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In 1908 hundreds of square miles of Siberian forest were flattened and burned by a mysterious fireball. Only now, nearly nine decades later, are we learning what really happened--and not a minute too soon a vast fireball raced through the dawn sky over Siberia, then exploded with the force of 1,000 Hiroshima bombs. The heat incinerated herds of reindeer and charred tens of thousands of evergreens across hundreds of square miles. For days, and for thousands of miles around, the sky remained bright with an eerie orange glow--as far away as western Europe people were able to read newspapers at night without a lamp. The effect was much like that of a great volcanic eruption, yet there had been no eruption. The only objective indication of the extraordinary event was a quiver on seismographs in the Siberian city of Irkutsk, indicating a moderate quake some 1,000 miles north in a remote region called Tunguska.

The Tunguska incident in 1908 has caused much scientific speculation. Some have asserted that it was only a comet or meteor. However, no meteor fragments or impact craters were found in the area. Others have asserted that it was a mini-black hole. But, this may be stretching current science a bit? Others have suggested that it was a reactor explosion of an alien space craft. Well, if the aliens are using D'Stridium propulsion (as seems likely from our understanding of it), the explosion was far to small for a reactor melt-down. And, into the controversy, we even made a stab, suggesting that someone out there, may have attempted to produce an early D'Stridium Reactor, but did not design it right, producing an unsually low yield, that eventually over-loaded into an explosion. However, this may be stretching science a bit to make it fit the facts, too.

Consequently, we now turn your attention to what does seem to fit the facts. Researchers into Tesla's work have come to the concensus that it was probably one of his experiments. In the beginning of the 1900s, he was building Wardenclyffe, to transmit messages and electrical power all over the globe. But, by 1908, he had fallen into bad economic straights, with the project not fully completed. However, calculations on his potential power outputs indicate that a sudden burst of his equipment could have produced a massive electrical storm or even EMP. Moreover, others have pointed out that Tesla published claims of coming up with some kind of death ray, to make war obsolete, at this time! The facts seem to fit.

However, those who hold this line of thought, tend to extend the derranged mad scientist image of Tesla and claim that he lost his mind a bit and was trying to intimidate the world by his power. And perhaps force investors to back him in Wardenclyffe! Sorry, I don't buy that. Weird and eccentric though he may have been, I fail to find that image of him to hold up!

Instead, I think that the better scenario of what happened was simply this. Tesla was known to pull tricks and stunts with electricity to fascinate the public (and draw in dollar investments). Wardenclyffe was in economic trouble, so he needed money (not politics nor world conquest). So, I think he hatched a plan to pull off an eletrical stunt, that would grab the public's attention, and get him the financing he needed. His plan, I believe was to simply fire off a flash of light in the polar sky, as Perry was nearing the Pole at this time. This reported sighting would ride on Perry's achievement and get Tesla some needed good press. Yep, that sounds like what he was up to!

However, when he threw the switch to fire the electron burst, his power ranges were much higher that what he had been normally working with. As a result, rather than landing the burst on the North Pole, as he had planned, he scraped the doorway into D'Stronics, got an added kick from trans-dimensional particle flow, which not only caused his burst to over shoot the North Pole (ending up in Tunguska, which is nearly a straight line from Wardenclyffe), and rather than a simple flash of light, it released these trans-dimensional energies in the form of a fusion explosion of about 10-15 megatons!

Now, while Tesla was expecting to get some positive attention, the unexpected blast shook him up! And, rather than announcing it in public, he began to wonder about just what he may have done--and discovered. Consequently, his work in zero point energies (claiming power somehow comes out of a vacuum--but it doesn't, rather it comes from the trans-dimensional area) took off at a frenzy afterwards, and he produced a series of over-unity devices, showing that he had some idea of how to scrape the trans-dimensional doorway with D'Stronic like processes, to get an added boot in electrical output, though he did not seem to grasp the dimensional concept of where this strange added energy came from.

Thus, in this scenario, the Tunguska blast confirms the predictions of the D'Stronics part of the Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory (or D'Stridium).

Well, one of the things about Science that you need to grasp is that yesterday's theories often go out the window with new discoveries, today. And so it is with Tunguska. For, someone has just put in our hands a summary of the eye witness accounts of those who were in the Tunguska Area at the time of the mysterious blast.

And these turn our past theories up-side-down! For numerious eye witnesses claim that they saw a burming (and roaring) fireball leading up to the explosion. Well, doesn't that fit Tesla's fireball or EMP burst. NO! For, if it had been Tesla's burst, the fireball would have entered the Tunguska Area from the North, over the Pole, where Tesla would have shot it to do his publicity stunt with Perry. But, ALL the eye witnesses confirm that the fireball approached from the SOUTH! The completely opposite direction. Consequently, it could not have been Tesla's fireball!

And, even more startling, the eye witnesses say the fireball slowed down, and began to make a wide arc (as if circling to find a good landing site), until it had made about half its circle, then stopped and exploded high in the air!

Thus, from the eye witness accounts, we have direct observation of what appears to be intelligent, guided flight--thus much more supporting of the alien spacecraft idea!


Well, after some thought, we have come up with a scenario that does fit all the facts.

Without question, the evidence seems to confirm that Tesla fired a fireball at the North Pole in 1908. However, rather than coming down or exploding where he wanted it, something else occured! And, it seems to have surprized him, as much as it did everyone else!

Now, from our other Article on the RANI, we know that one Alien Group was involved in activities with Earth prior to the 1900s. And, if Space Diplomacy is anything like Earth Diplomacy (and there is good reason to believe that it is) then, the competitors of the RANI (and their migration from Kolob) would have likely sent a survey ship, to monitor (or spy on) the RANI, to see what they were up to.

Now, from our own spy satellites, we know that the best orbits for intelligence monitoring are polar orbits. For then, the satellite covers the whole surface of the Earth, eventually. Thus, it is quite likely that some intelligence survey spacecraft was in Polar orbit, checking out the RANI. Probably orbiting from North to South, over the USA.

Thus, it seems that what really happened was that Tesla sent off that fireball or EMP burst, which collided with that alien intelligence survey spacecraft! The resultant blast probably disabled the ship and they began an emergency descent to Earth. However, if you were used to our spacecraft being in orbit and then attempting to land, you know that a high Earth orbit will need a near full circle of the globe to bring the craft down gently enough to avoid burning up. Thus, Tesla hit the craft somewhere over Canada, and it began it's descent, ending up on the other side of the globe in Sibera. Where it attempted to make an emergency landing--but exploded, instead.

Now, earlier, we had commented that the blast effects were too small for a D'Stridium style reactor explosion. For, the official calculation was for a 20 megaton blast. However, eye witnesses report that the object did NOT impact, but exploded high in the sky (approximately 5 to 6, perhaps 7 miles high). Now, the radius of the blast on the ground is going to be smaller from such a high explosion, meaning that the blast in the air could have been 2 to 3, perhaps 4 times that on the ground. Consequently, the true blast effects from the spacecraft explosion would be in the range of 60 to 80 megatons--much closer to the estimated 100 of a D'Stridium explosion.

Moreover, as D'Stidium involves fusion processes, the left over radiation should have been much lower than from a comparable atomic fission blast. And, this is just what the officials record, that the radiation ruled out a regular atomic blast, because it was so low.

Consequently, the full evidence makes it highly likely that we had a alien spacecraft explode on us in this incident!

Now, the other sinister facts concerning UFOs comes more into focus with this new knowledge! For, if we do have a downed alien spacecraft in this incident, is it the only one?

No, rather is seem that ABWEHR (among others) noted this amazing fact long ago. And as the Article on MAJESTIC seems to suggest, the Germans copied Tesla's device, used it to shoot down another alien spacecraft, which appears to have landed in Poland or Eastern Germany in the 30s, and allowed the Nazis to develop advanced E.T. Technologies, from the reverse engineering of the craft, and perhaps the co-operation of Albert Speer (the alien pilot?).

Moreover, it appears that Kolob and its RANI (in connection with the Axis Powers) pulled that same stunt in Utah, after the War (1948), bringing down the spacecraft in the Roswell Incident.

Consequently, is there any wonder then, that Kolob and its Axis Powers Network do not want the Public becoming aware of these facts. And thus have put together the massive International UFO Conspiracy, through MAJESTIC, to keep this information all covered up?

Funny how the puzzle seems to come together, once you get all the pieces of the facts collected!

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