards the sea, in a westerly direction. My camera used was a Nikon Coolpix 5900. Thanks to Kathy... Australia.

Canada Sightings

Coquitlam, Vancouver BC -- On March 27, 2006, I woke up just after 4 AM, and saw red lights on buildings and the TV towers on the mountains. About 4:45 AM, I saw what I first thought was a plane flying westbound over Coquitlam at 2000 feet. After looking closer, I realized it had three non blinking red lights laid out in a triangular pattern along with several white strobe lights flashing from various locations. I watched it as it flew over Burnaby Mountain when three large white lights came on just inside each of the red lights. The lights were facing down and I don't think a plane would have landing lights at the rear. One in front and two at the rear. I then lost sight of it. I checked the YVR arrival times but there was nothing listed between the hours of about 01:15 and 06:00. Thanks to Brian Vike

Vancouver BC -- I was looking at photo's of the Seymour, Grouse Mountain area and noticed a metallic disk shaped object at about 8,000 feet over Indian Arm. I scanned it into my computer but to my surprise, I could hardly even see the object in the photo, but instead there is a much larger triangular shaped object just below and to the left. There are several other objects including a cross above the flying triangle. In the second photo I found the same triangle closer to Seymour Mountain. Funny that the scanner does not pick it up as it is easily seen with the eye. To view photos:

Surrey, B.C. -- I've spent much of the last two weeks of March 2006, just staring out the window and noticing bright yellow flashes daily at all hours. At first I was only catching them out of the corner of my eye, but now I saw several while I was looking straight at them. Following the flash they would streak off to either side at about the speed of a lightning bolt. Then, three days ago just after the six o'clock News, I saw a large yellow ball appear just under the overcast over by the Port Mann Bridge, it flew east beneath the 3600 feet cloud ceiling for cover for half a mile and vanished. The last yellow flash was last night. Brian Vike has 120 great Eyewitness UFO Audio reports on a CD, Go to Brian Vike

IF YOU NEED AN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE SPEAKER: The presentations are visually stunning Power Point slides and film footage of never before seen images. His presentations to military, business, library, scientific, college conferences and the public at large show compelling approaches to Human/Alien Encounters. Anomalous structures and symbols on Mars show similarity to symbols on the Roswell wreckage.

Filer's Files: Worldwide Reports of Ufo Sightings

Major George A. Filer USAF (Ret) & David E. Twichell are happy to announce the release of our new book. If you like Filer's Files newsletter and his monthly report in the MUFON Journal, you'll love the book! It is a collection of some of the most thought provoking UFO sighting and abduction reports from around the world by average citizens, trained observers, astronauts and U.S. presidents. This is a review of many of the best cases in the last several years. The book is $13.95 plus $3.05 tax & shipping. $8.00 shipping outside US. Send check to address below or Paypal

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These files have been sent since January 1997, and we urgently need your help to continue. With the help of our webmaster, Chuck Warren, we started a web site several years ago often getting a half million hits per month. Frankly, we need your help and support just to meet web, publication, office and webmaster expenses. Only a few people who have enjoyed these files for nine years have chosen to provide a donation.

As of January 2006, I'm requesting a donation of 50 cents a week or $25 per year to enable me to continue with Filer’s Files. These files cannot exist without your help. So you won't miss a single breaking news story or the increased evidence for UFO and life in the universe. George A. Filer has been bringing you the latest in UFO news since 1995, on radio, television and the Internet. Don't miss the latest images of UFOs from Earth and Mars. Subscribe today and receive a free UFO Photo CD. Holidays are the time to donate, to buy a book, or a CD of the last eight years of these files.

Be sure to ask for the CD, Send check or money order to:

George Filer,
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Medford, NJ 08055.

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