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Zeban's UFO Site of the Month Oct 2003

Edition for April, 2006
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Model EMM-2 UFO Detector - Click here for information! Model shown: EMM-2
Micro-Power Technology Internal Flux Coil Sensor:
Internal Flux Valve Sensor
(4.5 H. x 2.5 W. x 1 deep)

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UFO Investigator is available and offers his services in field UFO investigation in UK.
MICHAEL RUTHERFORD  can be reached...

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The game room is always open,   enjoy.

New and very interesting Sightings Reports have been coming in.
Great reading! Interesting encounters!
Please proceed to our Sightings Reports section.
Thank you all for sharing your encounters with us! Webmaster.


43nd National UFO Conference (NUFOC)
September 2-5 2005
Hollywood, California

“To present top researchers in the field of ufology who will share their ongoing and current research.”

Thank you. A3

After a traveling from Birmingham Alabama south I decided to take a trip to Gulf Breeze Florida to checkout any UFO activity.
This lounge was the only tribute to extraterrestrial's that I could find in the area.
The Area 51 Lounge can be found about 10 miles outside of Gulf Breeze.   Read More......

After 30 years of researching ufo's and extraterrestrial's it is my opinion that this planet has been visited since our first recorded history. It is also my opinion that we do in fact have a visitor staying as the guest of the government since the Roswell Crash. I also believe that not all aliens are space travelers. I believe that some are time travelers as this is the message that I received when I had an encounter with a grey. Think about this concept.

What if some of our visitors are indeed time travelers! In this respect they could not come in contact with the public at large because of possibly changing history. Their present, our future. This would of course explain a lot of things as to why they don't come into contact with us on a global scale. Of course this is only my interpretation of the message I received telepathically from my own encounter. The mind boggles!
Even with all the governments disinformation about ufo's and extraterrestrials that we are fed, some truth does come thru. It is up to us to look at the evidence we have and make our own determinations so please keep a open mind.
The truth is out there!     We are NOT alone.

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Still not convinced that UFO's exist?
This page is dedicated to reporting the truth about the existence of Extraterrestrial life and UFO’s.
I was once a skeptic. Even when I witnessed a UFO in 1971 I still tried to give a rational explanation to the event. You can read more about that in my personal experience section. When you stop and take apart the events that happened in Roswell you will see that our Government went a little bit to far trying to cover up the event of the UFO crash.
Now stop and think about all the new advances in technology in the last fifty years. And then of the last ten years. It seems to me that we have advanced a little too quickly in that given time. I know what you’re thinking. Well if they’re here why don’t they land in a populated area and show themselves. They don’t have to. I believe that they have been in contact with our government since the Roswell crash and have visited our planet since the beginning of time.
You decide for yourself.   Webmaster

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I would like to apologize to all of my visitors at this time.
On November 13th, 2004, my dear wife of 12 years has passed away in her sleep.
Since that time I have been unable to work on this website as well as any other endeavor.
I has been a long road for me to try and recover my life since that day.
After two months of trying to get my life back together again, I have finally come back to grips with myself.

The Aliens111 website will go on now and I will update it twice a month for now.
I will also monitor our UFO Detector site and any products purchased will go out this week.
Thank you all for understanding and for my
dearest Julie,

I love you always. 1958 - 2004

Thank you... Webmaster


I would like to thank everyone who has sent me encouraging messages about my site, this alone makes my hard work in maintaining this site more than worthwhile.
The goal of the Aliens111 website is to:

  • Accurately report Ufo encounters as they occur, alien abductions and the unexplained.

  • To disclose as much information on the subject of UFO'S as possible.

  • To present the evidence to the public at large for them to make their own determinations on the subject.

  • Finally, main purpose of the Aliens111 web site is to encourage people like myself, who believe that Extraterrestrials and UFO'S do exist, to read the information provided because we demand to be told the truth.

    The truth is out there and we will find it together.

    Thankyou... Webmaster

    Go to Main Video Page Go To Top MAIN VIDEO PAGE

    Aliens111 has a large selection of UFO Videos to choose from. All UFO Videos are streamed in Realone ® (Real Player) format and download in seconds. As well as NASA footage, there are many segments from the, "Sightings" series as well.

    << View sample footage here >>

     Aliens111 is proud to announce that in addition to the UFO Video page a new UFO Clip page has been added as well. Many clips to view, more added monthly.

    << View sample UFO Clip here >>


    Many sound files to choose from. All UFO Audio segments are streamed in Realone ® (Real Player) format and download in seconds.
    A feast for the ears!

    << Listen to sample sound bit here >>

    Go to Filer Files FILER FILES - NEWS FEED - APR 5TH, 2006

    Filer's Files is a weekly compilation of UFO related events and stories.
    Updated for Apr 5th, 2006  For    APR 5TH, 2006!
    My thanks to George Filer for permission to keep you informed on Aliens111.    Webmaster

    Flash PresentationGo To Top UFO'S in history

    Reports of UFOs go back further than modern times, and their descriptions are surprisingly similar to those seen today. Interestingly enough, tapestries, frescos, paintings, and petroglyphs show scenes from all periods of history that depict little men with antennae, round flying ships, and startlingly similar looking extraterrestrial beings.

    View UFO Clip- RealOne Streaming video format  DECEMBER 2002 - VIEW SHORT CLIP
    View snapshot still from video.
    NEW Flash Player with Controls  View Clip in FLASH FORMAT for Quick download!

    Over Christmas holiday, my wife and step kids traveled by car from south Florida to Birmingham Alabama. During this trip, they noticed some strange lights in the sky. They had their cam corder handy and began to film the event. The next three hours of tape reveals some of the best footage of several ufo's this webmaster has ever seen! In the film, the ufo's change shapes, colors, pulse out and spiral. The tape continues through the morning. The next night, The UFO returned and was taped again!
    Photo added 05/28/03Triangular UFO picture discovered and added!
      Go to Christmas Video page - Story-Video-Pics.
        *Note* These videos and pictures have not been
    enhanced in Any way, shape, or form!
    Flash 6 Player needed.    It can be Download Here.

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